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I never seen a smarter human being than CZ, seriously.
>add a vague "burn fee" on LUNC
>manipulate the price, pump it to liquidate latecomer shorters
>CZ is now considered again a savior and LUNC's father
>meanwhile ...
>check Binance fee level
>realize that VIP account's fee is 0.015%, not even close to 0.1% and miles away from 1.2%
>basically all this hype for literally nothing to burn
>as soon as the market realize this Chink-Jew scam the price will capitulate again
>pajeets and normies can't blame CZ and Binance this time
Fucking genius.

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Wait is he only burning 0.1% and not 1.2%? Top kek

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NOT EVEN 0.1% lmao.
I try to simplify the post.
1.2% was the proposal and is not sustainable for whales
0.1% is the regular trading fee on Binance
0.015% is whales trading fee on Binance
He's barely burning 0.015% considering that most of the volume comes from whales moving the market.

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You broke ass wages are funny still trying to fud LunaC.
This allows fomo for LunaC and normies to pump CZ's bags.
Vips don't buy LunaC you fucking kike morons.
You both need to cope and seethe more for being so broke you couldn't risk 100 buck back in may for a 1700 percent return.
Stay brown niggers, stay brown.

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my luna stays baboona

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>IQ level: 50.000
No need to be so precise Anon.

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Triggered the bagholder kek

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Out of scale, then.

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I lost 50 IQ, at about 25 now. Fucking shitcoins.

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convert into busd you god damn pajeet dumbass
the trading fees aint in LUNC you pathetic shit coloured monkey
this is the end for your fud