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do you want to hear a well-kept crypto secret anon?

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sure why not

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its fake

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make use of the leveraged tokens in cexs, especially shorted/longed btc and eth since they're the most predictable. be careful though as to not get caught in a shitshow when the market moves in the opposite direction. buying and holding longed btc at the soon to come bottom would be wise. there are some reoccuring fees involved but they're like 0.001% or sth daily if i'm not mistaken

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lol. the best kept secret in crypto is literally litecoin; massive accounts ignore it intentionally so they can accumulate more. leverage tokens are a scam in a different format, newfag.

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litecoin is dead. cope harder

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literally bullish

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Some leverage tokens are programmed to stay within certain prices so if you’re holding for too long or get caught in the change of price to match % you’ll lose money. This isn’t a genius idea and you shouldn’t hold leverage tokens long term.

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Litecoin baggies are getting as bad as Polygon baggies.

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looking at the charts it seems like a relative nice play if you're buying near the bottom and selling near the top no? price corrections shouldn't matter that much then imo, especially since it's in a fairly narrow range. i was only concerned about the fees long term (a few months)