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Spiral went from 0.00001422 to 48 cents over night. People became billionaires. Why isn't no one talking about this?

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no one became a billionaire because clearly no one sold

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Am I missing something? Why isn't this being reported everywhere? this is 100000x bigger than Shiba

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There's literally no liquidity to draw from lmfao you are a spastic retard
>in all fields
Bottom's definitely not in if we still have rampant jeet shitcoin niggers shitting up my board.

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>People became billionaires
With what liquidity?

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OP forgot to add that the token migrated to a v2 version with only 10m supply and the v1 version had a supply of 100b, but thanks for the kek.

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Contract migration, it didn't pump.

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It's around 5 million MC last I look, v1 was also around 5 mill MC. There you go.

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If you put $1000 in yesterday it would be worth about $1.4 billion now. This is odd because the market cap of the coin is only 4 million

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coin market cap is retarded as a spiral holder.
it literally didn’t bother tracking all the migration stats.
in reality it did a 150% to 200% increase then crashed by 48%
18000 something old spirals equal to 1 v2 spiral.

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cmc is notorious for being incompetent with dex and low cap coins.

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you people are so fucking dumb
are you even listening to yourself?

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>People became billionaires.
>Market cap of $5 million.
I needed a giggle, good job OP.

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Wtf is this real? I bought millions of this thanks to some anon in a thread a couple of months ago. I want to go home 'sick' from my shift and check my wallet right now because if this is legit I'm a multimillionaire

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see >>51616302

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when your shitcoin is so obscure and unused that even binance doesn't give a shit about pulling the right data, maybe its time to move on

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I wish. spiral v1 and Polaris merged into spiral v2 with a smaller supply. It's actually down since the merge, but itl probably pump when the next token launch is announced. The dev seems to be working quite hard on this one.

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>it literally didn’t bother tracking all the migration stats.
You do know there are +100 shitcoins that rugpu- I mean, migrate, like spiral did every day? There is no way CMC could keep track.

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KEK! I remember when shills were saying 78c was a bargain

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We made it bro we finally made it

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Time to rugpull everyone hard Anon before it's too late LoL

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My hands are still shaking. I just sold and cashed out into cash. 1.3 trillion dollars, I can't believe it.

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I only spent $5 and now I'm in 8 digits. Bros this is fucking crazy I don't know what to do I cashed it out all on my bank account and now i'm gonna go stay at the marriot hotel and hire an escort to celebrate

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coins like these dump just as fast as they pumped. mark my words
pic related are the only real coins that will make long term profits versus these quick pump and dumps

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Where the fuck are my spiral tokens? I ended up sticking my hand down my throat in the toilet at work to make myself puke so I could come home early and make sure I actually have millions. My Spiral I bought doesnt have the same contract address as the one on cmc. And I only have 3 figures of the spiral listed in OP. Did I get scammed... I dont fucking understand. I got vomit all over my shirt and people were staring at me on the train ride home but I didnt give a fuck thinking I was a millionaire. Someone please tell me theres still hope

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fuck head

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retarded..... this seems to be the bottom of the average IQ of /biz/ ... Time to sell