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An article written by a woman that amounts to "A little bit of money was lost due to hackers"

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it says smart contracts, not oracles. oracles aren't responsible for smart contract stupidity, they just facilitate communication.

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yeah but LINK is not a smart contract

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To contact the author of this story:
Elaine Ou at elaine@globalfinancialaccess.com

To contact the editor responsible for this story:
Mark Whitehouse at mwhitehouse1@bloomberg.net

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>implying oracles only communicate with Ethereum blockchain
OP you're a certified dumbass.

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It works on every blockchain and fail everytime as we can see in this article
Just sold my 159k stack

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"It shouldn’t be so difficult to create a smart contract that doesn’t end in disaster. A multi-signature wallet, for example, is about the simplest application you can build"

Well anons, sounds like we've found a new crypto developer. Keep a close eye on this one

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desperate FUD.

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Fuck it I'm convinced now, thanks op for posting this, just marketsold my stack and everyone should do the same.

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No problem man can you believe it? He ran away with our hard earned money... yeah I market sold too, I can't take this anymore.

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>What are user IDs
Pajeet spotted

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>ripple recently added to Bloomberg terminal
>Bloomberg now FUDding LINK
made me think

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Yeah I see where you coming from man, market selling might sound like a dumb idea but why wait longer to get out of this eternal pain?
Market selling is the way to go

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LINK isn't the website anon

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samefagging this hard
pajeet pls go

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uh oh. time to abandon thread haha. at least we're all anonymous so you guys won't recognize me in the next thread lol

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decentralized oracles are what's going to make smart contracts less dumb.

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>Same ID
Hello Mahmoud

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Fuck off retard

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Nice argument linkie. This is the IQ of the average linkie ladies and gentlemen.

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go and die of HIV, fudder!

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Holy shitposting

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>Someone who can't even samefag correctly to FUD link tells me I'm a retard for holding link

Wow I believe u

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>deathwishinf because his virtual internet non-tangible meme schizo money ismtanking and he's down 90% his investment

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I didn't say that, YOU said that

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wanna suck on my peepee

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Basically says people were dumb and didn’t make sure they had latest wallet updates/or non hacked computer for a huge contract or messed up and lost their money. Sounds like it was their fault not smart contracts being flawed.

Oh a person can’t just go change the ledger like at the bank so it makes it unreasonable... yeah right. This is the move to side step the big institutions, fuck them, this author is probably a woman.

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fucking kek kys faggot

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Just checked, yep it’s a woman.

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This article is exactly why chainlink in needed to make etherium viable for large corporations. Worth more than ripple imo

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Yeeesss release that sweet fud, let me accumilate more sweet LINKIES.

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>Problem is, one platform designed to host such contracts -- known as Ethereum -- has so far turned out to be a lot less trustworthy than a bank.
holy shit LINK is going to make us billionaires

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My fucking sides from this thread

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Good thread, sides are currently mooning