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I remember a story my uncle once told me. He was out with friends having dinner. Finally everyone was finishing up and the waiter came along and asked if anyone was interested in dessert, or should she just bring the check. Everyone declined, except one of my uncles friends. He ordered dessert and sat and ate it while everyone else waited. Everyone got a laugh but some felt like it was a bit of of an impoliteness.

Later that night, the friend had a sudden and lethal heart attack and died in his bed.

What’s the lesson, biz?

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>What’s the lesson, biz?
if you do or don't do something, it doesn't matter in the end

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how does the end change anything?

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Your uncle sounds pretty cool OP. Like the kind of guy that teaches you how to shoot and river fish.

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I think you could interpret it as he was going to die either way, or or was a lifetime of choices to live in the moment and be unhealthy that led to his eventual early death.

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Depends on how fat the guy was.

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He was a big fellow

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that maybe next time I eat out i should order some dessert.

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> going to restaurants

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Don't have friends?

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order more desserts until those fags get fed up and leave

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>but some felt like it was a bit of of an impoliteness.

on thinking about it more, If your friends can't wait to leave you and think its impolite to spend a few more minutes among each others company then they're fucking faggots and not real friends anyways. Why are they in such a rush, they ate their food and now they just want to run. maybe they shouldn't be invited to dinner next time.

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>(in a deep husky voice): hey guys, I’m a woman. And I can give birth to babies. I can also lactate. Don’t hate me cuz I’m so beautiful. Hear me roar.

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Was he boosted?

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It was long ago

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Sounds like a fat fuck