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Are ya ready kids?

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this shit aint launching for a year and when it does, the sacc'rs are gonna run to the exit and this shit will do 0, give up you cult cunt, you got scammed, richard flexing your money on you.

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I am ready and tired of waiting.

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sounds like richard sniffed the bottom
took him long enough

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1000x PLS and PLSX

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lmao the only things that gave this fucking L1 any value have been wiped out by fatfuck's delays. This shit will go nowhere.

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It does seem like there are at least dozens of chains out there now with the exact same shit you see on the PulseChain test net.

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It was just a scheme for Dick Heart to extract billions of dollars worth of crypto out of his groupies.

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Ethmerge fucked this project up. POS with eth, free coins and cheap transactions with EthPOW. rip.

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Yeah but Pulse will have users and thats the important thing

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I want my eth back!!!

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RH is enjoying his LV and Prada butt plugs bought with your sacrifice money.

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I only wanted this to launch so I could enjoy Liquid Loans and benefit from retarded Hexicans getting liquidated. Fuck you Richard.

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i hope so, anon. i hope so.

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Whats your game plan?

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Grab as much USDL and LOAN if the arbitrage opportunity presents itself during the first couple days.

Stalk Vaults on LL with irresponsible collateral levels and then use PHIAT to short the fuck out of PLS. Wait for the Liquidate button to appear, press, profit, thank you for playing.

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Futures fags get the rope. IE. you.

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Found the 5555 staker

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I reckon this will pump HEX with it. how high though?

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58 dicks in your ass high

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Checked. Put $5k into both. This shit is my ace in the hole to save me from my losses

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