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When did you realize god was evil and is on the side of the jews?

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When he appointed himself King of the Jews

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My first thought was how can someone like you even breathe, let alone post on this image board. Phoneniggerfaggot poster are the lowest parasitic scum of this entire website, no even of the whole internet. They produce nothing of value, they only post low iq unfunny shitposts and they are low iq subhumans without a single drop of original thought inside their pea sized brains.
You should kys and never post here again, your parents would feel way better, if they knew that their disgusting failure of a son can no longer bring them any more shame.

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well, to put it in a few words.

I realized this when I realized that indeed, your statement is true. The jews are the chosen people. They are always the main characters of both the talmud, bible and the quran. You see, them being chosen is not a good thing, noy necessarily. For after much thought, i realized not everything is as it seems.

For instance, take the jews. They actually dont lie. When they say that they will deliver freedom to a certain country or a certain prople, that is 100% right. Iraq? Liberated. Europeans? Liberated. Yemen? Soom to be liberated. Whats the correlation?
They all were liberated. Liberated from Gods peace. Now think, they say they'll give you a loan but never go in detail about the interest. Did they lie? No. When they tell women they are going to free them. Did they lie? No.
They got freed from gods protection and the natural order.

Becauase they dont lie, you have to think from their perspective. Which is the teachings of /biz/ and the /biz/raelite. Them being gods chosen people, in the same train of thought means they are the chosen ones to represent what the fuck not to become. Thus, he's emphasizing them and making them apparent for all to see that they are a bad example.

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