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>tfw got caught buried in the playground sandpit looking up little girls skirts again
I buried myself perfectly but forgot about the boner emerging, little girl kicked it too

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>didn't wear his boner hiding apparatus

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The best part is that you actually fantasized about this and tried to figure the logistics and planning

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So you were the guy who came and laid on top of me

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What did you bring in your lunch box?

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whats playground sandpit

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Posting this weird larp might be more demented than if you actually did it irl

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People pay good money for that. You got a deal

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frogbot thread

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stealing this innovation

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what the fuck

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is this a tranny raid

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when i used to do this if my cover ever got blown i would run behind the park building and hide in one of their bins. they looked smaller than they actually were so no one ever looked inside and I was never caught

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