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So biz what's your favorite crypto secret that's big if true?

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What if a jishin happens? Wouldn’t he shinu anons? Im shinpai-ing for him right now. Someone please setsumei and tell me he will be daijoubu

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I'm pissing at this comment

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satoshi is out there and still has his keys and is waiting for true btc smart contracts before pulling some willy wonka shit

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CZ is fighting a secret war to remove Tether from crypto.

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That the community for Mikaboshi found the funding wallet also funded Leash and Shiba. Proof is in the tg MikaboshiCommunity

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dogelon mars 50x 2023
screen cap this

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nice try craig
funds are safu
actually HUGE if true

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dang...mooning. am i too late?

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Stfu with your bug language

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Tether reserves are non-existent

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what happens if an earthquake happens??

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I agree with dogelonmars anon, next doge more like 100x at least

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Terra Rebels are funded by and in collaboration with CZ to revive lunc.

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fucking kek

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it's absolutely amazing to me that this coin is still somehow being talked about and ranks high. How? How the fuck is this one shit dog coin still holding on beyond all others?

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gary vee is privately accumulating premium ENS domains(it's a time and labor intensive process)

once he's finished, he will send it to the moon, just like he did with cryptopunks

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What does this mean? I tried google translate but it came up the same

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You're not wakaruing? Maybe you should go benkyou some of that nihongo anon.

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