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So all the autists saying buy gold and silver.

Besides buying gold/silver miners, I assume buying GLD and all these bullshit ETFs that don't actually have the assets to back themselves up, you want people buying physical gold and silver.

1. How do you do this?
2. Is this not totally illiquid? In order to liquidate, besides trading 'gold' for food/water/ammo, etc., you have to go to some mom and pop hellhole jewlery shop which will rip you off regardless.

Explain why precious metal purchasing is not retarded.

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reddit is that way

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Buying anything is retarded

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silver is worthless
gold is only useful as a hedge when you're already wealthy. until then it's also worthless

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gold isnt a hedge. the wealthy buy treasuries for that

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>buying gold/silver miners
Kek, avoid those like plague. They always are the worst performers and it's chokeful of scampanies.

>1. How do you do this?
Seriously? You don't need help for this, it's as easy as going to walmart or amazon... You can even buy there.
>Is this not totally illiquid?
No it's very liquid actually. Sell on jewbook, ebay or craiglist so you can get back most of your premium. Just being 3-5% cheaper than online shops will do the trick. Avoid jewlery shops and local coin shops at any cost, they indeed are full of greedy boomer kikes who will want to lowball you.

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In all, central bank net purchases for Q2 stand at 180t, pushing the H1 total to 270t as reported in our recently published Gold Demand Trends.2

When Central Banks (99% of which are run by Rothschilds) are buying up gold its for a reason.

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it is retarded. The opportunity cost of not investing in the market is huge for each year the world doesn't collapse. It is totally illiquid and if you come to sell prior to the collapse you'll get way under spot, not to mention you have to pay above spot to get it. none of the pmg faggots would accept gold from any other pmg faggots because it probably won't be real.

Hold gold for 30 years = missing out on thousands of percent of returns from investing in the market.

Gold hasn't outperformed inflation in the last decade

Pmg faggots are blind buy shiny rock rare, but fail to realize its not actually as rare as they think. A man with $1m of gold holds nothing compared to the total supply, and that nothing continues to get smaller over time.

A man with $1m in the stock market doesn't have to work.

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>man with $1m in the stock market doesn't have anything
ftfy, baggoid. You will soon be left completely naked as your fake digital illusion of wealth vanish into nothingness, as IT IS literally nothing. The era of fake money is over. You got jewed.

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I will laugh at you when you lose everything. Enjoy eating ze bugs during the great reset, and owning nothing.

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Gold has value because it is guaranteed to have demand forever, has an unmanipulatible real supply and it has tons of useful properties

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>guaranteed to have demand forever
Why? Most of its demand is jewellery, and they're making replica gold which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing yet much cheaper. Real gold for jewellery will be a niche market.

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okay. continue earning nothing on your wealth while you hang around waiting for the great reset you fucking retards

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you have no idea what is coming do you.

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i live in the real world, unlike you, who sits on their computer all day and continues buying gold for way over spot price because you think the end is coming. ill take the risk, thanks. better than ending up like you

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You can accumulate a bit of your net worth into gold, and instruct your child to add a little bit more gold during their lifetime, and instruct their kids to add a bit more, etc, telling each generation to not shrink the stack at all. Eventually you are going to have extremely rich descendents.

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you can do that with compound interest as well

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eventually you will be held at gunpoint and lose it all. eventually you will have your safe ripped out of your floor at home and lose it all. eventually you will sell some for a useable means of exchange and get 15% below spot price

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Gold is money, not an investment. That is why the returns are subpar.

It's money under the mattress that doesn't inflate over time - in a bank run/money crisis gold bugs will be the only ones eating

However unlikely, it serves its purpose as a hedge

BTW - Gold is keeping up well, the USD is just too strong (20 year highs)

In other countries, the price didn't move at all, if anything it went up

TLDR: Yes stocks have higher returns, but you better have enough gold to eat some food in case shit gets too bad

Ray Dalio says gold should be 20% of your portfolio and I agree

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shit gets bad
i have guns and ammo
you have gold
if we are bartering with the same person for the same good, you will never win that transaction.

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>but you better have enough gold to eat some food in case shit gets too bad
What kind of idiots would trade valuable supplies for a shiny brick in bad times?

At best it'll be a passable bludgeon.

If you wanna go /x/ brain then invest in canned food, ammo, concrete housing and land mines.

Buy some nordic gold alloy to trick the idiots, in a pinch it makes for a far more useful tool material.

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>gold only used in jewellery
>typed on a device that wouldnt exist without gold
based retard

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1. /PMG / on here. They list local brokers
2. Yes you'll get ripped off left right and center with PMs. Expect to pay between 10-20% premium on both ends of the trade (buying and selling) as it's fucking expensive to move or do anything with. And yes liquidity is shit locally making it impossible to use as a currency atm. The idea is when fiat inevitably collapses you have a reserve of wealth you can trade for backed paper.

Also never touch silver. Anyone who has picked up a history book knows people who use silver get BTFO by people, countries. companies etc that use gold backed currencies. Silver production can be ramped up to absurd levels if it becomes increasingly monetized meaning your savings will be devalued almost as much as they would be in fiat. Instead of silver, which would be a much smaller holding compared to gold, pick up Bitcoin as a hedge. It's much more likely to be used than Silver in a monetary sense en mass (it already is).

Yeah it's called the collapse of the dollar. Expect all commodities to get bought up en mass as soon as BRICS dump their dollar holdings. Kicking Russia from swift has accelerated this process and once Saudi goes to yen bonds redeemable for gold like they are talking about then it's GG for the USA and the west. Smart money isn't selling assets, they are buying like never seen before and retail is going to be left holding a massive bag of toilet paper.

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boomer rock

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more like boomer cock if you catch my drift

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Gold and silver are terrible short and medium term buys in the vast majority of environments. Gold and silver do roughly double in value over a 10-20Y+ timeframe, but many investors balk at this because of the opportunity cost.

What gold and silver excel at is as worst case scenario hyperinflation and monetary crisis insurance. In the (admittedly unlikely) event of the stock and bond markets as well as currency melting down at once, gold and silver will still have some value, that is they will never go to zero.

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lumping silver in with gold is like lumping chainlink in with bitcoin.
silver is irrelevant.

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why the fuck would you want to buy this? You'd unironically be better off with cash in that case, kek

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short paper silver
buy gold ounces
easy as

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No. For you: >>51620199

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Dont care
Shipping to China anyways
They have better prices

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i feel like you're wasting your time with gold unless you're able to buy relatively large bars at a time.

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You are correct sir
However it matters to whom you sell

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With the exception of crypto, gold and silver are the best performing assets of this century. Don't believe stonk, boond, and 'rael estate shills

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Firstly, you're not supposed to put all of your portfolio into gold.

Secondly, own it in physical form, or there's no point - you don't want counterparty risk.

Thirdly, it's pretty liquid, you can sell to any gold dealer, but they will jew you with -5% to spot.

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gold is a collectible, lile an ancient pokemon card

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Because jewelers has been in demand for 5000 years you fag

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Usually online dealers will buy it back from you, at spot price, of course. So it's not like you have to go to a pawn shop or boomer coin store that's only open M-F from 10am-4pm.
Study the interactive chart on www.thesilvermountain.nl to get an idea of buy/sell and spread prices for the various coins and bars. The first thing you'll learn is buying silver bars in the EU is a bad idea, because those are taxed the most. The second thing you'll learn is buying fractional (smaller than 1 ozt) coins or bars have large premiums. The third thing you'll learn is that all the fancy collectible stuff isn't worth any more than a plain old britannia, wiener, maple, or krugerrand. The only way you'll ever get you money back on collectible stuff is if you sell it to a collector, and then you'll still have to haggle for the price. So if you want to play it safe, buy only the common bullion coins, and buy the ones that are the cheapest for you (in my case that means britannias and wieners).

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No, large bars are a PITA compared to 1 oz coins. First you have to find a buyer for that bar. Then they have to test it, probably even drill through it. With coins it's easier to verify them, because it's not a simple matter to make a perfect counterfeit that will pass even the most basic tests (visual, physical dimension, density, ping). And you also have the option to buy britannias and maples that have additional security features.

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Long nose tribe pick more trade leafs, make our trade leafs worth less.
Long nose tribe shut off bitrock if long nose tribe think you work for goose tribe.
Long nose tribe say your tribe worth less, and buy tribe out from under you.
Shiny rock stay shiny, even when long nose tribe make cave fire go out.

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listen to this cunt. i have personally unloaded so many lead core coins into your hands you couldnt tell pussy from ass. ping test what a laugh "bro idk if this coin sounds right" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA my god cunt listen to yourself

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>Anyone who has picked up a history book knows
That the G:S ratio was never 1:100 like it is today?
That there wasn't a highly corrupted manipulated LMBA driving the paper price of silver down to below extraction prices?

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Ping test alone isn't enough. You have to do all the tests I mentioned. Good luck, there has never been a fake that passes all those tests.
And with silver there's also the magnet test you can add to those. Of course gold isn't magnetic, but with a silver coin, a strong rare earth magnet will slooooowly slide off the surface. Watch the linked videos in /pmg/ for details.

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>What kind of idiots would trade valuable supplies for a shiny brick in bad times?


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They just use a sigma verifier retard, no dealer is going to fucking drill your gold. Then they'll offer you 99.5% or more of spot price, not 80-90% like some retards here are claiming.

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>Is this not totally illiquid?
My dealer has been offering to BUY my silver for 7% ABOVE spot since the covid crash in 2020. So no.

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I’m a brokie so I can’t make the kind of money off stocks that would make any difference to my life. I basically have around $250 a month to invest after seriously budgeting. It’s like a prison. I’ve considering converting half of my $8,100 total worth to gold but this gives me doubts about that.

Right I now I’ve got a 2,000 stack of XRP, a meta, NVDIA and Roblox share and some BTC. As a smooth brain with zero financial education the worst part is feeling like anything I do is a gamble rather than an informed financial decision. But at the same time, the longer I hesitate the more value my fiat loses.

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Is that ultrasound? If so then maybe that's enough, but the other machines can only check the surface composition, in which case they'll have to drill through a large bar, and drill in several spots.
In any case, the problem still remains that a large gold bar is a shitload of money, and it's not as easy to find a buyer for it. Even a dealer might not have the cash on hand, if you catch him at the wrong time. 1 oz coins are more liquid in that sense. Plus that way you don't have to sell a large percentage of your gold stack at once. The way I see it, large bars are only worth it if you're Mr. MoneyBags himself and a kilo gold bar is like 1% or less of your total worth. Plus those plain bars are just boring.

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>you have to go to some mom and pop hellhole jewlery shop
so you've never been to one?
>which will rip you off regardless.
yeah, you've never been to one.

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>massive economic instability across the globe
>currencies inflating out of control
>full on depression likely round the corner
>/biz/ gets flooded with gold fudding threads all of a sudden
Fuck off schlomo shekelstein

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>So all the autists saying buy gold and silver.

Literally a dozen cringe youtubers, plus ONE biz shiller. That's you.

Fuck off.

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Except the gold supply keeps increasing, making it Inflationary and therefore unable to maintain value against deflationary assets, such as bitcoin. It has also lost its entire value as a store of wealth, which is why it consistently decreases in value when accounting for the money supply.
>This is what the Jew-owned gold brokers don't want you to know

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Anyone that collects metals also collects guns you retarded negroid.

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>hey you got food? I got AMMO
>is that a threat?
>n-no I mean I'll trade you ammunition for food
>ok I need 338
>um... actually I have 375 win and 22lr
>well do you have any money? aka gold and silver specie
>ok bye

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Silver is way too rare to ever be remonetized. That's why we demonetized it to begin with : the treasury didn't want to compete with industries.

>Silver production can be ramped up to absurd levels
Yeah sorry but i'm calling bullshit here. You can't ignore how much of the silver left we consoomed for the past 50 years. In half a century we probably mined more than during the entirety of human history. Yet in this timeframe we also "destroyed" 90% of our silver bullion reserves to sustain the industrial demand, on top of record mining. Virtually all currencies had silver in their coinage back in the 60s. Nowaday it's zero. Where all these billions upon billions of coins went? Melted down into our electronics and used as plastics' catalysts.

The market is always trying to be optimal. And at the current spot, it means almost 0% primary miners. It means that the only silver mines currently in operations are the most profitable worldwide. And for most, they can't even break even with spot below $19.
In order to incentivize mining operations, it would require spot to double and stay there for at least three year.
Is there silver left underground? Yes. Are the concentration of silver witnessed enough to justify opening a mine? For 90% of them, the answer is no. Even after a x2.

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that anon is clueless about silver mining
most is produced as a "byproduct" of mining other ores, it's not easy to "just ramp up the silver mining bro" compared to other metals

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>In the (admittedly unlikely) event of the stock and bond markets as well as currency melting down at once
lol this is a joke, right? It's mathematically inevitable. You can argue about the timeframe, but realistically it wont survive more than few years. A model created by boomers, who will also die alongside boomers.

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What's the point of this kind of cringe larp?

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>that anon is clueless about silver mining
Yep, this kind of anons don't get that byproduct silver mining is the most bullish case imaginable. In case the demand ramps up, almost 80% of the supply is completely inelastic (and even have decreasing returns).

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>have 5 dollars in 1910s
>worth like $130 in today's money
>keep it as a 5 dollar bill
>can't even buy a bag of doritos
>keep it as 5 dollar gold piece
>now worth like $400 in gold value now
>can buy 71 bags of doritos (or 100 if you find a special like in picrel)

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Also those miners will need fuel. And soon fuel will be paid no longer in dollars but gold.

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kek ammofags btfo. It fails fungibility simple as

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One notable trend when investing is that sectors that have underperformed for a long periode of time will tend to outperform other sectors in the next decade, and vice versa for things that have been doing good.

Precious Metals have been performing atrociously over the past decade, interestingly there is another sector that has been doing worse and that is cameras and photo equipment. Canon is as good as gold - actually better!

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>Hold gold for 30 years = missing out on thousands of percent of returns from investing in the market.

It's not about profits, it's about being a sure thing. Market investment are for the most part gambling.

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People are deliberating whether to buy gold and silver as hedge in 2022, the crypto industry is super early i must say cause how are these ones not talking about BTC.

You seem to see the light but i am quite suprised you decided to settle with XRP despite their legal battles, focused on projects launching on Milestonebased over here.

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>Silver is way too rare to ever be remonetized.
What makes you think that we care whether there's enough silver for all Africans or Indians? Even if silver is "too rare", why can't a concept like goldbacks using silver be adopted, in which a miniscule amount of silver commands a high amount of purchasing power? The same concept applies with Satoshis and Bitcoin and I don't see anyone balking at the concept of fractional BTC, so why isn't fractional silver viable?
Also, given how the elites are pushing global depopulation at this point, with far fewer humans around after the fallout, the smaller amount of existing silver may balance itself out.
Finally, solar panels and many other consumer items that use silver should either be built by Americans to last, or the ridiculously degenerate consumerist culture should die out entirely. Solar panels suck and nuclear is better. We can easily get back to using silver as money, and quite frankly it's up to the free market. I don't know how the fuck "we" is in your greentext above, but it sure is fuck wasn't democratically decided.

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Even with coins, the silver content doesn't have to be .999, and the coins don't have to be 1 oz. And then there's copper, to fill in the lower denominations. Pic (92% copper) was in circulation in the 70's and 80's, and it was equivalent to about $2 back then, as the conversion rate at the time was approximately $1 = 5 Francs.

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The biggest benefit, IMHO is demonstrated in your picture. It's wealth that is in your hand, totally under your control alone. It beats everything but fiat in terms of value density and liquidity, but unlike fiat, it's value can't be inflated away by banks and governments. Unlike dollars, which are based on debt, it is a unit of real wealth in a world that is dominated by the biggest debt bubble in history.

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>in which a miniscule amount of silver commands a high amount of purchasing power?
Problem with that is that silver is a very commonly used industrial metal with a wide range of useful properties. You'd basically make it unavailable for that purpose. Also, in the end all you'd be doing is artificially inflate the value of it until it's worth as much as the economy backed by it. It would be some weird half-fiat where the currency is worth something (unlike paper) but not nearly enough to cover the face value. Imagine if an oz coin had a face value of $100,000, but spot price was, say, $500. That's kinda what would have to happen.

>> No.51628488

>You'd make it unavailable.
Nothing ever becomes unavailable in the theoretical efficient free market. I think that no matter how scarce it is, there will be a price that makes supply match demand. Intuitively, it does seem to me that literally melting down the common currency for industrial uses would somehow cause market inefficiencies. Everything that uses silver would have to increase in value, but most individual things use such a small amount of silver that I don't think it would be a big overall effect on the price of those goods. A new IPhone might cost $1100 instead of just $1000, for example. Might be a big problem for the solar panel industry though.

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predict inflation correctly
invest in gold
get rekt

>> No.51628662

How on earth do you predict inflation correctly and still get rekt? You've literally done the main job by predicting inflation you just need to invest in deflationary assets after.

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i know, that's what makes it frustrating

>> No.51628787

If gold didn't work you might as well try other assets, if you are knowledgeable with crypto that's surely a good place to start if you have a long term view.

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File: 2.30 MB, 640x360, Money Printer Go Brrrrrr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>predict inflation correctly
By printing money you create more consumer spending power which increases prices due to production not increasing along with it.

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The topic inflation has literally turned me into a financial retard cause every financial asset seem to be getting hit, didn't know it would be this crazy.

>> No.51628982

All good points and constitutional silver is a perfect example of everything you have written. I brought up copper before using the same rationale but have seen some blast copper as too abundant as to be worthwhile as money. Either way the problem here is to utilize a metal or metals that store value and I don't mind if it's silver or copper or gold or platinum or a combination thereof.
This. The root problem is using a material that stores value indefinitely and a couple metals certainly fit the bill, silver being among one of the best.
Perhaps but derivatives gambling has created an artificial set of inputs into the market rewarding profligate speculation and hyperconsumption both of which have many many negative externalities, culturally, economically, etc.
Another thing is that I'm hearing that countries like the BRICs want to introduce a basket of commodities to back currencies so silver wouldn't have to back all currencies or even fully back a single currency. Besides all this silver is too cheap and artificially (by a centralized group of exchanges or powerful commercial banks) is not sustainable again and we need to get back to reality as a civilization - absolutely including our money.

>> No.51629184

Don't beat yourself up alot, multiple billionaires have lost significant chunck of their wealth so it shows everyone is getting fucked, there's literally no safehaven as it is.

>> No.51629198

neither are hedges, and both are depreciative "assets"

>> No.51629239

Talking about inflation is always difficult, because I'm never sure if people are talking about monetary inflation (increased currency supply) or CPI inflation. (Rising consumer prices) CPI always lags monetary inflation because it takes a while for businesses to realize their costs aren't going to come back down, and to decide to risk driving away their customers by raising their own prices. I think for the past six months or so, we've actually not had enough monetary inflation to keep the deb-based system stable. This change has not showed up in the CPI yet. Janet Yellen may have finally been correct when she predicted CPI inflation will come down next year. Of course, that will be about the same time they need to get back to doing more monetary inflation just to keep the system going.

>> No.51629421

In the context of a great reset, I believe the paradigm shift should revolve around abandoning concepts like planned obsolescence or churning out a new iPhone each year that only has a slightly better CPU or camera, and better capabilities at spying on you and violating your privacy rights. I do not believe silver is the problem. The current consumerist culture is the problem. Going all the way back to 1873 or whenever it was that they started to demonetize silver, the central planners have created a pyramid scheme on top of the false illusion of superabundant and hyper-cheap silver that is totally detached from reality. If we had a real free market sans ridiculous corruption by our elites, our world would look extremely differently. We have had more than 1 century of this nonsense and so our reality has become totally warped, each generation more coddled and disillusioned than the previous. The Federal Reserve only further exacerbates the problem of financializing reality to such an extent that no one can comprehend underlying economic realities anymore without having a high degree of education or intelligence or specialization.
I've kind of digressed a bit but what I'm trying to say is that a great reset obviously should not be about deploying an armada of billions of electric vehicles. That's extremely retarded. We should go back towards localization and self-sustaining communities to the extent that that's possible with ongoing trade between towns and the like. Do people really need to be flying around all over the planet or driving 50 miles to work everyday? Electric vehicles are a ponzi and a scam and fundamentally reset nothing.
I also think that government constantly gets in the way of guaranteeing a healthy silver supply through their asinine position on mining and global warming. If government wanted to do something positive they would at the very least encourage sound money and real sustainability, not nonstop lies.

>> No.51629517

what if all this inflation is from the pre-pandemic? when will the pandemic inflation hit?

>> No.51629580

In my opinion i think a lot of people are being hit by CPI inflation considering not everyone has access to information on Monetary inflation but CPI is felt by everyone.

>there's literally no safehaven as it is.

Not in my books, good yields on your stablecoins do the trick and Spool does a good job over there.

>> No.51629808

if the price doesn’t change with one currency but then goes up against another couldn’t you do a cycle of buying in one currency and selling in another repeatedly to make money?

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>I don't know how the fuck "we" is in your greentext above
Politicians, and the industrials financing them. Specifically JFK and his EO 11110 back in 1963
>I again urge a revision in our silver policy to reflect the status of silver as a metal for which there is an expanding industrial demand. Except for its use in coins, silver serves no useful monetary function. At my direction, sales of silver were suspended by the Secretary of the Treasury.
>t. JFK

>in which a miniscule amount of silver commands a high amount of purchasing power?
That's a given, were silver to be remonetized, the monetization premium would send the spot to new highs. Most likely north of $200/oz. Especially considering we completely emptied our silver strategic reserves, our central bank hold zero ounce and our bullions' banks hold no silver for the vast majority of them. It's estimated there is x10 more gold than silver in bullion form existing today.

>Finally, solar panels
That's interesting you bring up this point, since China (producing over 90% of the solar panels worldwide) recently unveiled their new solar technology - HJT-, which allow for much greater returns, but also require +250% more silver / panel. The industrials are already producing them in Asia, and are ramping up the production facilities to make them for the world.

>What makes you think that we care whether there's enough silver for all Africans or Indians
It's simple : we don't produce it, we import it. It's in our (well, i'm not even american, but you see the point) interest to push the prices down as long as we are net importers. Actually, that's the whole purpose of the Comex. Unless we secretly are building up huge reserves since years to have enough to remonetize it, it's not gonna happen. Most importantly, the confidence crisis of currencies is of no importance within a nation, what matters is what your trades' partners think of your currency. Especially if you are a net importer.

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And as far as i'm aware, the US have the worst trade balance deficit in the world, importing for $350B worth of goods from all around the world each month. That's those countries, currently accepting our clown monies in exchange of real goods, that you want to convince. Convince your own citizens is of no importance, because they are stupid cattles with no understanding of what is real money for 95% of them.
At some point, backing the USD with a commodity will be an obligation, once the confidence crisis hit the dollar. But i believe there could be a double standard : one USD for the internal consumption (an unbacked CBDC to track the goyim, inflatable at will to continue the current government spendings policy and decay of our standards of living), and an international USD, used to settle trades with commercial partners (backed by silver or gold, redeemable in zone franche vaults).

>global depopulation
That's a talking point i'd rather not speak about before the oyveying/"back to pol schitzo" starts. But simply knows that i'm agreeing with you : we are getting genocided on a global scale by our (((elites))). But until we have more data, it's just speculations.

>> No.51630011

>buy paper and not actual treasure goy!

>> No.51630031

I have a confession. I only bought gold because it makes me feel like a pirate. I fill up my tub and slap on a pirate hat, sip rum, and load up toy boats with gold coins and sink them with my kraken

>> No.51630068
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That's incredibly based and exactly how God intended gold to be used. The anti-golders will seethe, but this is enough of a reason to stack desu.

>> No.51630156

you americans would actually use ammo as coins instead of actual coins, lol

>> No.51630637

>Politicians, and the industrials financing them. Specifically JFK and his EO 11110 back in 1963
Makes sense, thanks for clarifying this.
>which allow for much greater returns, but also require +250% more silver / panel.
Another good call-out; I saw a presentation by Chen Lin I believe who made this claim, and is one reason why he's extremely bullish on silver.
>Unless we secretly are building up huge reserves since years to have enough to remonetize it, it's not gonna happen.
To be clear, I called out Africa and India due to their booming populations. More to the point though: I am pretty shocked that the United States and London are moronically allowing all their precious metals to be drained to the East, but I guess that's because the West has been coopted...
Also want to add that if Westerners truly are superior, then they shouldn't need to cheat their way to the top by way of the Comex scam, and should leverage their ingenuity and innovative capabilities to trade goods and services with other nations to acquire metals fair and square. But Westerners in reality nowadays are degenerate and a far cry from their former greater selves.
>one USD for the internal consumption (an unbacked CBDC to track the goyim, inflatable at will to continue the current government spendings policy and decay of our standards of living), and an international USD
There's a screencap that gets dropped on SETF threads that makes this claim, but I'm not convinced that this'll work. Americans are greedy, fat, spoiled, and degenerate, and won't stand for not being able to spend their neetbux on useless crap constantly. The second Boomers can't get their 100k per annum in pension, 401(k), SS, et al, they'll go ape shit. Can't wait for them to justify whites and males and whatever deserving less. Only able to buy cricket food...
Black markets and parallel economy may spring up too and outcompete the CBDC dystopia on a more positive note. Our central planners are not that smart.

>> No.51630756

anyone with a surplus... you don't even understand the most basics of supply and demand maybe you should lurk more

>> No.51630993

desperate AstroTurf by maxis or kike shills. Notice like 5 anti-PM threads have been starting everyday, every since default rumors for many countries are starting