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There is NOTHING worth investing in right now.

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This isn't just a bait thread so pajeets can shill their shit tokens. It's genuinely over.

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its over, just hold the ones you believe in.
I hate it so much i decided to just go on online slots.
>made 1072 so far from 50

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yeah it’s over for you stay irrelevant

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Cash is king.

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Not unless you get in early on ShillToken
Discord gg yuadC6EjcY

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not making money is worse than losing money

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stay irrelevant buddy cash is for kings

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A 9mm bullet went from .26$ in 2020 to 0.45$ in 2022.
Do what you want with this information.

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Imagine licking boots this much and being proud

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>not making money is worse than losing money
you know what? i seen worst for this board, although its retarded regardless

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Why would you "invest" in anything right now when it keeps dipping lower. You're just going to lose money in the short term. Guess you could just DCA for now, but after a year of this it starts to become a little demoralizing.

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Inflation will eat savings at the same time.
It seems the only options are gamble or consoom.

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>or consoom
Guess you could buy action figures or video games or something and hope that bubble grows more before it pops.

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Yourself. Your passion.

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It's damn true

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There's always the nfts as a second option.
those shits always have so much hype, now I'm just waiting for the vinupixel collection to come out just so I can get something good out of this whole mess.

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lunc, it's so easy.

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Invest in yourself :^)

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There’s nothing you can make money on but there are ways you can keep your money. Anyway according to dollar milk shake theory you should long commodities next year and sell before the year ends.

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If only there were assets out there guaranteed to return 10% in the long run that were cheap right now...

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>he doesnt know

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Invest deez nuts

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I already have my eyes on payment processing platforms. They're the easiest and fastest way to make money in the coming bull market.

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You'll probably have to wait a long time to get another chance like this. I'm now buying discounted LRC, NOIA, FTM, ORE, ALGO, and GEEQ

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All of them are pretty good desu. BTC, ETH, XPRESS, the works. All ready to blow over the roof in the next bull run

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USD looking pretty comfy.

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Based list anon. I'd trade for GEEG which is the solution to mass blockchain adoption take note

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>heard that DARUMA did a 10x since a week ago
How the fuck do retards on this site hear about this coin beforehand. I'm always too late to the party fuck. These people making money and if I buy in now it's just buying the top.

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I hear that it's a layer zero. I wonder what that means. Perhaps a Blockchain's Blockchain

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now you can pay 1 month of rent!

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I already have my eyes on 3 out of these projects. I'm a Blockchain maxi, and would accumulate whenever I see em

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Mass adoption? You need to check out ORE then. Take a piss on any other.

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It is always going to be fucking demoralising when you keep buying and it keeps dipping. Fuck that shit and simply hodl then.

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There are no fucking guarantees in Crypto. There never was, there never will be.

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Please educate me on this if you can.

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I believe you are knowledgeable about cybersecurity, as blockchains' decentralized structure makes them the best option in this regard.

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I'm just accumulating eth and btc biweekly until 2024 and see what happens.
Good luck frens.

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I heard of their ongoing ORE/ETH liquidity mining program. Though I've been earning on Ascendex as well having my GEEQ staked

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The Whitepaper is out there for everyone to read. I'm still wrapping my head around a lot of concepts in there

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I hope these things come with good APYs. Many projects are already understanding that staking is a very important consideration in their tokens' features

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I can only fuck with FTM and ORE, not the others on your list.

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It's a nice one. APY rn is 46.27%. Not fixed though.

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Same here Anon and along with other of my few alts I've got on Sylo dApp.

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Cash is always going to be fucked.

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You must have been only interested in shit coins then if you think this way.

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It's never over for crypto. For you, maybe but for crypto, never.

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I’m up almost 15% on usd/aud gains. Hell yeah dude

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Leverage. Use meme lines to draw support and resistance.

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Unironically, Japanese stonks.
>You get 144yen for your dollar.
>Alot of low PE gems.
>They already went through few decades of no economic growth. The businesses that's still surviving and still making profit must be doing something right.

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Pretty much. The casino is closed until the next bull run, and we don't know when that will actually be. If you sold at the top, you won. Collect your profit, pick up some stable coins while prices are low and wait out the market. You can try to play it but a lot of people are going broke trying to do that in the current market.

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Staking is truly important, especially in this bearish market. I'm staking RAIL rn anon
I DCA into ETH alone for now.
The next bull run seems too far away for me to give a 100% fuck. Focus on the present so you don't get rekt.

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I'm focusing on privacy projects. The whole world has got eyes on privacy, so why shouldn't I take advantage?
Crypto never gives guarantees. Only a dickhead wouldn't know this.

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It's actually true, and too risky to buy puts right now, have to wait for the inevitable bigger crash

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you got literally millions of shitcoins, just put a couple 20$ here and there and wait, if it moons: good, if it crashes: you just lost 20$. its easy man.

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Gambling, anon. It's called gambling.