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Imagine buying XRP. It must be so, so incredibly sad. You normies think you're going to hit 2k but that's not happening, no. You sit in these threads defending a shit coin that, believe me, will get you simps NOWHERE!

It's OVER! How does it feel Rip-a-Fart fanboys to be a part of the LOSERS club? Believe me, It must be so incredibly sad. When you really take a deep dive into XRP and analyze the framework, partners, and CTO, folks it is quite clear that XRP is going to be the biggest BLUNDER in all of crypto, believe me. It looks like David needed more time in the OVEN.

You lazy millennial bag holders think you're going to make it sitting around in your mums basement holding some shitcoins, but you WONT. I tried to warn you but you guys just wouldn't listen, no, instead you were too busy going "2K EOY! 2K EOY! 2K EOY! WAGMI!" and doing stupid silly crap like that, that believe me, will get you simps NOWHERE.

XRP will NEVER REACH $2k EOY, that I can tell you. It's time for you to wake up and smell that COFFEE! IT'S OVER! Enjoy getting dumped on by Jed, Brad and all the gang at Rip-a-Fart because, believe me. YOU WILL GET DUMPED ON. And I know what you're saying "OH MY GAWD MAKAL WHAT YOU TALKING BOUT THERE BUDDY YOU AINT NUTHING BUT A CLOWN!" Believe me once you grasp the reality of the situation you'll see that you wasted you're hard earned cash, BELIEVE ME!

Believe me, Ripple has fumbled the football. They quite clearly did not hit that homerun David was looking for that I can tell you right now. IT'S OVER! WHEN WILL YOU XRPEE FANBOYS SEE THAT XRP IS GOING TO BE ONE OF, IF NOT THE BIGGEST BLUNDER IN ALL OF CRYPTO!

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Damn bro you actually took some time to write all that pile of absolute shit, I appreciate your effort

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Not reading your personal blog Moshe, XRP 2K in 2 more years

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third world opinion discarded. Even though you’re right, in the sense that xrp is a well marketed total nothingburger. Xrp will never amount to anything, much like its last 10 years.

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You say David, I saw You're a kike for fudding your own bags.

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He's right yknow?
Fiat is a scam
XRP is a scam
Bitcoin is a scam
Ethereum is a scam
Everyone is a scammer
But which scam is the best for society?

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You know much of America is third world as we speak. Right?

Indians gonna overtake you in literally everything soon enough.

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Nice one

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I believe XRP will flip ETH in about two years or so.
I believe Holoclear will revolutionize defi staking.
I believe USDT is 100% fake.
I believe Bitcoin is being manipulated by (((a shadow cabal))).
I am a believoor and you can't change my mind.

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Xrp the standard. Buy and become the top 1% or get left behind

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I wonder how much wagies get paid in the troll farms to post this? $15 dollars an hour maybe, pretty fucking pathetic anon. You should probably just kys.