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In his fireside chat with eric, he agreed that this was his religion... Is chainlink the mark of the beast? Or perhaps the beast itself? We're not gonna make it (to heaven) are we?

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>is a fat russian who dumps on you a scammer
I dont know op

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I've been scammed five years in a row but I'm still not sure

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Do you think sergey is mad we memed him as a fat bastard for years on end?

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revelations is such a terrible fanfic how the fuck centuries later does it hold so much sway over the goy imagination holy shit

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Context needed

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Christ is the truth, sergey is making a "truth" machine...

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Chainlink makes a hell of a lot more sense than most religions. Token is still unneeded, though.

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>make it to heaven

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>Posting heretic Anderson and his hypocritical false doctrine

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>retard wants to work his way into heaven instead of trusting God

just become jewish or muslim then

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You've never read the bible. You get rewards based on your merits. Also anderson contradicts himself all the time, video related destroys him once and for all. Irrefutable.


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>vatican catholic
imagine being fucking catholic our of all things
literal globohomo tier
bow to your pope

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Vatican 2 is not the Catholic church, we haven't had a pope in 64 years. Heretics cannot be Pope.

Also the video is about refuting anderson, why dont you watch it to see his hypocrisy for yourself instead of digressing.

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What do you mean by this?
>t. catholic

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>believing in a magic sky daddy
never gonna make it

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Vatican 2 council has the qualities of infallibility defined by vatican 1. This means the teachings of this council must be followed and come from God. However vatican teaches error. For example they teach that muslims worship the one God... This is obviously false as Muslims dont worship the Holy Trinity and deny the divinity of Christ and even deny His death and resurrection. V2 also teaches ecumenism with non-catholics which is heresy as well as religious liberty which has always been condemned as people have freedom of thought but not freedom of worshiping false gods.

Since infallibility comes from God and God cannot be the author of error then we must conclude that vatican 2 was an invalid council. That is only possible if Paul 6 wasnt a valid pope and that's easy to prove.

Now many Popes in the past have infallibly taught (as per V1 definition) that heretics are automatically severed from the Church. Someone outside the Church cannot be the head of the Church.

Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (# 23), June 29, 1943: “For not every offense, although it may be a grave evil, is such as by its very own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy.”

The vatican 2 "Popes" through John23rd and Francis have all fallen into heresy/apostasy/schism or been freemasons (masons are ipso facto excommunicated as per canon law as well as those in secret societies that are anti-state and anti-church, multiple popes since Clement 12 have condemned masonry)

Here is a decent website that has information on this topic.

Vaticancatholic does have good info on the false popes but they have their own issues.

Personally i dont endorse vaticancatholic despite their theology basically being 90% Correct as they are uncharitable and the 10% they are wrong their members only follow the people who make the videos.

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>Not concerned about his eternal soul
>Paul 6 wasnt a valid pope and that's easy to prove.
Also we must assume he could not be a valid pope as God cannot err.

Now Paul 6 invited protestants into rome to change the mass and all the rites. A pope does not have the power to do this fyi.

Most if not all the new rites are invalid. For example.

The consecration of the Host. The form was changed by changing the words which changed the meaning. Since the new rite has a different meaning from the old rite (the words of Christ) it is invalid.

Also the new mass novus ordo is an abomination as they put a second altar on top and infront of the original altar. The same was done in the book of Maccabees and it was called the abomination of desolation.

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>Heretics cannot be Pope.
>vatican 2
kek the absolute cope
instead of growing a brain and seeing it for what it is, they resort to this

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Pius 12th died 64 years ago. Also the bible mentions a great apostasy and saint Paul mentions that someone must he removed before the Son of perdition can show himself. That someone is likely the Pope.

Since the bible uses the number 70/72 a lot it's likely to coincide with the Babylonian captivity. We'll know for sure within 10 years.

I just hope Chainlink isn't gonna be the mark of the beast or i will have to sell, hopefully i wont be locked in a long term staking contract.

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>vatican 1
do you belive this here

if you dont believe the breastmilk doctrine you are not catholic

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We tried to warn you.

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>I just hope Chainlink isn't gonna be the mark of the beast or i will have to sell, hopefully i wont be locked in a long term staking contract.

this is your brain on catholicism
any logic with these people is wasted

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You're the one coping. Your religion is 500 years old, mine is 2000 years old. The papacy comes from Christ through peter.
>Irrelevant article
You prots are really sad. You guys ignore all the verses of the bible that doesn't fit your doctrine. Eg.

Jesus said His flesh and blood is indeed meat and drink. And without it you have no life within you. Hence the sacrament of the eucharist.

Jesus said a man must be born of water and spirit. Hence the sacrament of baptism.

Jesus told His disciples, whos' sins you forgive are forgiven, whos' sins you retain are retained. Hence the sacrament of penance.

You prove your faith by your works as per the book of james. Luther hated the book of james as it completely destroyed his heretical false doctrine. Luther said you could sin as you like and even encouraged sin. This is completely contradictory to the gospel message "sin no more".

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Thanks anon but I'm gonna hope that it's not and wait and see.>>51716591
Your faith doesn't use logic. Mine does.

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im not even gonna read all this, you type like a literal copy paste bot

enjoy burning in hell as much as you want
dont forget to drink marys breast milk

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>You're the one coping. Your religion is 500 years old, mine is 2000 years old.

yours is about 2000 years old, mine is about 5k :) cope and seethe about it

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>Im foolish, arrogant and blind and refuse to look at evidence that disproves my phony and heretical faith
You are not gonna make it at this rate anon.

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>at this rate
well luckily for me jesus did the work on the cross and i just have to believe on him :)

enjoy trying hard your entire life and still getting dropped into hell

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What is your religion anon? Don't say Yahwehism as scripture says there is only one name which yiu are saved which is Jesus and the old law has fulfilled. Also Protestantism is from the 16th century.

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>well luckily for me jesus did the work on the cross and i just have to believe on him :)
You are denying Christ by denying His church.

Jesus himself said you must be born of WATER AND SPIRIT.

You can't just "believe"

>Even devils believe and they trembld.

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>he thinks jesus wasnt God in the old testament times aswell

absolute brainlet

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You should actually read the new testament.
>The word as made flesh
He wasn't called Jesus in the OT and the old law and the promise to Abraham got fulfilled.

Read Hebrews chapter 8 and Galatians chapter 3.

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John 3:16
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

> that whosoever believeth in him should not perish
> You can't just "believe"

>quotes a verse talking about believing that there is one God and applies it to believing on the sacrifice of Christ

catholics are a funny bunch
funny but its sad too

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you go ahead and believe on your church
>oh but the pope is vatican 2!!!
soooo you arent really catholic and part of the official catholic church? but i should join the catholic church?

kek the absolute autism

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dont forget to drink your breast milk

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I only browse thus board to laugh at pain. What caused Link to drop from its ATH?

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>John 3:16
Read john 3:17-20
Read 1 john 3:16
Read john 3:5

You people only rely on 1 verse to make a point but you deny all the other ones. Catholic doctrine accounts for all the verses.

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You don't have any reading comprehension. You have eyes to see but you do mot perceive. Put away your pride and turn to Christ sincerely.

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20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

the irony because this is literally you
you hate the light
you hate jesus
you want your own rigtheousness before God instead of just trusting on him :)

go burn as much as you like, i already told you.
now be a good boi, do 50 hail marys, confess your sins to the priest, run around the altar 3 times and eat the god-bread and wine; then repeat once you did something bad

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Projection. You've ignored all the bible verses that refute your false doctrine. The old law is not to be followed, doing so is to deny Christ. Protestants are a meme religion.

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>Mockers are an abomination to the Lord
Repent sinner.

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good thing im not mocking God but your retarded cultist rituals

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That's still mockery even if it's against me. And technically you are mocking God by mocking His Church.

You are full of bad will, you are the opposite of Christian virtues.

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cringe atheist or LARPagan detected

The elites are luciferians and believe in scriptures

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Youre the ones who've been meme'ing him as God handing Adam and Eve forbidden cubes and Jesus leading his pepe disciples through the desert. Now you meme magicked based Serge into a god complex. I told you all to meme responsibly. This is all your faults.

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>You are full of bad will, you are the opposite of Christian virtues.

says the satanist in denial, how ironic

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Talking to you is like speaking to an xrp holder.