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The tranny fatty rabbi jabby farty niggy faggy lefty shitty janny must go

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>t. complainer
soon that'll cost you $8, retard

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I don't give a fuck about titter

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you think 4chan jannies wont usurp soon? they wont work for free forever! soon is the time. better prepare your anus and wallet when a rich janny who made it via 4chan paychecks buys 4chan and double or even triples janny salaries!

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But 3x0=0

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I'm glad you were able to follow along, sometimes I worry about this board's IQ, but you reinstantiated my confidence.

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Other boards are much worse in that regard. But yeah it's bad.

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pol and biz are the only ones worth, I don't care about /lgbt

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Twitter is extremely lax on moderation so idk wat your problem is. Biz jannies are easy now strict

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>That'll be 30 days this time!

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