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I kneel…

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Top kek you found the right board

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where did he post it first?

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Nothing ever happens

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We’re done when I say we’re done

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It was funnier on /pol/

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I refuse to believe any /pol/chads were mumus.
>also picrel is kek

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We don't appreciate traitors, mumu. Either you stay here and die a millionaire or go outside and become a wageslave. There is not other choice for you. Why did you do it? Why did you submit to the retarded bobos when we were so close? you've seen the vinu nft listing right? millions there, in for the taking and you just spit in our faces and leave?
any last words?

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send him down the butcher

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>we have to kill a mumu brother
well somebody had to do it

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you have to run bobo, your time is nigh

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>they still believe they are in the bear market
oh sweet summer child

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you are a traitor to your kind and a slave to the bears
you will die fat, faggot

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>based breadbear of golden gains

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yeah, it was far more funny on the /pol threads
good try tho op

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>any last words
"everyone on biz is a faggot"

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ragazzo mumu

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Only once your longs have liquidated, Your margins called, your brokers bankrupt.

Will you have my permission to die

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