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Dont ask me how I know, but in 4 days we are going to be $23 as a conservative estimate. The CCIP tests have been beyond positive. CCIP is the greatest product Chainlink will ever release. All other oracle networks have been blown the fuck out forever. The $8.23 resistance was plowed through. The next hurdle would of been $13. On Tuesday no one will remeber todays pump at all.

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>On Tuesday no one will remeber todays pump at all.
because it will be at $5 again

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How do you know this? Was it revealed to you in a dream?

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kek, this. Also imagine thinking $23 is good. Not even half ATH.

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Link broke a bunch of long term technical indicators, coupled with the market ignoring the fed, dollar dumping and chainlink being to do some marketing once in there life, could happen easy

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CCIP is going to be arbitrum 2.0. Remember when you retarded shitskulls said arbitrum will make the price moon?

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>would of

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Probably looking for exit liquidity so he can doomp on a bunch of rubes.

Post proof or eat shit op.

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I said dont ask..but since you asked I was in the latest hackathon. I was invited to learn how to utilize CCIP by Patrick Collins, along with others. CCIP was announced to launch this year, and no one is talking about it on /biz/. They have been psyoped to believe it needs staking 0.1, or is coming out next year. Simply not true.
It was a conservative estimate.

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Meme dates get hyped so people like you don't buy

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>It was a conservative estimate.

Shit. Thats not enough to get them. I...I meant to say, g...goys...err... I mean guys, it could go higher, who's to say, whats not to like boytchicks?


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Don't ask me how I know this but in 4 days I'll still be in this eternal endless torment of holding this token. I've seen about a thousand or so "its happening tonight" threads and other insider larps over last 5 years to know nothing will ever happen

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any of the projects any good? did you get and hard dates or rough estimates?

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How can ccip function without staking? Is it just trusted waitlisted nodes like price feeds?

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do you have to even ask at this point

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The overall market is going to go down. LINK is going to be one of the only safe havens for cash for a long while. Especially those who have early access staking. 5% + BUILD tokens is a true gift. Everyone is going to look in and wish they owned LINK. We will se massive normie fomo once we breach $100. It will be laughable.

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I got over treating Link like a lady a long time ago. Shes a filthy, dirty bitch who blows old men in alleys for meth money.

My 6.59 limit can wait as long as she can.

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If this is true, then XRP will at least double or triple. Difference is, I can accumulate more and actually be buying something valuable instead of a shitcoin.

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Nothing has really stood out, but they are doing a great job helping new developers this time around. I would reccomend any of you NEETs to do Patrick's free code camp and enter the next hackathon. final submission date is NOV 18th, so we will see. Also "This year" has been said.

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$9.50 - $10 is the next resistance and it’s formidable.

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i dont have any coding exp at all bro. anyway is there any other stuff you can drop or think of?

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The fuck kind of drugs have you got a hold of? What the fuck does that shitty kikery of a npc holding pen coin have to do with this?

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checked. that kike must be paying for a bot or shit posters.

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Sergey may or may not have a girlfriend.

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I have 1400 LINK but didn’t get early access unfortunately. I’m sure I’ll still get a great chunk of change

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>would of
I'm afraid you lost any pretend credibility with that howler, my friend

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How would you recommend getting into smart contract dev for someone with 0 coding exp? Learn something like Python/C++/Javascript and then learn Solidity?

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fuck him. fucking faggot. i was supposed to have a gf with my riches and this fat fuck gets one.

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What's the make it stack for this needed token?

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asian qt i bet

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10K always was always will be. 26 Is a 13 billion market cap

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Bro I literally said in thebpoat you responded to. Chainlink had Patrick Collins make a course coding solidity on javascript for free on Youtube. Anyone with 0 coding experience can dive right in. After that you would be able to figure out what it is you want to do. Then work on getting some certifications, which should only take a month or two MAX.

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>would of

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I honestly wonder what all the BUILD airdrops will be worth in December 2023 with 7k staked. I'm gonna guess at least $10k and that's really conservative. Some might rug or die, but at least one or two will take off bigly.

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>10K always was always will be.
wtf is this even based on? 1 million isn't making it if link hits $100.

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none shall pass

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sergey is hand picking every coin in the build program
they will ALL be winners

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>he mentions $100 like it's some massive number

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I'm just trying to understand why ppl think 10k is make it stack. Like it doesn't seem based on anything.

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1 billion token supply.
If you want to be vlad club 1 Million

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fuckin fool
just shut ur fuckin mouth
speaking up like anyone who owns the fabled 10k make it stack owes you any kind of explanation
you are owed nothing
you are worthless
a spec of dirt is more meaningful than you

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>chainshit is used to track the floor price of blue chip nfts
>chainlink is being used to track the price of zero

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CCIP will TANK the price anon, not pump it. You are new and it shows

There is nothing bullish about LINK. It operates just fine in the depths of the shitcoin market cap casino. $1 billion network value or $10 billion, LINK has performed as a network just fine. Nothing bullish on the horizon

Screepcap, 8 years from now LINK will be below today's price

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>I said dont ask..but since you asked I was in the latest hackathon. I was invited to learn how to utilize CCIP by Patrick Collins, along with others
Bullshit. The hackathon isn't over yet.

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Mr bigbags. If link is not $23 in 4 days I demand you deposit 1 LINK into my account.

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did read
not selling
am staking

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I love that you took time to write this

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Attention all bobos:

The Great Reset has come at a crossroads with humanity. We can not allow the WEF & the young globohomo leaders to manipulate the markets any longer with their fake wars and gay market crashes. In order for the Golden Bullrun to resume, Chainlink(ticker: LINK) needs to be destroyed.
/biz/ will declare WAR on Chainlink next week and send globohomo a message.
You heard it here first. Linkies will be financially exterminated.

Spread the word and prepare your shorts. It's finally happening... The Great Short is upon us lads.

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yeah i remember that time SWIFT announced it was using CCIP and price soared up 12cents. nothing would pump this shitcoin above $10 by next week

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kys op

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I sold at 38$ im gonna buy in 4x my stack if it touches 10$
I sincerely thank you retards for holding my bags for me

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just a reminder that if you stake at 4% APY, it will take 9 years for 10k sui stack bois to reach 20k in an ecosystem that has a hard supply cap

this isnt even counting the BUILD airdrops. WAGMI

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why don't you buy before $10

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Please tell us more OP.

<3 u fren

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50k is bare minimum for dolphin tier bro

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it's dumping like a K2 avalanche


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Can you speak on the build airdrops. I’m a retard and have no idea what that is.

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And how did you even get chosen for this supposed invite only CCIP demo?

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How much do basic Chainlink devs earn actually?

you are in a cult anon
and repeat everything I've already read thousands of times, as it'd be a template that you read
>the vaccine saves humanity
>people not taking the vaccine are a threat to health
>thank god I was vaccinated when I had covid

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>Dont ask me how I know, but in 4 days we are going to be $23 as a conservative estimate. The CCIP tests have been beyond positive. CCIP is the greatest product Chainlink will ever release. All other oracle networks have been blown the fuck out forever. The $8.23 resistance was plowed through. The next hurdle would of been $13. On Tuesday no one will remeber todays pump at all.

Dont ask me how I know, but in <random number> days we are going to be $<picks random number out of thin air without justification> as a conservative estimate. The CCIP tests have been beyond positive. CCIP is the greatest product Chainlink will ever release. All other oracle networks have been blown the fuck out forever. The $8.23 resistance was plowed through. The next hurdle would of been $13. On <random day> no one will remeber todays pump at all.

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I know that feeling very damn well /biz/bro

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Sergey isn't infallible, he backed Celsius if you recall. And he seemed like a novice compared to Schmidt. That said, I believe in him and his vision/direction for Chainlink.

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It's also not counting taxes, anon. If Chainlink gets to something like $100, you'll be making serious bank from staking if you started off with 10k, and no doubt you'll have to sell ~45% of it off to pay for the tax you owe for receiving rewards.

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>CCIP tests: positive
>DECO tests: positive
>HIV tests: positive
i think we're about to make it marines!
1000$ EOY

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CCIP is a messaging standard.
Many have said and continue to say that the token is not needed. I'm not saying "The token is not needed." I'm asking, for CCIP, how is the token needed or not needed?

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same as always, incentivize walled garden nodes to run the network, funding devops and other operations, paying for services in a one time sponsored manner. Means buying a bunch of tokens from sergey and shorting them while using the network for free

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In your fear and uncertainty it will be tempting to put your trust in some person or group who emerges and claims to have a "way out", which will involve sacrificing some of your liberty. You must resist this urge. These self‑proclaimed saviors may appear in many forms, under any number of banners: "intellectuals", "influential people", "progressive thinkers", "billionaires", "the UN", "the EU", "self‑selected multinational coalition", "global leaders", "world governments", "radicals", "revolutionaries" or some combination of these. They may appear charismatic. They may appear to have your best interests at heart. They may stand united, arm‑in‑arm, proclaiming "We know the way forward", advancing some form of "people's revolution" or "Global Reset" where "you will be in charge", hawking various "‑isms" and promises of a better tomorrow. These people are not your friends. They are not to be trusted. They are the same global banking elites using the same fear tactics, shilling the same magic potions and snake oils as always. They want only one thing: power.

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>how is token needed
Users pay to use CCIP. All payments in Link.

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real ogs submit at the hackathons

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It’s a messaging system. You pay in link to use the network.

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Yeah, if you don't put $89,100 of your spare change into LINK you'll rope when it moons.

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I wont buy a single link ever again. Either it moons or goes to 0

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My only worry about about Chainlink is that LINK is on Ethereum. Now before you screech that it's blockchain agnostic and that I'm a newfag, hear me out.
The Chainlink network is blockchain agnostic. However, ownership of the token is represented only on Ethereum, right? So if, somehow Ethereum stops functioning correctly, wouldn't we be prevented from moving our tokens? If a (eth stops working) equals b (you can't move your LINK tokens), then regardless of whether or not it's likely to happen, we rely on Ethereum to function for our tokens to be used.
Would CCIP maybe allow you to bridge your LINK tokens to other chains properly?

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frog posts get hidden and ignored

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>calls people retards
>waits for $10 instead of buying the bottom at $5

>> No.52248722

Cause its gone to 9$ and crashed many times, I will only buy once a breakout is confirmed

>> No.52248746

You’re a goddamn retard

>> No.52248767

You dont know that 5$ is the bottom. Thats why its better to wait until it actually starts going up, you trade a bit of profit but its worth the guarantee, I already 4x my stack so im not greedy.
Right now link could easily dump back down to 6$ again and im not trying to hold bags until who knows when. You retards were calling people stupid for selling at 30-50$ cause you thought it was going to 100, look how that turned out for you lol, sometimes you gotta ignore greed

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Hey anon, been looking at becoming a coder in web 3, i've done a few code academy courses but I don't want to get pidgeonholed into SQL or something and not end up joining the cryptosphere.

Any tips on what to do and how to get a job in web 3? It's not about the money for me, I made it 2 bullruns ago I just want to learn to build systems of the future?

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Shouldn't have a '?' at the end of that sentance. lol

>> No.52248897

it wont because of swingies like you. The pump is extra low liquidity, and as long your kind provides liquidity it goes up

>> No.52248902

This is why hundreds of millions have even hacked.
Midwits with 2 months of programming experience think they're ready to write production grade code.
Programming is easy, the ideas, architecture and abstractions are the hard part

>> No.52248947

It will, this pump is due to pivot hopium. Link wouldnt even be pumping if the whole market wasn't.
Next week reality will set in again and crypto will dump back to what its been doing for the past year.

Ive watched this same exact scenerio countless times already, thats why you link hopium addicts always fail. You start getting euphoric and chanting for 1k eoy whenever you get a 5% pump...

>> No.52249031

x4 to what? How big is your stack?

>> No.52249056

My original stack was around 32000 link
I can buy 120k link now if I wanted to

>> No.52249057

Thats fucking cope. LINK is the only project in crypto that is bringing in revenue. Its the best fucking bet for any investment.

>> No.52249082

How is Link bringing in revenue? They sell token to sponsors to have their price feed be used. There is no cashflow, oly token flow. I hold Link but I hate you shills more than the fudders

>> No.52249091

>My 6.59 limit can wait as long as she can.
Why didn't it get filled in the last three months on the multiple times weve oscillated around $7
Oh right, because you're a fucking retard

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I am always amazed at the level of bagholder cope stinky linkies come up with

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Ok so how big is your stack now

>> No.52249108

bullshit anon, you should really check out the distribution of the coin
there is only 800 addresses with 50k or more and 3400 with 10k or more
imagine you are the 3000th eth wallet right now, let alone the 800th and thinking that would not constitute a make it stack

also where is the cut off between whale/shark/dolphin anyways

>> No.52249117

Yeah keep telling yourself that. 1k eoy never selling!!!
Link was shilled by oldfags who watched and missed eth, its entire narrative was carefully curated by those anons. They tried to meme another ETH, that was after the 2016 election when le meme magic was a popular topic.
The entire point of crypto is just to make money, link solves a problem which doesnt actually exist. Everything is not gonna be attatched to a hundreds of different blockchains and tokenized, its entirely crypto shill cope

>> No.52249147

What problem does it solve that doesnt exist? I'm genuinely confused

>> No.52249158

>link solves a problem which doesnt actually exist.
the FUD was good up until here

>> No.52249159

0 im sitting in stables, BTC and XMR. been in crypto since 2013. I have 4 digits of XMR which I bought for .50
Im more bullish on that then link, xmr is a good example of a coin solving a problem which actually exists, and it has the most real world use.

>> No.52249174

Oh look the cookie snatchers are posting again. xmr is good to heat and sell for btc, that is it

>> No.52249181

>muh XMR
beat it, weirdo

>> No.52249193

I like xmr too so i know you don't really mean that about link then kek

>> No.52249206

his goal is to get you to sell and buy something else. The entire modus operandi of the fudders. Better than the shills that straight lie and only show up to dump

>> No.52249219

He has an hr roastie harem

>> No.52249237

I would rather have a chainlink worth $10 than a chainlink worth $5. Patience is key.

>> No.52249272

You should admit you're a newfag if you want to get spoonfed

>> No.52249365

its pasta you retard
how I hate you shills

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I'm a retarded newfag linklet and I really want to get spoonfed about whether I should bridge some tokens to other chains to hedge against an ETH failure/shut down.

>> No.52249392

wtf it's already a pasta? I just wrote it.

>> No.52249404

everyone interested enough can copy paste your pasta into archive and see your spamming and those that know know.

>> No.52249491

Nigger tier bait

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don't ask me how i know but whenever people say "don't ask me how i know" they are larpers. if you know, you know.

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Yeah and if you did that you'd realize that it hasn't been posted before lol

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