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What is your net worth? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Nice try IRS.

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>building shrines to the IRS, FBI, and BLM in Minecraft

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3K maybe max.
Estonian Bank says that by 2026 we will have the same standard of living as 2021.
just a few more years, huh.
is it considered time traveling?

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>500 usd

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>6 figures
>8 figures

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>Wouldn't you like to know
>Experiencing the human condition

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I see myself with double that amount thanks to farming shit in Uniswap and Holoclear (LONG term) while a virtual war unfolds in the background with mumus and bobos still at it debating whether BTC will maintain its 10k resistance or if it'll dip to 8k next.

If you were talking irl, that's none of your business.

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ok so you are poor and do drugs because you are poor and a loser noted.

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Damnit. We'll get you faggots eventually.
PS: We are also monitoring the Monero threads for sights of cunny. You have been warned.

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Based farmer. Trust me on this and stake xor, nigga. It's the future.

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>What is your net worth?
Embarrassingly enough five figures. Working on fixing that, but it's taking time.
>Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully not here.

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$500K now
$1500k to $3500k in 5 years

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>What is your net worth?
>Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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No idea. Probably still depressed and bored

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>low-mid 6 figure hell
>low 7 figure hell