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Is Dr. Burry based?

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explain to me as you will a puppy dog

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It means we are going down anon

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lol the increase in velocity is a tiny blip

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By his formula, wouldn't lower m2 cause velocity to go up?

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What's going down? Stocks? Whatg is inflation going to do? I'm literally retarded please tell me what Burry is saying here.

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He's implying that hyperinflation is imminent

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He claims that although the amount of money in circulation is decreasing, its velocity is suddenly rising. Inflation is more strongly influenced by speed than by the amount of money in circulation. People will be taken off guard.

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it’s a tweet by burry. that alone should tell you everything you need to know

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What an idiot

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Yep, reducing the denominator increases the quotient. Basic arithmetic.

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VXX and UVXY are going to fuck.

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He’s autistic, if that’s what you mean by “based”

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Just like the 90% of this board.

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the whole point of the covid lockdowns was energy demand destruction + velocity is kill.
be on the lookout for a new "highly contagious" "lethal" strain

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So why did he say "yet"
Did I overestimate Professor Burry?

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Yup, my uvxy calls are looking fucking sweet

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>Is Dr. Burry based?
hes a permabear who will one day be right but will be wrong on every other day until then, as he has been wrong for the past decade (and lost a fortune because of it)

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>explain to me as you will a puppy dog
>It means we are going down anon

Burry is claiming that historically when consumers were spending at increased rates (velocity) during a time when the fed was raising rates (removing currency from circulation) inflation raged higher nonetheless. He is suggesting the same is happening right now. Money will be absorbed out of circulation but prices will raise nevertheless.

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I'm pretty sure he has been outperforming the market year after year after he made a killing during 2008
Funny to see retards like you mouth off thinking he only shorts stocks

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Why is velocity rising? Are people looking to spend their money while they can?

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No. He's trying to hint at you that money velocity is no longer factored by middle class spending habits. Normies already are in max spending territory since 10 months anyway.
The wealth concentration at the top of the pyramid is now so insane, the 0.5% richest jews are the ones defining M2 velocity and moving the needle.

What Burry is trying to say is that (((richfags))) are starting to slurp on real assets. Which is the smart move before the milkshake slingshot hit back. You amerimutts have the incredible opportunity to buy everything cheaper than anybody else while having 10x the median income than anybody else. You are ridiculously lucky. But the time window is closing, so act wisely.

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This post is the perfect example of anons overcomplicating an otherwise simple concept and being absolutely wrong about it.

Please don't post in here again.

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How do we know when the window actually closes? The DXY will start to drop again? Or are we talking about massive inflation in all fiats?

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What's the end result of this?

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Weimar time. People are spending more because they know their money will be worth much less soon. That creates a feedback loop causing inflation to accelerate, meaning people want to spend more quickly, and so on and so on.

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he's irrelevant. this autist was right about one thing 15 years ago and now think's he's an uber genius on everything else financial.
probably let that portrayal of him in the big short go to his head too.

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Money will be worth more due to rising interest rates, but goods and services will cost more due the raising of interest rates destroying the economy and destroying production outputs.

Lose / lose situation.

Nobody wins. I've been sounding the alarm that this is what we are approaching for months now. Everybody is too retarded to understand no matter how simply I spell it out.

The fed is mindlessly raising rates to try and achieve an arbitrary annual inflation rate of 2%; meanwhile all the 'inflation is bad' cucks are defaulting to their programming that inflation is always a negative and we must fight it regardless of the costs.

We must focus on increasing supply to fight inflation rather than decreasing the money supply. Such a simple concept yet is foreign to a surprisingly large number of people.

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You are seething because i have to explain to you how to identify giant WINK WINKs.
You don't have the mental fortitude to speak to me, brainlet.
t. burrylogist

When other nations and banks can't afford to service their debts denominated in USD and are forced into selling their US Tbonds and figuring out alternatives with their trading partners. Same goes for the petrodollar. We are very close to the breaking point, especially for all the third world shitholes who rely on the dollar to settle trades with their neighbors (rather than having to deal with trash like the libanese pound, the pakistanese rupee, etc..). But it's also the breaking point for the EU. Their banking system was maintained alive by Fed's injections of eurodollars. They were already in a dollar liquidity crisis just to service the interests on their debts and try to close their positions. Now the QT closed the dollar valves, it's RIP for yuropoors. And on top of that they not only have to pay all the energy they import x3 the price it was back in 2020, but on top of that they must do it in USD, which is another extra 25% with the DXY being so strong! The old continent have been sucked dry by the US.

Once it happen, the DXY wont drop, it will fucking freefall into nothingness. But things will become really messy, as the USD is still the hegemon as standardized medium of exchange. Basically we are living the last moments of the dollar. As every other imperialistic currency before, it's domination over the world will have lasted about a century.

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There's no increasing supply until you can gaslight the whole planet into thinking a war can't happen again, and even then all of the contracts that were made under the proviso that international conflict was going to keep on keeping on have to cycle out as well.

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This is how the terminal debt crisis looks like just before popping.

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Your schizo rambling is embarrassing and most of the nonsense you went on about isn't reference anywhere. Your mind projected onto the concepts in op that you wanted to see. Take your meds and go to sleep.

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The B.C. stands for Broken Clock. this nigger has literally been wrong about everything post 2008. Man made a fortune and then lost most of it investing in fucking water (lmfao). Personally I would wait until he's about 70, he'll probably be right about something one more time before he croaks.

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>I tried to warn them, Father. But they didn't listen...

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>He is suggesting the same is happening right now.
He's full of shit. We may not be in a full recession, but GDP is not growing either. Flat GDP with shrinking money supply means higher velocity by definition.

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GDP is a useless metric who can be (and is) manipulated at will. What you should keep an eye on is your trades' balance deficit.
As a nation, you are like a giant slurper, slurping on everything at a stupid rate. $350B/month of imports.

Once this figure start to shrink, you'll know you are in a recession.

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This isn't true either. trade balances are accounting terms that refer to global production and consumption. if china and germany overproduce one year, some other country is overconsuming that year to balance the books. Read your Pettis.

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>As a nation, you are like a giant slurper, slurping on everything at a stupid rate. $350B/month of imports.
If GDP is a useless metric because it's manipulated, then data regarding imports and exports is also useless due to manipulation. When are you going to stop embarrassing yourself?

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Pfft. If they can manipulate it at will, why didn’t they the last two quarters when we had slight negative gdp? A small number should be easiest to manipulate.

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>GDP is a useless metric
Then so is velocity. Burry posted about velocity, not trade deficits. Velocity is GDP/M2.

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can't live without (you)

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You realise he still actively manages a fund right? He's been right about hundreds of small things during that time, mostly long positions. He just has an ultra big picture and technical outlook on the economy. His technical analysis has never been wrong, but that doesn't mean you can predict the market perfectly, let alone time it.

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Why do aspires like retarded words? IF SOME MF SAID "REDUX" TO ME IRL

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>listening to a man who wants to be called Cassandra

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why is this happening bros?

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FED rate hikes and inbuilt demand by being the world reserve currency.

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>lose lose situation
Except it's not and it's intentional. 'Destroyed' is a pretty sensational word. The economy would scale back for sure and that's unironically a good thing. The first people to go are deadweight HR roasties making $300k/yr to put you through a Mickey Mouse version of Squid Games for some entry level excel jockey position and consultants/tech workers who do 30 minutes of actual work each day inbetween meetings, emails, ping pong, and 4 star buffets.
The most flashing bright neon sign of things being completely fucked was monkey pictures selling for $250,000 USD. If that didn't tell someone money was way too easy to get and things needed to reverse course then idk what would.
In any case, the economy taking a hit is intentional and will create more unemployment which will help fight inflation because currently, or recently, it's been an employee's job market and they've been able to basically do whatever they want because companies were all expanding so rapidly due to cheap money they all needed to hire more people.
There's no way this ends without at least some people, probably the ones who've had it the easiest for the last 5-10 years, feeling some significant pain.
If you're positioned for it not only will you be fine but you will have a great opportunity as well.

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My guess is:
Costs haven't gone down, people haven't been laid off really (yet). Essentially, people are just spending money as soon as they get it because either
A) they have to
B) they don't see a recession as imminent despite Twitter niggers saying EVERYONE thinks we are headed to severe recession and markets crashing.

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The tick up in velocity is the Death Throes

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Oy vey! Orderly! Orderly! Please get this goyim his meds!

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Fucking financial speculators

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forgot pic

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Dr Burry my cock in your mom

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Cash + some long term fixed rate debt if you’re feeling spicy