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I am dating this cute girl and whenever we make out or cuddle she starts nibbling on my finger, ears, nose, etc

Am I about to get Jeffrey Dahmered?

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Women love it when you do that to them. It'll immediately lead to sex if you do it. She probably doesn't realize that men aren't as into that.

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she wants to suck your dick

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My girl bites my nipples and it really hurts

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autism results in lowered sensitivity to physical pain.
just imagine you don't have autism and it feels goos to experience slightly painful stimulation when turned on. that's what happens to (non autistic) girls. do it back, and maybe choke her and slap her, and she'll have a good time

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I had an ex who asked me to bite her nipples and she'd go insane when I did it.

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>She probably doesn't realize that men aren't as into that.

speak for yourself, i think its hot

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Why not just date a rabbi?

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well you know she's fat as fuck, maybe she's hungry