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until russias run out of cannon fodder then the US moves in to take the oil/gas

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Until the shekel is worth more than the dollar

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until the nukes start exploding

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I wonder. At some point, we need the right people to start questioning why the Fed is destroying the value of assets to cure inflation while Congress pisses away money on fighting proxy wars that aren't our concern and so, so much more.

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Anyone who hasn't invested in munitions is a retard

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who let this retard through the door?

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12b is nothing for usa. they paid monthly the ssame amount during afghanistan war they can up it like 5 fold and it still pocket pennies

what they could do with germany and france is to send older tanks like old abrams tanks there are warehouses full of them rusting around, and then infantry missiles like lockheeds m30ai

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which website do you want me to use?

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High IQ post

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i think youre missing the point. the question is when do you get some of that 12 billion 5 fold? this is your own money being put into someone elses pockets with ukraine as a cover up.

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until Putin comes out of the closet as a proudly homosexual man

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Money that would have been spent on defenses in Europe anyway. Now it can be used to give toys to Ukrainians to fuck up drafted Russians slave soldiers. Win-win.

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It’s because it’s cheaper to pay for another army to fight Russia than to pay for ours to. Simple as

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The US shouldn't be giving anyone money but since it won't change, might as well point out how this is literally nothing compared to what was spent in Afghanistan (and Iraq and Syria)
I'm really suspicious of what's at play when 20 years of middle east finances are never discussed but a few months of Ukraine are which is unequivocally more relevant (Europe)

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Until EU falls apart

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Literally all of the most legit news sources
>muh potuine monkee
Try harder CIA glowingger

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Until you start using those guns for doing something

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It's unreal how hostile the Federal Government has become against its own citizens. This is an enemy occupying force.

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>muh Putin fake news
that's a 100% glownigger meme

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At least until Putin is forced to send every shillbot to the front and we can have a break from these terrible threads

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I wish Putin was stupid enough to use nukes. US would be in Moscow right divvying up the gas fields and other loot. Makes me miss the days of Cheney/Bush where the US fucked up Saddam for buying some aluminum rods. But now US wants to wait for Putin to actually use WMDs or something before going in.

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The US can't even secure its own southern border, let alone take another country. Afghanistan had trillions of taxpayer dollars funneled into it only for the people to hate us even more. That's what you get with decades of Democrat rule.

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Thank you comrade. 10 rubles have been deposited into your account.

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For as long as the US can shit on Russia with no repercussions.
They couldn't of asked for a more golden opportunity. Putin fucked himself hard.

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Until the USD is destroyed so they will have a reason to change to a CBDC.
Eurocucks die out first and introduce their CBDC first probably.
Wholesale will switch to a CBDC within the next 2 years as reported by the WEF, so once that pilot worked, the US will squeeze their last dollar out of the printer and subsequently switch to a CBDC.
I pity us Euros, as we will get to Weimar level of inflation unfortunately

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tons of blabbing going on on this board. the same retardation every day

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heres your reddit gold you fucking nigger

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that stated with Bush

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Enjoy your total collapse because of an unironic homosexual Ukrainian jew

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why do you amerigoblins need to fight vatniks at all?

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Edit: OMG I never had a gold award before! Thank you everyone for the upvotes!

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guys, don't you know you can't invade russia what the fuck are you talking about

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Kek. Kill yourself retard.

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Next time just go to the newswire agency primary source. In this case it's Reuters. There's no being a dumb autistic pendantic retard who won't accept a source once you give them Reuters. Same with the Associated Press.

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>financing wars
It will end exactly when liquidity dries up and no sooner.

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Why? Because its not fair? Only Russia is allowed to invade other countries?

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Maybe a real pandemic will happen and kill all the politicians. That's the only way I see the insanity stopping.

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>you WILL die for Israel you filthy goyim

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Cheaper than giving in to Russia.

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12 of the last 22 years were republican

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>1 post by this ID

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Remember, the purpose of inflation has always been to steal money from people through a process that they generally don't understand. It's a secret tax. In the USA inflation is used to steal money from the people and give it to military and banking industries primarily. Meanwhile, the FED is trying to keep it under control so the dollar isn't lost entirely. The goal is a sustainable level of theft through inflation but the greed of the crony-capitalists and politicians is infinite and ultimate destroys every fiat currency.

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History faggot?
You wanna go invade Russia during the winter?
Be my guest, last time faggots tried that they were cooking their horses hooves and freezing to death.

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russia has 34 years of cannon fodder at this death rate

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worse than Africa

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Lol the CIA/US industrial military complex no longer runs the government. All their power got eradicated when they couldn't stop assad and when hilary's emails went kill

The CIA are now run by a bunch of libshit private corporations now. All they do is back and forth shit on CNN about trump at maralago or trump in cahoots with putin and they ghostwrite for that alzheimer's patient in the oval office lmao. It's over

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lol, US could take moscow in a few weeks. The only question is how many civilians could be spared.

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Laundering scheme

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Blood for the blood God. This war like many is a planned human sacrifice. I still don't know if elements within Russia aren't in on it as well. Our benefactors are as frightening as they are out of touch.

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>muh left/right meme

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why do faggots here post so much of disclose.tv? That site is completely pozzed with maga nigger lovers.

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Exactly. What the fuck happened to the three letter agencies? They used to sponsor crazy shit like bay of pigs, now they just raid ex president homes and embarrass themselves

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As long as it needs because death to commies. Really though, most of that "money" is just existed old inventory that has been sitting around. It isn't cash for the most part, it's equipment nobody needs and the US can get rid of it by donating it.

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the telegram comments can be /pol/ tier it's pretty good, jew naming,
ive never visited the site.

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What rock do you live under? Russia is escalating to finish this. Republican and democrat comrades are laundering as much money as they can before the conflict ends. You do realize the people voting to send this money have Ukrainian business interests and that this money will end up back in their pockets. When the cameras are on they pretend to be opponents but they are fooling us and putting your children in debt to finance their mansions and private jets.

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>oh no 12 billion to make Russia spend 40 billion. I am demoralized and the market will crash because of this let's go brandon amiright fellow /pol/sisters?

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>US army marches their LBQT rainbow army to moscow
>Us general: you guysthhhh are raycisssthh
>russia scorches earth, trannies run out of hormone therapy, get wrecked / freeze to death

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>gas prices rising again
>hurricanes about the fuck the coast
>inflation still rising
>layoffs happening with more and more frequency
>price of basic food stuff higher than ever

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i'm calling bullshit on the ghost of kiev dude

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Um... I don't consent to this..

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>for how long is this going to go on for?
to the last Ukrainian

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>Thank you comrade. 10 rubles have been deposited into your account.

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i wish smuggieposting came back in force

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Until the dollar stops being a weapon and world war 3 and usd hyperinflation starts

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as long as america doesn't want their dollar to collapse shortly followed by their economy.
america trades defense/military/funding in the west for global acceptance of the dollar. take one away and the other disappears too.

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The real reason for cuck warfare is so NATO spends infinity money until it collapses like the Warsaw Pact.

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For years and years we were told there could never be conflict with a nuclear power. Now we have conflict with a nuclear power but they say its actually Ukraine which is having the conflict sobthats why there's no nuclear war. The whole thing is a sham and both sides are in on it. Fake fucking bullshit war intentionally designed to bring more economic damage to the west. And of course everyone buys it. Stick it to Putin! Yea! We love Ukraine! Whoop!

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The CIA is unironically ran by women now. Every low and mid level manager is a woman. Every new higher is 90% female. This should be enough to explain its ineptitude.

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Russia collapsing and looking as retarded as possible is worth any price tag. Russian "people" have many debts that need to be repaid.

>> No.51655477

do you work for the CIA or something? how else would you know that the secret upper echelons are run by women?

>> No.51655510

>do you work for the CIA or something
Most of Maryland and half of Virginia work for the Federal Government in some form - a lot of the going ons really are not as secretive as you would think they are

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How much in total have we given to Ukraine?

>> No.51656182

Why would they stop, this money is going directly to weakening russia. It's almost an investment, a weaker russia now means less military spending in europe later.

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God you kikes deserve death it’s so easy to spot you fuckers now. You just exhale evil these days

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Seems like anons in this thread think this is some kind of a charitable work. They are handing out loans which will in case of Ukrainian victory be paid in natural resources in some form or another. Also an opportunity to field test weaponry. That's the cynical take. Maybe there's some aspect of genuine will to help

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Yes but not enough mosin nagan to equip them.

>> No.51656218

The war in general means a shit ton of more money spent on militaries in Russia and everywhere around it including europe

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Correct. The war is meant to depopulate Ukraine and Russia, weaken EU and strengthen China.

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Nixon hates the cia remember . All this shit downhill after watergate because basically any patriot with hopes realized how deep the swamp was. Then comes in Trump .. and now in 2022 our education sector and entertainment media claims every centrist Republican is an evil nazi and demands nigger worship and demands our women sacrifice their unborn children to Moloch (abortions). Thanks (((CIA))). Death to Saturn and his followers

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They've been saving Dollar to "save" Ukraine, kek.

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Shut the fuck up (((glowie))) the US has had its hands in Ukraine since Obamanigger. Jupiter blesses Putin

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Just look how far these kikes go to lie for propaganda
>muh 2 million females raped
The absolute audacity of these khazarian Neanderthal kikes


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no one blesses manlet Vlad except krokodil and bathtub vodka

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Die you god damn demon

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but how to ensure randomness of that lottery?
chainlink unironically solves this

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russia sucks and always has

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is this real

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This has nothing to do with what I posted. I haven't looked into the whole secret labs thing. All I'm saying is the aid west is giving to Ukraine is debt that has to be paid back in some form or another. So either the gas in Ukraine is taken by military force by Russia or by economic force by the west. The aspect to which this has been planned is debatable, but someone taking Ukraine's natural resources will be the outcome.

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until you are destitute

>> No.51657414

>somebody paid for this post

>> No.51657421

>12b is nothing
okay give me $12 bollion then. to fight russia while gas prices hump 40 cents overnight.

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You're losing, Vatnik. Cope.

>> No.51659497

>births are expected due to the collapse of health services
Less healthcare doesn't lead to more births, what they really want to say is that their abortion racket has collapsed.

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Don't forget to pay your taxes

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>The worse African hooker is comparable to the cleanest russian.

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Until job is done
Death to russia at all cost

>> No.51659779

Forgot Zerohedge

>> No.51659828

Literally until Russia collapses. I'm not even kidding. they'll never give Ukraine enough to win outright but they will bleed Russia white until they're smart enough to realise it's not going to stop and capitulate.

>> No.51659841

Agreed except only "people" like you should be forced to pay for it, until you are penniless

>> No.51659890

I will go homeless as long as it means beating RUSSIAN NAZIS (which is what the money is used for)

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>le bio labs meme
That was week 1 disinfo. Please stay up to date with your shilling vatnigger. Thank you.

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The "assistance" is really in the form of a loan in the form of the lend-lease act. Ukies will be paying us back for the next 75 years, just like the British did after WW2.

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the people who are doing this got the fbi to take a knee while antifa was burning down mainstreet and they stole the election from zion don. they released a charles lieber bioweapon and tried to blame it on china. they'll do it until the country goes bankrupt or they cause a nuclear war. cancer can only do one thing, replicate

>> No.51660045

Wow Russia loves trans and lgbt? I believe this random tranny, Someone should tell Reddit they're on the wrong side of history, also Ukraine is NAZIS but Reddit supports them. Reddit is so confused!

>> No.51660061

If you take the long view, they're paying peanuts to buy Ukraine. US politicians will be doling out huge infrastructure "revitalisation" contracts for decades.

>> No.51660092

forever vatnik, until your disgusting kind is extinguished.

>> No.51660187

Right, the russian shills act like the west would just concede to turn the gas back on, but once you get extorted, you are not just going to capitulate because you can get extorted over and over again. Its over between Russia and the west, Russia already blew up any leverage they had over Europe.

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Kek based. Look at how upset they are at you. Disclose has always been trash rage bait Screencaps. They only post /pol/ fantasies to them clicks. Vajnh

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Hopefully forever. It’s the best use of taxpayer money since ww2

>> No.51660919

both russia and ukraine are shitholes
but they're both whiter than america

>> No.51660962

Yeah, Ukraine needs to restore its position as the financial crime capital of the world, this time with extra ESG and trannies

>> No.51660997

Russia, come take this draft-dodging troon back so they can fight nobly for the motherland

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They have a Right to defend their borders without my Tax Money

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glowniggers cant meme

>> No.51664185

Literally exactly along as you keep paying for it Mutto

>> No.51664210


Until the fucking faggot vatniks finally admit defeat and fuck off or just start nuking everyone.

>> No.51664217

This guy actually spends time thinking.

>> No.51664224

Until the US collapses. By design.

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