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I guess reading all about how you got your ass conclusively kicked in court recently for being a liar and a fraud really had some knock on effects huh? 'Actions have consequences' as the zoomies say, craig.

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nChain is not Craig though, it's a company working on solutions for scaling bitcoin. Kinda weird how they should lose their platform because of one controversial figure. Sometimes I wonder if Craig's drunken rants about Old Tech conspiring to keep bitcoin from supplanting their whole business model aren't that delusional.

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You´d think no?

I mean once is an accident, twice is coincidence, but after number 27 you can be sure it is enemy action.

Anon, there is a war happening of which you don´t even know. Get yourself some BSV as hedge.,

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Craig owns nChain, its his company. It exists for him to wear like a mecha suit and have about 100 people cleaning up his brain diarrhoea into things that can be filed as (ultimately unenforceable) patents, and so that he has people to blame when he gets caught in another lie and "someone else must have wrote that".


>enemy action

Son you can see the normie twitter accounts talking at the IoM account about how they just got scammed by nChain and they agreed, no lizard conspiracy needed.



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Anon it’s quite literally the Mossad-ic Epstein tier sex trafficking jews

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am I supposed to know what this means

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>sex trafficking

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You say?

Careful who your friends are anon.

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I don’t care what age-legal whores do anon

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interesting that a sub billion marketcap shitcoin run by scammers and sexual deviants causes this much outrage on this anon basket weaving forum.

The twitterati are useful idiots.

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Yeah i know, it doesnt count when its your boy.

Ill pray for you tonight.

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can we see the signed message?

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I don’t want some kike praying Saturn/ lucifer for me. Die.

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All of those “under aged women” have cigarettes in their hands by the way

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Gee well I guess it's fake then, guys trafficking underage prostitutes would never let them smoke a cigarette

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Also all of their second sexual characteristics are grown. Meanwhile the Epstein fiasco dealt with children who were pre-pubescent . I also don’t think Calvin attended cannibal parties with Hilllary. I’m sure Greg Maxwell did

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Die mossad

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Coming for you elon

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Please take your fucking meds, jesus christ.

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Mark 8:12, KJV: And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation.

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craig was cancelled years ago. literally nobody ever talks about him outside of the trolls on this board, and the exceptionally dumb retards who don't know anything about him, like you

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that is security footage from epstien island and it was taken by chandler, t. "handler" for ol' jeff

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Wow you kikes are now photoshopping tweets now? Elon moist some bsv scammer said this , not Craig

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They only work if you take yours and simultaneously suicide your jewish children like you kikes cowardly did in masada

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Jews will be slaughtered Craig. Hope you understand

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Dumb kike. I knew tswap was full of glowies

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Men can be women.

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oooooh noooo guys, the island with 50 people and dial up connections cancelled their working big data event sponsor
who will nchain give money to now reeeeee
i sure hope the btc brigadier communist larpers will step in instead and shill their useless 7 tps shitcoin off chain unfinished lightning network solution powered by algorand that will no doubt support enterprise grade solutions one day in the next 30 years
it's literally over, just sold all my bsv

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>it's literally over, just sold all my bsv

Better late than never anon, im proud of you.

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where does it say this is about nchain?

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Post was deleted please repost if you have it

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>i believe
>in my opinion
>it is my opinion that
>i think
all irrelevant. sign.

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he only signed for people that matter
that's why greggles and other nonces are super seething

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