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big twitter accounts shilling it again
haven't seen that for a long time

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Lot of fuckers got liq'd
That's why LINK is pumping so much.

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eww gross you incels are jacking off because of this pump?


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Nope every ERC20 coin pumped 20-80% this week
Link is delayed because it's fucking garbage it will fall immediately after it's BB pump

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Checked but I just checked twitter and ChainlinkGod is still fudding

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Wtf is your problem? Who comes into threads about coins they don't like?

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This can not be happening.

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I do and fuck you faggots you're as bad as the XCM niggers your coin will fall 20% after it's bolnigger band pump watch.
If you're really retarded try chasing this pump and come back to me in 30 minutes.

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And here comes the dump.

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What a whiny little bitch you are. Enjoy the wage cage. You had your chance swingie, 2023 will crush your hopes.

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I guess you Schizos were correct all along. LINK really is a bear market token.

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8.45 EOD
Put money on it faggot let's go.
Also will bleed out slowly for 3 days and capitulate back to 7.40

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pentoshi was first

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Also I don't swing link it's literally unprofitable you could have made 60% buying whatever shitcoin pumped on Coinbase off these Bolnigger band pumps they aren't special and they do not last.

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>comma between the dollar and cents

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Lmao, i dont fucking care retard. You're obviously a "day trader". I'm waiting for enterprise abstraction layer. I'm not getting rich today, just making 20k for every $1. Sad bit is you won't buy because you're too butt hurt. A long term hold is greater than 3 days.

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Get a fucking life you absolut loser, bitterness only begets bitterness. Bet you're a lonely asshole irl

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we are all going to wagmi

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Seethe more faggot scammers trying to get people to buy into a false pump that will bleed out for days and cause people to harm themselves you deserve whatever hell you endure faggots enjoy your shitcoin will stagnate again during this bullrun.

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Someone please put this very special boy in the screencap.

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You faggots have less than 8 minutes to dump your bags before bagholding once again.

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Please do you faggots are about to be bagholding if you bought today kek.
>What is arbitage
>What are exchanges
You're fucked.

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Everyone loving link rn, but I don't get it
I am launching a Bitcoin fork. It won't be SHA-256 algorithm though, it's going to be purely GPU/CPU mineable which we're hoping will bring some old ETH miners to our network in the future. Our algorithm is known as YescryptR16.

If you're interested in the specs, hop in our TG (pic related). Everything is completely set up, the last step of our development process is building a sufficient sized community. We're looking for critics, mods, admins, etc. despite having what we need already. Launch is in 2 weeks.

> 350 Telegram Members Within 3 Weeks
> 3 Different Twitter Crypto Influencers Shouting Us Out in Anticipation of Our Launch
> 2 Different Telegram channels with Over 15,000 Followers Shouting Us Out in Anticipation of Our Launch
> All Socials Have Been Created
> Block Explorer, Wallet Apps and Mining Pool Coming Soon
> Website Under Development, Done by November 14th 2022
> Small CEX Listing Confirmed, 6-7 Days After Launch it Will be Available to Users, Miners, and Holders
> 2 Weeks Until Launch
> Roadmap is Complete, Come to the TG for More Details
> You May Qualify for an Airdrop, We Want to Distribute the Coins to a Vast Number of Users Instead of Having Whales

Shoot me a DM, follow us on Twitter, and let me know what you think!

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If you bought the Target coin you would be up 57% today everything you lost would be returned.
Enjoy your bleed out niggers.

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We broke the 9 dollar resistance...
next stop is 11

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Got real fucking quiet didn't it.

Maybe I actually know what the fuck I'm talking about.

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Your world is ending. Chainlink rules your mind noe. There is no escape. You cannot stop it.

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Hey fudders I doubled my stack over the past year so thanks, but now we go up

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>just pick the right shitcoin flavour of the week, anon
lmao stfu you fucking faggot.

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OOOOO little link trannies losing money again?

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Kill yourself

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Last chance to sell before sub 8 again.

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Cry more nigger you're investment will do nothing at all this year at fucking all and will continue to crab when every alt does 4500%
Link is a midwit trap.
Literally a blind man picking any other coin will make more money.

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Scam pump.

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Yup massive one gonna correct down to sub 8 maybe 7 will slow bleed out too so all these faggots will baghold it.

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>LINK is bad because it didn't pump as much as (random shitcoin)

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Still down 80% vs ETH

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if it's so easy to make money by ignoring link why can't any of the fudders afford computers?

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Do you seriously think that none of us watch the market other than LINK?
KYS tranny.

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ETH still down 50% vs BTC
also ETH is nearly at the same price it was FIVE YEARS AGO

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this but replace doubled with quadrupled

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I keep dreading the inevitable bandwagon ben cowen video on link, but praying it never comes just because he looks like such an idiot from his summer of dreams video from back then. Let him stay focused on shilling ada and just ignore link this cycle.

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Yeah I do I think 100% of your assets are in a shitcoin that pumps the least and dumps the most and you sucker people into buying it like the other tranny faggots who give the worst god damn advice here ever.

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eww you gross incel eth and btc are worth 40% less because of inflation and chainlink is still creepy and weird!

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and I think you fomo'd in and bought the top like a retard, eat shit 2021 newfag baggy.

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Losing? It's pumping you mong.

>> No.52276267

ANNNND the pumps done literally told you faggots it's gonna bleed a lot more than what it pumped.

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I never bought back in

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Arbitrage is when you buy and sell an asset between exchanges that have a price discrepancy.. what does that have to do with my stinky linky bags gearing up to print a 1000% monthly green dildo?

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>shilled people to buy the top
>now tells those people they shouldn't have listened to faggots like yourself

And here we are again aren't we nigger enjoy sub 8 incoming you losing a lot of money faggot?
Good hopefully you lose everything.

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aaaaand its dumping

>> No.52276287

BTC is about to shit the bed again, in 3... 2...

>> No.52276288

based and redpilled we need to fud chainshit harder fellow trannies

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kek so you did buy the top, fucking retard. eat SHIT

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Hahahah holy fuck we’re witnessing a swing linker thrashing on the rope in real time

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I didn't buy jack shit I've never payed for a crypto and I simply just analyze charts for a living for other retards like yourself
Enjoy that 8 dollar shitcoin kek

fucking kek.
God I hope you faggots took out loans and leveraged.
I sincerely hope all you link niggers lose every penny and kill yourselves after you snap and kill your families niggers.

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None of this shit will ever be used by enterprises. At least ETH has hype and will actually pump next bull run.

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>2k eoy

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How much you gonna lose on leverage kike?
Unlike uncle oldfaggot I know what I'm talking about I don't need to swing Link to know it's an unprofitable scam.

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Fucking niggers losing everything as we speak.
Karma is a hell of a bitch innit.

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> I've never payed for a crypto and I simply just analyze charts for a living
sure you do, kek seethe more

>> No.52276369

We know it's you Mikey, it's always you.

>> No.52276376

What tf is wrong with you?? How am I getting anyone to buy anything? Look at my posts, I've not shilled shit. Youre a fucking idiot go and kill yourself and do the world a favour cause for sure I doubt any people like you irl, stop taking up space

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Link pumping causes more seethe than when it dumps, it's a sight to behold

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20 pbtid spewing shit in a thread for a coin you don’t even own is pretty bizarre even for a tranny

>> No.52276397

Nope still wrong just like your coin you picked a bad investment you shit on others you scammed people into buying an unprofitable shitcoin and now you're upset fucking niggers dumb dumb niggers.

>> No.52276400

Eat shit niggers, we're pumping.

>> No.52276413

nolinkers seething and spamming

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Tell us how you lost your bags bro. This is obviously very painful for you, what was it? Swinging? Leverage? Bancor? I know it must hurt but there’s better ways to cope than this

>> No.52276421

Send this mothetfucker straight to $1000

>> No.52276432

HOLD THOSE BAGS DON'T SELL FUCKING KEK markets breaking you're fucked.

>> No.52276465

So much seethe haha I'm enjoying this way too much.

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Nigga, you're the one in a thread of a coin you don't own seething because it's pumping.
I don't give a fuck about your coins.
Wtf is wrong with you Michael?

>> No.52276469

I'm holding to $0 and back to $81k, don't you worry tranny.

>> No.52276479

I don't read tranny text sorry enjoy holding your bleeding bags while everything does another 50%
Not Michael by the way I BTFO'd that nigger just like I'm BTFO'ing you niggers
all link parasites must die.

>> No.52276482

it is literally dumping right now

>> No.52276484

Under 9 again

>> No.52276497

Scam pump I warned you niggers realize these link shills are the same XCM faggots they are trannies Links a fucking nigger tranny coin and these faggots deserve serious pain.
7.56 EOD

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Is that why you sound like Mason Verger after he peeled off his own face and fed it to his dogs then woke up after the Amyl Nitrate had worn off?

>> No.52276518

God I love the smell of faggots tears in the morning.
See Michael wanted you to sell I want you to hold this nigger shit nonstop I want you midwits to be trapped while I become rich I want to come back here and shit down your throats with all the 100% gains I do daily because I don't hold link I'm actually doing people a favor here unlike you niggers.

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File: 2.75 MB, 3032x1532, hodlthelinemarines.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah guys, just hodl!
we will be $20 again, just like 2020!

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You think we're buying and selling on a minute to minute basis?

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Holy fuck holy fucking fuck short btc NOW

>> No.52276552

No i think you're holding a jewish psyop that's meant to prevent you from making money.
See I got all you fucking nigger trannies interested in Link when BTC crashed because of all the nigger bobo posting you faggots did now you're trapped into something that will never make you money while I'll take the higher road and become rich you'll still be shilling this bullshit and posting from your iphones while I'm on a beach eating sweet pussy until I pass out.

>> No.52276556

kek thanks for destroying these retards anon
this pos doesn't even need btc to dump now lmao

>> No.52276578

Nope that was the intention and I'll keep it up these faggots deserve pain I was a big promoter of Link before these trannies took it over so glad they fell for my midwit trap I learned better now they will endure serious pain and anguish as they deserve.

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Yeah, you're a real genius, I can tell by the unhinged schizo-posting that you're literally controlling my mind maaaaan.

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Who was right here?
Me or all you faggots?
As long as I live I'll never let you faggots trick people into bagholding fake pumps.

>> No.52276709

Remember that just because the doctor will give you Adderall doesn’t mean it’s not chemically similar to meth. You’re on meth.

>> No.52276748

Actually just coffee and haven't smoked any weed today I despise adderall/meth heads.

>> No.52276764

Actually it's 30 and now 31 tranny iphone faggot.

>> No.52276902

Sure got quiet DIDN'T IT astroturfing niggers.

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What? On what timeframe?

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checked. that pic is so fucking based, i wonder who made it

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ripples on reflection too strong, doesn't match rest of water pattern

>> No.52277345

Sirs why did btc go down?

>> No.52277351

It's fucking real

>> No.52277390

now it only needs another 100% so the majority is in the green again

>> No.52277399

>All the shills lost their euphoria now switch to basic shilling again
XCM trannies are Link faggots by the way all the same god damn group of schizos and they know literally nothing about how crypto works.

>> No.52277403

>average buy 12,6$

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>34 posts by this id

>> No.52277482

well, yes because, unlike you, I'm still able to derive joy from little things like a 10% Link pump.
Meanwhile, you're going deeper and deeper into sin and depravity looking for some way to stimulate your blown out dopamine receptors that lay dormant after years of pornography and degeneracy.

You have my sympathy, truly.

>> No.52277489

>34 posts by this id
what brand of mental illness is this

>> No.52277496


>>52277399 should get help

>> No.52277511

8.45 EOD like I said niggers my mental illness is the fact that I'm actually not schizophrenic in a forum filled with mentally ill trannies.

>> No.52277521

Do any other coins get mentally ill schizos overrunning literally every thread? (Besides XRP)

>> No.52277542

Ooof you faggots are seething funny Uncle Oldfag didn't get kind of reaction I might have to make this a regulator thing thank god I'm here otherwise some poor soul might have bought your scamwick.

>> No.52277560

Funny how a faggot who's worth absolutely nothing
>Yes I'm poor
Knows more than all you educated retards guess it's true having money makes you dumb as fuck.

>> No.52277623

it was $6 two weeks ago lol. I'm sorry you got fucked swinging link or whatever it was you did, but you can always just buy back in man. Just take it as a lesson

>> No.52277723

Still not interested in Link it's seriously troubled in terms of price action.
Staking didn't even save it.

>> No.52277807

We’re healing bros

>> No.52277815

staking has not yet been deployed though, you have to wait until december to say it didn't save it

>> No.52277817

Easy short like yesterday, love this volatility. cheers anons.,Hope it doesn't go past the floor/ resistances and goes further up.

>> No.52277933

It was announced though cmon you and me and everyone else here knows crypto moves on news not actual change and staking made it crab during fucking smartcon couldn't even do anything.

>> No.52278040

chainlink is a bull with a 15 inch cock and watermelon sized nuts

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up two ranks, lads!

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File: 867 KB, 622x668, sergey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love you guys

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File: 682 KB, 800x600, DOA_-_Female_Fighters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah . . . I'm thinking we're back bros

>> No.52278119

what's the best place to short chainlink?

>> No.52278428

this looks unlikely, get wrecked swingy, time to fomo back in

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File: 579 KB, 2048x1536, 1655295902646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is michael the chink from canada, or perhaps the everest ID fag (lol). Both are completely insane >18 posts by this ID insane.

Lord have mercy on his soul.

>> No.52278452

my mistake, 38 posts actually, lmao

>> No.52278592

>8.45 EOD
and with that the 38pbtid has vanished

>> No.52278629

Up we go again!

>> No.52278643

He was absolutely fucking seething as we were pumping. He stayed in the thread for hours

>> No.52278747

So is this the pre-staking pump we hoped for?

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>> No.52280055

This but 27x my stack from 117 to 3175, going to buy 165 more Friday.

You must understand. There is a race to accumulate this token but there is one problem. We have them.

>> No.52280506

What a perfect double top
Happy downfall fellas

>> No.52280535

Good morning I just spent my last 1,00,000$ on LINK to the moon

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>i sold 2 days ago

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File: 31 KB, 601x508, seething.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>39 pbtid

>> No.52281505

He was right on the fucking money jesus...
Tell me your ways senpai how did you know?

>> No.52281535

and just like clockwork, the moment link pumps its time for another blackswan