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Ready for a cascade of bankruptcies?

>The European Systemic Risk Board, which is responsible for monitoring and preventing dangers to the region’s financial system, issued the alert after meeting last week and deciding the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine had put the financial system in a precarious position. This is the first “general warning” about risk the ESRB has issued since its creation in 2010 on the eve of the eurozone sovereign debt crisis.
>The authority, which is chaired by European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde, called on regulators in the 30 countries it oversees to prepare for a potential crisis by requiring the financial institutions they supervise to build up bigger buffers of capital and provisions that can absorb losses.

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Not my problem.

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It will trigger a global credit crisis so doesnt matter where you live. It will become your problem

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Nice Numerals, fren.
XRP 589 end of year.

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If a man ran things, this would never have happened.

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>build up bigger buffers of capital
How does that work exactly? I mean short of locking everyone out of the accounts so they can't spend their own money.

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just print more lmao.

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Why should I care about credit when I buy everything with cash?

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it really will not

take the diogenespill

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There is literally a cascade of car repos happening right now. I mail them out

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Exactly that.

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Many countries pension funds are getting smoked by the crash in bonds because they used bonds as collateral to buy equities. Look at what countries have +30% of GDP in pension funds and which also have less than 50% of GDP in foreign currency reserves. Their central banks only option to avoid an implosion is to nuke their own currency.

Those countries are trapped and their financial systems is headed towards certain collapse

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I'm so scared bros, someone reassure me

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That green energy bullshit was a Russia psychological operation. Seems clear now.

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Hope you have metals and food

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I'm debt free and have been waiting for this day.

Normies are about to get what they deserve and that's a good thing.

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because supply chains will collapse and there will be shortages of everything currently maintaining your retarded lifestyle
there is an other side to the tunnel, we will get through it

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$100 worth of rice and other durables is a cheap life insurance to have in the event that countries put export restrictions on food amid a lot of bankruptcies.

If they are able to fix this somehow then you can eat the food next year. If they dont then a $100 investment could make your life a lot less miserable

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Stop thinking about money, just be happy :)

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which country are you in? how long have you been doing this for?

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>build up bigger buffers of capital and provisions that can absorb losses
To prevent the crisis you're gonna need to trigger the crisis
I know this is unironically how market crashes work but it's still funny

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well we here all hold the one type of asset with no counter party risk and frictionless transactions
plus after covid hit i assume even the most optimistic amongst us started prepping so we will survive the chaos even if some minor inconvenience will happen in the short term

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Trips and you must chop your cock off

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US. The volume has tripled in a couple weeks and I only process them for toyota. Over a hundred a day

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damn... we really finna bouta

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I've been ready for 10 years

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Europe hasn't been economically relevant since 1945.

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Dick. Have some empathy.

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Embrace poverty

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kek, i bet prepper boomers are loving this. hope you at least rode the free money train to the top

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You mean like the empathy shown to me and my whole generation?

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Hundreds or even thousands of European companies will not pay their obligations to American companies. The 2008 crisis began with a tiny Icelandic bank going under. This is a hundred times worse

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No wonder you will die alone

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That's going to fuck them too, with the pensions blowing up. Nobody's getting out of this without some scratches, unless they're in the big boy banker club.

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yeah it’s not like american conglomerates sell products in europe and will take a big hit to one of their biggest streams of revenue. oh wait, they will

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>Muh generation

You people and your IDpol. Never taking into consideration the class struggle. Silly cappies

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>american conglomerates sell products in europe
We export essentials, you couldn't screw us over if you tried. You need crops, beef and other commodities. Plus the average Europeans purchasing power sucks, Asia is surpassing Europe more and more each year.

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Soda and fast food might be essential in burgerland but its not anywhere else

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10 percent cut to the big guy

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as per your comment, here is the list of countries by pension/GdP ratio:

Australia is going to get fucked.

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The US mostly exports a lot of bullshit now that the world would be better without (especially all the wars and destabilization CIA nigger shittery). Even most of the crops are bullshit like corn. Trump was trying to fix some of that and get the manufacturing base kickstarted again, but oops bankers rigged the election harder this time.

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Don't want bankruptcy? Shouldn't have engaged in usury.
Get owned losers.

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How many more weeks? Two?

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Ask Christine Lagarde. She seems a little worried

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Europoors can now spend a maximum of 100 shekels a day.

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so they will let fall them?

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absolutely based retard

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This is why they need to start a war and trigger a "great reset". They know the house of cards is about to fall.

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They already are. Isn't their central bank bankrupt since week or two ago?

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UK was literally on route to wipe out most of their pension funds yesterday until boe stepped in

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believe me or not Christine 666 Lagarde is the worst of the worst. Somebody should axe her head in minecraft

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They're in the Euro. What do they do?

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Oh noes, not falling prices! Imagine if the plebs can start affording to live again, even have children, that would be a disaster!!!

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Why does Switzerland and Austria have such a low PPI?


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((financial instruments))

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Boomers deserve the rope

>He thinks that his FIAT will be worth something

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I... never heard of such a thing and i'm in Oz, but if you have any links I'd love to see 'em.

meanwhile just looking at Australia's debt to GDP, household debt, and M1 relative to most G20 countries it's on the better side. Will eventually be fucked but will first ned the global contagion to set in.

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European economic leaders cannot be this retarded could they? They knew miles ahead of time what economic implication EU wide it would have to go cold turkey from Putin's oil.

Can't feel sorry for the retard who knew winter was coming and didn't bother to pack in a sweater is a great analogy.

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Prostitutes, drugs and milk products.

Sometimes they combine them, prostitutes with milkies offering drugs.

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>Doing anything but narcissistic dancing for the last two decades
Not a chance. All the genuinely smart and selfless people have been pushed out of governments globally because they say shit like "hold on we need some austerity to wind down the debt and kill zombies", which is completely true but not what the retarded public wants to hear.

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Im le king of retards but i want honest questions.
The jews at any country central bank can just print billions of billions of papers (money)
""But muhh inflation"".
What if just a handfull of government officials and a few guys in charge of the printer, decide to not tell others about it and just inyect that money onto the economy?
Just say it was from taxes or something

TL:DR how printing more money IN SECRET will cause more inflation?

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Why do they do this? Why are banks, companies, politicians, governments, etc so retarded with so important to stability and survival?

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No matter how bad it gets, at least you're not a vatnik on the front line.

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I mean, answers*

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because they know they will just print more money to prop it up

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Imagine not being American, your bitches are ours Eurocuck, we will make MURICA White again

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Inflation happens first because of the increase and later because of the expectation. This is why inflation often lags printing by 12-18 mos. Inflation happens naturally as more money moves into the system buying out supplies and bidding up prices, regardless of ehether or not there is collective awareness.

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Oh, got it. Thank you.
Still, you see Americans printing like if nothing mattered

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Lmao germanys ponzi scheme once not that retarded

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I hope Europe is destroyed unironically

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Damn you are retarded. Bet you pounce on "roasties" that do dumb tiktok vids. Get the fuck off this board

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The ECB will have to let the PIGS collapse and fuck off, those pajeet/arab faggots are ruining everything

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>financial times fudding EU
yep, if those seething angloids get pissy, you know bongs are not doing very well. The entire existence of this FT paper is down to them trying to maintain a sense of superiority.

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>Australia’s central bank has equity wiped out by billions in bond losses


There's more, you can search "australia central bank"

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I found this article in CNBC

interesting that I don't see an equivalent in the Australian media.

>Bullock noted that while this would bankrupt a normal commercial entity, the RBA’s liabilities are guaranteed by the government.

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XRP the standard. WAGMI

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Based and impoverished pilled. Why eat expensive beef when you have an endless supply of free food cooked in toxic seed oil which will both make you feel like absolute dogshit and become rapidly obese.

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I hope Europe completely crashes while the whites holocaust the nonwhite invaders and rebukes feminism in one fell swoop

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Can someone name those countries?

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Yeah, looking very good usd

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>you should feel sorry for the psychopaths who destroyed the european world and the npcs who happily let that happen while making your life hell for the sake of animal ego boosting
yeah no

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Do you need collection niggers, not worried about death?

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>How many more weeks? Two?
0. Everything is fine. It's not like the whole world is in a precarious situation right now or anything.

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You guys know it’s a jewish cabal and they’re doing that on purpose right? Right? All modern politicians are actors.

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this guy hedges

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>empathy for retards

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it's all on purpose for the great reset.
incompetency just fills in the evil gaps where we needed heroes.
there is severe malintent.

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(((They))) have been setting this crash up for decades. White genocide is part of the great reset. All the millions of shitskins imported were brought to be soldiers carrying out (((their))) will. There will be death squads and slavers armed by the kikes to kill or rape any white person. Let me repeat: they planned all this for decades.

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not going to happen, they will print to save the eu and ruin us all

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> what is ASML
you’re nothing without europe buddy

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I don't get it, why don't the europoors just make rent and food free, it will solve all the problems just like their healthcare system.

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dont care, let it all burn
I have a remote job and plenty of savings, can just fuck off to some caribbean island and collect shells on the beach for a cuple of years if things get out of hand here

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We would be in a much better situation if the union was just had the northwest, southoids and eastoids ruined it.

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It’s not an opinion piece. They are literally just quoting what the European Systemic Risk Board said in their own report

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>guaranteed by the government
>which must print more money to keep it afloat
>which increases inflation even more
>which increases the amount of bankruptcies
>which means they must print even more money
Repeat the above process until people call you Zimbabwe 2.0

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Piece of shit subhuman satanist kike whore

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Cool it with the hate speech, anon.

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They are going to be wiped out completely. 10k Europeans can do more than 100k foreigners

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Like a wave.

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Trade paper euro for something more durable.

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Trips of truth.

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>Ready for a cascade of bankruptcies?

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Higher taxes, less spending. Euros have it easy on taxes, need to get the base rate to 70%

>> No.51718438

>short of locking everyone out of the accounts so they can't spend their own money.
Bingo. They did exactly that in Cyrpus a few years back. Wanna know what happened?

Nothing. No consequences were suffered by those that put such measures into place.

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What? They are directing financial institutions to build up buffers. That means central banks will force them to sell off assets so they reduce the risk of lehman 2.0

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>be boomer
>load up impossibly good pension for life
>Let country fall to pieces
>Depress wages with offshoring and immigration
>Start war with Russia
>Uh oh financial crises
>Currency nuked
>Pension is worthless
It all comes full circle

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Damn Boomer

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Checked and insanely based

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Oh, I was half paying attention. Well you also do that by tightening lending so I'd expect that too

>> No.51718853

Yes, same as 2008-2012. Banks due dilligence of mortgage applicants finances and job security going forward will be more intrusive than an anal exam

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>the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine
No, it was triggered by European governments sanctioning their energy salesman. ESRB has no understanding of the basics of the situation.

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It's just lying media framing. You'll see the same shit with the pandemic for example, somehow the pandemic is responsible for economic problems, but never the lockdowns or other retarded aspects of the response.

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The fagman demise is approaching quickly. Remember to laugh at those yuppies when they find out cooding jobs are not worth 150k+ and they start losing houses.

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pathetic projection from a man trapped in samsara

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I figured it meant for the banks to underwrite fewer loans and invest in fewer equities and just hold cash.

>> No.51719501

We know that and they know that, but admitting to the public that they are suffering as a result of bad governance increases the likelihood of societal unrest so they resort to the most convenient scapegoats when explaining to the peasants why they are suffering

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And when does this GREAT COLLAPSE take place?

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Inflation was already soaring in late 2021 several months before the invasion. Back then they were blaming supply chains but it was because of excessive money printing. The whole Ukraine situation made an already bad situation worse

>> No.51719638

Yep like I said here >>51719457 if it means for banks to stop lending and investing it will precipitate the next financial crisis

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Any rural part of Europe is as violent, angry and patriotic as rural US. Only thing Eu ever did for us if making sure WE never go to war with each other ever again. Now the fire is aimed at the elites, the kikes and the migrants.

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i would assume capital controls and money printing. after all, who's going to buy PIIGGS bonds/gilts when the spread gets too big? would like to assume they know what they're doing but this is also the same lady that said the ECB doesn't cover spreads.

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He's trying to learn. Maybe you should stop being a gigantic faggot for once in your pathetic life.

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Well, this is a prakriti discussion forum, so...

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No, they understand the basics of the situation perfectly. They will never admit it though. It's the same reason why Biden blames things on Putin, Republicans, domestic terrorists, and all the rest of the excuses his spin team can come up with. You're making a grave mistake taking their words at face value. They're not stupid. They're malicious.

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>Bush War II: Yurostan edition

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Food grows in dirt.

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>falling prices

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if the bank owes me money I'm gonna charge 12% interest on it

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>Those countries are trapped and their financial systems is headed towards certain collapse
What does this mean? ELI5

>> No.51722150

They can raise interest which lowers inflation but will crash the market and cause economic collapse or print money to prop up the house of cards that is the market temporarily but causes hyperinflation in a spiral of money printing down the line. The market includes stocks, real estate, housing, all kinds of financial products like derivates etc.

>> No.51722190

Based mutts making yuropoors seethe

>> No.51722253

2 options.

>Print money to avoid pension funds collapsing. Very high inflation for a long time. Very bad for the economy
>Let pension funds collapse to stop high inflation. Very bad for the economy

>> No.51722277

Retard. What happens in Europe bleeds into America if there's a big down turn

>> No.51722289

It's stagnation until production is possible.

>> No.51722320

Roughly 1 year.
>Source: my ass

>> No.51722390

Boomers made the bed they will die in. Anon is aware and will be able to buy a bride from an impoverished family as desired. I do feel bad for some but in the macro sense the generations most affected were absolutely fine with selling their progenys future for a nice retirement.

>> No.51722470

Close. Its CIA psyop’d Greens funded with Gazprom bux.

>> No.51722495

At least its not the Great Depression and WW2

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>No matter how bad it gets, at least you're not a vatnik on the front line.

>> No.51722513

>Ready for a cascade of bankruptcies?

>> No.51722842

So should I make a beeline for USD, physical gold, crypto or Deenz?

>> No.51723832

A combo of all. Looks like EU is leaning towards hyperinflation while the US continues to tighten. Very hard for anyone to predict how exactly this will play out

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This just in. The crash across the west looks inevitable.

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Rated "I" forInsolvent"

>> No.51726644

Unfortunately a global financial collapse will still have a negative effect on people with savings and investments.

>> No.51726651

thw west has been crashing for a year. recession take a year. Inverted Cramer theorie, when the news screams sell, you buy

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it would only somewhat work if supply of goods and services increased by a similar margin, else it occurs like >>51715617 says

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euro crisis didn't affect us, you need us but we have no use for you. you don't even have a real military without us

>> No.51728591

omg pls not the falling pricerinos
we already had too much of antisemitism

>> No.51730081

We need you as much as a drug addict needs a fix.

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>falling prices

>> No.51730118

Humanity peaked in 2000 and its only downhill from here. Boomers rugging young people, those fewer people will rug the next newfags and so on until only turks and sandniggers multiply themselves
Thats why i own avax

>> No.51730308

when was the last time you filled up your car with gas refined from European oil? ever used a European smartphone? use any European social media recently? watch many movies produced in Europe? what's your favorite videogame and was it made in Europe? I think not

>> No.51730402

>falling prices
Is there just a mass text find and replace step in the editing of these articles? Is it like an AI thing?
>Our readership doesn't respond well to the phrase "rising prices" so change this to "falling prices" instead :^)

>> No.51730564

>your car
>European smartphone
N900 still shits on anything else out today. Thanks for killing Nokia, asshole.
>social media
>video game
Got me there (System Shock by Looking Glass).

>> No.51730611

Retard, you are the normie. Debtmaxxers and bankruptcy Chads benefit from this. Not debt is le bad people. In fact you're going to be paying us.

>> No.51730698

I didn't kill Nokia! the weaklings in your countries failed to keep it running by electing all these women and bringing in all these immigrants

>> No.51730736

The 2008 crisis began with Volkswagen being short squeezed by Porsche.

>> No.51730808

They were holding the bonds rather than cash to make income on yields while being able to buy equities, right?

Furthermore, bonds have crashed since central banks have been tightening and there’s a preference for safer government issued bonds?

Thanks for posting info like this. Any anons wanna chime and help a guy learn? Pls respond

>> No.51731087

>They were holding the bonds rather than cash to make income on yields while being able to buy equities, right?
They were holding bonds because most European governments force pension funds to allocate part of their portfolio to bonds.
>Furthermore, bonds have crashed since central banks have been tightening and there’s a preference for safer government issued bonds?
If bond yields go up, it lowers the value of older bonds. After all, you want the bond that yields 4% interest rate, not an older bond that only yields 1% interest rate.

>> No.51731518

that's quite a bit of money to go get shot at
what's the catch?

>> No.51731537

That's because the dollar is a Proof of Violence token. You will use the dollar to settle international trade or we will kill your government. This lets us export most of our inflation, which is why every other fiat currency is eating massive shit against the dollar right now.

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>Israel 67%
>the other third is based on grifting American boomers who are old and dying

>> No.51731690

Not my problem, I own farmland and have a horde of physical silver. All the farmers around me are near self sufficent and all agree to trade in silver when fiat money dies.

Urban bugmen will cope and seethe as rural chads inherit the earth.

>> No.51731725

>what's the catch?

you die before your first pay day

>> No.51731956

you'll get rekt as soon as you lose your job, and we'll be the ones buying your houses, your cars and everything else you used to own for cheap

>> No.51732035

>I own farmland and have a horde of physical silver. All the farmers around me are near self sufficent and all agree to trade in silver when fiat money dies.

Bro, you own farmland? Damn, you're invincible. Roving gangs and militias will never be able to touch you.