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>be the year 2040
>the 1% are early adoption former-NEET crypto hodlers who invested in a bunch of fake money and shitposted memes all day on /biz/ so they wouldn't have to work
how is this good for society?

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>he believes in society

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When the market crashes, we will live in Mad Max

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How is pic related good for society? How is centrally controlling and manipulating the money supply by a private organization good for society?

Everything that has occurred in the last 100 years is related to 1913.

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do some elite research and you will find out the ones at the top are toxic for whatever you believe in. ironically, humans need hierarchy order to function.

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its a lot better than a bunch of satanic child-raping child-eating and child-murdering psychotic psychopathic lunatics running the planet like right now

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"how is this good for society?"

How can you even think such a thing? Why would you want anything to be good for society? Society is fucking awful, society is a slave pen, a rat race. NEETs are better people than anyone who chased the nebulous "American dream" and "pulled themselves up by their bootstraps". Those outdated concepts that started with the boomers are dying out, and the new world order is coming in, where humanity is split in half between a great divide, the slave mongrels and the technocratic elite.