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I warned you of this pump, remember? https://archived.moe/biz/thread/52171746/ -- I knew it was coming and by making that thread I ruined the plans for the scampumpers by letting /biz/ know too much. That's why they censored that thread; someone paid the jannies to shut that thread down. Got banned for several days for making that thread.

>Oct 31
>There's a gay scampump coming within the next few days. Watch out Bobros! Big dump after that though.

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Nothing Ever Happens

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back2plebbit catposter, it happened as i warned it would

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There is no crash yet and dollar is on the brink of going for a dump. Crab is king. What is your target on btc? 17K retest, 20K?

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Solid call anon. You think a despair dump comes after? This mini alt season is wild to witness

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I felt the same way Bobo. Is now the time to short?

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Nah, not yet. Let it get close to 22k at least. But as I said in that thread it looks like they may pump it to over 22k.

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>Muh capitulation and despair dumps haven’t happened yet

You are the bobo equivalent of bulls calling for a 100k blow off top. News flash, markets move faster now and shit gets front ran to fuck over midwit retail like yourself

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You’re coping because you said 100k eoy unironically

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