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This shitcoin pumps even a tiny bit and the fucking speds on this board go crazy.

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11% in 24hrs and still climbing.
Also, you hold Link and are checking your phone every 10 minutes today.

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Imagine what this board will be like when it's going up hundreds of dollars every day.

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I’d cry. Unironically. I spent all last year on the run to $53 just trying to figure out how the fuck I was going to manage the insane amount of money I’d have once LINK started getting up into the 3-400 dollar range and beyond. Trying to look at places to live, places I wanted to travel to, causes I wanted to fund or support. I was gonna get my poorfag friends who have tirelessly helped me with my music to design a studio in town and I was gonna hire them to run it and we’d all just record music and go to shows and maybe start a label. I was gonna get an apartment in Brooklyn and in London and just go out into the music scenes and live life and help the people who had helped me and promote good artists instead of the absolute trash getting so much hype in indie right now. I never told my friends about any of this, I’d just go to the studio last year and would be sitting there thinking these guys have no clue how awesome their lives are gonna be in a few short months once LINK flies to $700. I would drive around town thinking holy fuck I’m probably already richer than every single person I’m passing on this street and LINK isn’t even $70 yet. Now I can’t even record my music anymore I ran out of cash and all my net worth is in LINK. I’m fucking worried the exact same manipulation will happen next cycle and there will be nuclear war or a massive recession it will be 2035 before LINK even breaks $100. I feel so so fucking tormented knowing I can’t help my friends who work dogshit day jobs and we can’t even record anymore together. If LINK goes to $2-3K in the next few years I will cry tears of gratitude every day because of what I went thru

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Just imagine when we really take off. Nolinkers are gonna be suicidal.

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Yes they have always been annoying can’t stand them only thing ever on their mind

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damn homie bless up

as much as i want the money at this point perhaps more i want nolinkers to understand that they are nolinkers and for them to viscerally feel the embarrassment and shame that should accompany missing such and obvious and glaringly critical technology. just so embarrassingly stupid.

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If you made tens of thousands of dollars on every little pump, you might go crazy too.

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If there's one thing every LINK holder learned in the last 2 years it's that the people who hold all the way through deserve every single fucking penny. They have not made it easy for us.

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>hold all the way through
the way through was 2016-2020.
anyone still holding has failed the test. alts get one shot to trick investors with their tokenomics, after that it's over. newer alts steal all the glory, and the cycle continues.

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ur gay and i hold chainlink lmao

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Encapsulates the deluded dreams of all linkers

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Checked. We can remain deluded longer than reptilian shapeshifters can remain partially concealed.

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sorry for your loss

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>Oh nooooooo I won’t get to have a recording studio with my little buddies HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE?

Motherfucker, some of us have kids to feed.

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that feeling is called euphoria and it's the most obvious top signal you can get

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why’d i care for link?
opportunities like SPIRAL,Tsuka,Daruma exist every so often where people can make east 10-100xs.
why da fuck would i care about link knowing this?

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ment to say easy fck phoneposting.
anyways maybe chainlink can do. 2x maybe 5x but that isn’t going to make it for many anons nowadays.
anything less then 10-100x isn’t worth it.

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>This shitcoin pumps even a tiny bit and Bitcoin goes crazy

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Das rite i have dat LINK crakkka

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Amen brother
It’s going to be amazing to see what happens when the creative and out of the box thinking people around here wake up one day with millions and millions of dollars at their disposal.

I’m going to live a full life and spend my time helping the people I love and taking care of myself.

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Yeah reading that immature daydream written as if it was some sort of tragedy was cringe-inducing. A music studio for his indie music friends and throwing cash at "supporting causes"? The world needs 99.99% less of both of those things FFS.

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some of us could never afford kids, be grateful

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>blaming everything else
You could have sold at $50.
You had plenty of chances to get out with profit, more than most shitcoins.

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>>blaming everything else
What do you even mean.

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Agreed. I actually hope link fails now solely due to how gay that fantasy was. Brooklyn??? Jesus man

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You’re both rote NPC bots who will be right back on this board wondering what to do with your millions and why you’re still suicidally depressed when chainlink is $5K per token

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