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Emergency rate rise incoming?

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Many such cases.
Short USD

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How do I profit?

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another interest rate rise? hope so!

the more the merrier

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I hope they raise rates and dump USD and encourage others to do so.

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Bond sale and QE to be announced.

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lmfao usd doomers and worse than gold bugs. How many times do you have to be wrong before you reconsider things?

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silver bugs are really the worst ones though, usd doomers can't even compare.

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Double down dollar longs.

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Brainlet question, pardon my idiocy: BOJ is dumping USD (selling treasuries) in an attempt to keep their currency low, but UK might dump USD (sell treasuries) to levitate their currency?

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Doesn't matter, demand for USD is so high that others will just gobble it up when the USD drops a little.
I have a buy order when it reaches parity with the euro again. But at this point I'm even considering buying at 98 cents.

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any more info? all i see is some random from twitter saying sky news has reported this

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To levitate the currency relative to the dollar by depreciating the dollar. We need a strong currency because we don’t export at all.

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CBDC incoming

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When the high caste pajeets take the British government over as their own personal fief they will genocide the pakis and allow the whites and the blacks generous bug protein rations. All will be well.

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link to the press release please

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be billionaire jewish banker.

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BoJ and BoE would dump US treasuries for the same purpose. To strengthen their own currency against the dollar. They have the same problem and the solution is the same

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Maybe they'll just hang the Chancellor from the last tree in Threadneedle Street. Now that would send a message.

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We could but it's a short term fix for a problem that doesn't seem to be going away. Look at the yen, its already pushing back towards highs.

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>the bank of England announces the establishment of the new Sterling Foundation Guard (SFG) tasked with restoring confidence in the pound sterling. $1 billions of UK government bonds will be bought every day to back the confidence in the pound and to protect its purchasing power from the ongoing attacks by Putin.

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Looks like the markets weren't convinced by this statement.

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(((Go away)))

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nothingberg, market wont wait till november kek.

pound will parity if nothing changes

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It's going to end badly for the dollar but not just yet. This puppy has more room to run. Market can stay irrational longer than you can remain solvent... blah blah you know the story.

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BOE statement:
>"I welcome the government’s commitment to sustainable economic growth, and to the role of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) in its assessment of prospects for the economy and public finances."
Note that the 'mini budget' last Friday was classed as a 'fiscal event' rather than an actual budget so the OBR didn't assess it. The BOE statement could therefore be read as saying:
>"we wish the government hadn't just 'fucked the dog'"
without, of course, saying so directly.

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In this case, we know approx when the Fed will pivot (because they fucking told us), so all you have to do is stay solvent until then which is probably about 6 months max
Personally hoping the roasties are lining up for accommodation and food in exchange for a nightly fucking.

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>Pound begins to stabilize
>BoE calls announcement
>BoE announces they will do nothing until novemeber
>Pound falls

Great job Gentlemen. Truly outstanding work.

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Welfare state incoming.

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Gentlemen, the solution is simple. We need more brownskins, that will surely stimulate the economy.

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lmao you're literally a "line go up" retard
this isn't going to end well for USD, go read about the triffin dilemma. they're either going to have to inject trillions of dollars of liquidity into global markets or allow a liquidity crisis to play out which ends in the abandonment of the USD as reserve currency. right now they're engaged in violent economic warfare and this dollar short squeeze is a desperate (but powerful) move.

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Where's the statement? It's already past 7 pm.

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As an American i hope so to. Please, we are too cucked to stop our tyrannical masters because we're too busy coddling niggers, so please pick up where we left off

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Why raise interest at all?

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Wasted, and fuck off back to plebbit. Then kill yourself.

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>(((Go away)))
>tells someone to do something and puts echoes around it, indicating the person saying it is a jew
So you're a jew, then. Makes sense considering the pic you posted.

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Oh damn my digits

Get BOBO'd wagie

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>dump their reserve

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meanwhile the ECB sleeps
>they cant raise the rates or all PIIGS/GIPSI* club-med-wankers are bankrupt right away


thats why we cant have nice things

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So I own a house and if rates go up I'm supposed to worry even though my mortgage payment stays the same format least 5 years?

Feels good to be bullish on owning the house you live in

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do you have fixed or flex rates?

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If rates go up your house loses value

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and more importantly, France