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Catastrophically cute.

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i can't wait to see wall to wall bobos and crying red wojacks

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yeah but when fren ?

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Small scam wick above 21k to punish late bobos and fuel normie fomo first, bobro. We need to fuel up for the giga dump, and the low volume in this range makes me think we have some small upwards movement, so be careful

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thats a bit high i think for a small wick

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i would releverage my short with my entire net worth if it went to 21k

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I can see a possibility of a 21k wick. BTC keeps failing to break resistance and then consolidating again.
Be fucking careful with leverage this week, bobros.

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Yeah, this morning is making last night's pump look fake as fuck.

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It's a logical level where all the late bears will place their stop losses/liq prices.
Just be careful. There's no liquidity left in these markets, big players can print massive dildos with relatively small positions.

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advice noted bobros
best of luck to you all

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I only use 5x leverage, I haven't been liquidated since kucoin stopped offering degen leverage to non-KYC users lmao
also stop losses are for pussies

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There's a big jump building on the 1H chart.

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do just wait then?

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it's still hanging out in the limits of the pennant channel set by the volatility last wednesday

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if it breaks 19250 then maybe something happen
>t. memeline TA retard

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I just don't know. I'm watching the price under the 50D MA. BTC generally seems to penetrate the 50D MA before sliding down and then dumping. But it's not sliding down yet and the 50D MA is just below 21k.
I personally don't think liquidation below that line is safe, especially with what the other anon pointed out about volume and liquidity.
I'm sidelined.

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yeah, i'm going to wait

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19250 was breached

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Haha so cute UwU kawaii desu nee~

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Fourteen days

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y-you think so?

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it bounced off the meme line

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