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or are you oblivious to all the mechanics behind it and just accept green candles when they come?

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I just accept green candles when they come

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a LOT of great reasons about which I feel no great urgency to expound because they are so self-evident to intelligent people like mysef

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nah I studied blockchain for a literal year while neeting at home post undergrad. My ex-gf got sick of me neeting at home and not being driven and dumped me. If I unironically make it because of my understanding that a recession = crypto pump from transfereed liquidity I plan to message her and tell her to be my sugar baby. Btw, I fucked her after we brokeup and only stopped talking to her cause my current gf wanted me to. She still sent me nudes and shit.

Regardless, besides the whole point of crypto supposedly grabbing all liquidity from jewish systems, we also just had the 2008 equivalent of housing, the 1929 equivalent of stocks crashing during 2018, and everything else under the sun in crypto. So its obviously gonna pump.

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we're pumping because traditional markets are
which causes bitcoin to rise
which drags altcoins up with it

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very intelligent indeed

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We're pumping because I solded

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Lol it’s because we’re liquidating shorters before another leg down

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Do you know why? It's because I love you.

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What's the point in coming on to the internet to tell complete lies?

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which part is a lie?

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It's bear market, I will not complain about any green. Sell every bounce.

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It's going up because no more sellers. BTC true purpose is a hedge against actions of centralized government. It's doing just fine

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Why does anyone larp? It’s a role play. People want to feel more needed and important than they really are. Throw in some high functioning autism and then you have 4chan

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coz Japan/China selling USD forcing "QE" and followed by the Fed having no choice but to pivot due to the damage they have done?

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I more or less know when a pump is coming but I don't know how I know. It tends to be a feeling. So when it happens I think 'makes sense' and carry on.

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Shemita is over and the Jews are filling up their bags again.

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Isn't the stock market going down?

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holy shit
it really is a casino to most people

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Long term trajectories you can pick but you're fooling yourself if you think you can predict short term price action.

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4chan used to be about larping as a retard now we got retards like this coming here and pretending he slays pussy. SAD!

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That's called crabbing and it will goes on for 2 years, slightly upwards from now on since we're halfway to the next halving

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its because of all of the Puts that reail bought creating gamma imbalance

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Uuuh, yeah? We have the next generation of crypto right in front of us

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Is it "expound about" or "expound on/upon"? Otherwise, grammatically pleasing overall.

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You left out that she's a fat pig.

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i was suspecting pumps when fresh money comes in from the wagies next new month start.

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why are you bragging about being a huge faggot? For your sake I hope it's a larp

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Get meds, anon. Nobody larps like this if they are not starting a new thread themselves. You're clearly a 18 yo. angsty virgin , imagine paying money to an ex girlfriend to be your sugarbaby, kek. You clearly never have been in a relationship. Also, why buying a cow if you can get milk for free? Meds now

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When bitcoin moons, the alts follow. Although right now there are signs that mass adoption would come from low cap gems with utility in the crypto space, especially in gaming and metaverse.

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nothing low cap launched pre-2022 stands a chance next bull run. they'll all be replaced by new alts.

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Most of them have long term potential anon

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I don't care. I'm so fucking happy. Holy shit bros. Look at Dextools. Look at Coinmarketcap. Look at Tradingview. So much green, for the first time, in two months. I don't care if I'm exit liquidity I need to buy more More MORE!

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that is not enough to pump anything retard.

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Based. The dopamine is real