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Based or cringe when a company looks out for it employees?

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Companies don't look out for their employees.

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>doood think of all the consoooooming you could do
I don't even like the unions here but this ad is cringe.

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>I don't even like the unions

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>please don’t join a union it’s bad for your budget and a waste of money
>spends money on a ad campaign to dissuade it
A company is not your friend it does not look out for you you are a replaceable cog in its mechanism the moment you can be replaced you will

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Corporations and Union's are both cancer.

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I’m paying £18 per month as a Unison member. It’s a small price to pay in case I ever needed legal representation.

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Just unions. Hating corporations is just stupid divisive politics. Efficiency is not bad.

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Everybody point and laugh

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Unions are kiked and you're naive and gullible to think otherwise. Maybe not as much as the corporations, but definitely a scam in their own way.

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Lol what the fuck is that symbol? Third world currencies get fucked hahahahahs

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I can't wait for the economy to really tank so poorfags can't afford to be on the Internet.

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union workers make 35$ per hour
non union make 22$ per hour

union contract spells out conditions
non union are often victims of the whims of
middle managers trying to get promoted on the backs of those doing work.


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This is actually based. Gaymers deserve to get reamed.

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Imagine thinking a union looks out for employees

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>Boss not allowed to give attitude or ask me to do anything extra
>Virtually impossible to get fired
>Post is secured and I can't be removed from my comfy position
>Make your managers seethe every time you threaten to contact mediators

I fucking love my union so much, it's unreal. I pay ~ $18/mo for it, which is pennies when you consider what it gives in return

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You haven't learned anything from the fall of Europe. Of the 100 largest companies in Europe, none is less than 40 years old. Wanna know why? Because unions make it unprofitable to become a big company. At some point regulatory costs are too high. In the short term, unions look like a good idea. In the long term, they end up ruining the whole country.

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>Of the 100 largest companies in Europe, none is less than 40 years old

Where did you hear this, or did you just pick it out your arse? Shell, BP and Volkswagen are the biggest companies in Europe and all are well over 40 years old.

Also I work in the public sector in the water industry, there is literally no negative to union membership in the public sector other than union fees.

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>Shell, BP and Volkswagen are the biggest companies in Europe and all are well over 40 years old.
That's my point, idiot. I said literally the opposite of what you understood. In Europe there are no big companies with less than 40y of life because regulatory costs literally prevents them from growing and become big.

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Sorry, I misread your post, I thought you said none were over 40 years old. My bad.

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You don't have to hate corporations, but corporations hate (you) and will continue importing 18 quintillion brown scab workers to suppress your wages. Supporting them is, by definion, cuckoldry.

Unions are just jews out jewing the jews, they're based.

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33 years
14 years
22 years
I’m not even going to bother going down the next 85 or so companies in their top 100 list on Wikipedia
Why the fuck would you post something so demonstrably untrue and easy to refute?

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>the fall of Europe

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Based. Wagies don’t know what’s good for them. It’s nice to see Amazon kindly informing them that organizing collectively is obviously not in their best interests

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Fuck the country and fuck the companies, I want a good wage for a day’s work. If neither the country nor the company can sustain that then they can fall into the obscurity of history.

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Unfathomably based.

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Checked and exactly what I wanted to say.

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I mean yeah, Russia only entered the free market in 1991. It's also the result of privatization of the old Soviet's gas exploration and extraction ministry founded in WW2.
Is from the merger of two companies from the mid 19th century in 2008
From the merger of two companies from the 1930's.

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unions provide a layer of job security. i dont get all the hate about unions. unless you are corporate shills. i dont mind unions because workers have a voice and the right to strike. you dont have that at walmart and amazon.

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3 non-arguments
Those are 3 companies under 40 years old
Everything else is cope and seethe

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>In Europe there are no big companies with less than 40y of life
>In Europe there are no big companies with less than 40y of life
>Each example he gives has way, way more than 40 years of history. Youngest being from a privatized government industry which is 79 years old.

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Mhm continue to cope and seethe

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Unions are why workers made good money and had a high standard of living in the middle of last century, and their destruction by neolib kikes is why wages have lagged asset growth in recent decades.

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Not for the same job they don't unioncuck.

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ye but there is 30% less jobs in the union so less people getting the skill development

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>cuts the corporate fat
Is this supposed to make me hate unions more?

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the fat is not whats getting cut amigo

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Tell me you've never been in a union without telling me, desk cuck

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Lol my union is terrific. Only people who don’t work trades or lick corporate boots hate them.
I WILL pay my dues.
I WILL enjoy fair compensation for my work.
I WILL have job security.
I WILL enjoy my seniority.

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im sure you, as an individual, like unions because they benefit you. im just saying they are not good for the macro

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so have more overworked people making shit pay. Sounds a lot like india and china.

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unions are anticompetitive and gay but union jobs almost always have better job security and pay. the problem is actually getting a position, because useless impossible-to-fire retard fucks end up occupying them for their entire lives due to their seniority, which is easy for them to maintain because they always get first dibs on overtime shifts.

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So what trade do you work exactly? Because I’m an A&P and I refuse to work for non-unionized shops because of the shit in OP. It’s literally for Delta Airlines lmao.

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This, fighting organised crime with organised crime was a bad idea. Should've just stopped it from the start. Now it's too late. Or maybe it always was.

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linkies remember when this was FUD

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btw this was made by a commie, obviously. still telling about the company that he managed to get it through

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As a new union stooge, you have identified the situation correctly but nothing you do will stop us from milking it for as long as society allows.
Captcha AHH2ND

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What’s cringe is that this poster exists because similar messages have already been proven to work on wagies.

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It always was.
As long as humans can organize into groups, some will have more benefits and exclusivity than others. Get used to it, hope you can get into one.
P.S anonymous imageboards are not organized groups don't put effort into that here.

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For sure.
Started working at UPS a few months ago and shit is hilarious. You basically have “hourly’s” which are Teamsters union people and all supervisors are UPS. The hourly’s can call out supervisors for all sorts of shit and get money for it. And the aupervisors are the boss but they are limp dicked cause you cant really fire anyone unless they do something REALLY REALLY unsafe or straight up illegal. So no one really has power over the other and as a result work culture is fucked in the ass. Union workers don’t do shit and supervisors cant really supervise

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Kek you got caught and BTFO'd
Back to pleddit you WSB subhuman double nigger
This is why you put addendums

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>find out what companies near us are paying
>offer our union $0.50 more than that
>they refuse
>say okay
>they go on strike
>it's February and we're in the Chicago suburbs
>they strike outside in single digit temperatures for a week
>they capitulate and accept our original offer
Who would have thought a group of uneducated people would be dumb, huh?

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>well AKSHUALLY those are the result of mergers between 100 year old companies

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Time for the big think

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laborer's union is the best thing someone can get themselves into.

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unions are literally cancer
productive employees get screwed
unproductive employees get overpaid
of course most employees are unproductive, so it's an unquestionable win for employees overall, at least until their factory shuts down

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Then you wake up.

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Unions are dogshit in my experience. Every union I ever worked with turned out to be a protection racket
>My wage goes from barely livable (1250) to unlivable (990) thanks to union dues
>The "dental" coverage is atrocious. They partnered with the worst dentist in town and only extractions are fully covered
>Overtime is strictly capped. Can't work more even if I want to
>The union has attracted the most corrupt, nepotistic pieces of shit I've ever seen. Everyone who is higher on the ladder than base level has a stick up their ass or a chip on their shoulder
>Couldn't even protect my rights when I needed it the most. Vax mandates threatened my job and the union was in full agreement. I had to band together with coworkers on my own accord and upper management agreed to let us work if we kept it quiet because they couldn't afford to lose us.

FUCK UNIONS. Good unions are few and far inbetween. The only people who say they're good make so much money the dues and regulations feel like a minor hinderance. Before anyone asks what hellhole I must live in....It's Canada.

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That and it's literally for low testosterone men and women who can't negotiate a better pay and benefits for themselves.
If you are actually a productive employee, you should have all the leverage to ask for higher pay.

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How’s the Walmart you manage going? Gotten any wagie fired lately mister?

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Strikes and pickets are different.

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Did any of them go bankrupt which is what forced the merger/privatization? It's contradictory to the claim that Europe's unions kills off their businesses when they actually seem to be mainly just merging together, which is the opposite of going out of business.

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Unions are no different corporations. A mean to control workers and use them as political tools.

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If your company has to have safety violations that kill people or maim them (and then you fire them) to make money then your company deserves to fail.

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Companies owe me 6 hour workdays, insurance (with vision and dental) and Thursdays off as well as the entire week of Christmas and 4 weeks of vacation starting (effective after 2 months).
I'm saying this unironically.
I'm saying that unironically too.

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My union dues are 2.5%. vote your business manager out

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Absolutely cringe. Houston Methodist is very anti union. Every year you have to do a continuing education on anti union cuz we love you and unions are bad for you. Then when covid clot shot came out “hey shit! Get the clot shot or hit the curb, bitch!!” They’re absolutely getting fucked up the ass now cuz so many people are sick, crippled, or dead

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Depends on the industry. If its a bunch of small companies that hire, you don't unions. If its just a few super large companies, you should probably have a union. An like companies unions can be good or bad, with different levels of corruption. F non-professional jobs its almost impossible to get raises to keep up with inflation without unionizing.

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>trusting the judgement of a retard who pluralizes a word by adding an apostrophe

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The problem is that raises to keep up with inflation is nonsense.
That's not a raise. Raises improve your standard of living.

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>unions make it unprofitable to become a big company

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As it fucking should be. Unions are a necessary evil. Without a union you get worse conditions, less pay, limp dicked benefits and you can't call out your boss for favoritism or any other bullshit that typically happens within the workforce.

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>as a result work culture is fucked in the ass.
do packages get delivered on time? are workers making good money? are there any unsafe work practices? no? then shut the fuck up, kike apologist.

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the MACRO wants slave labor
wake the fuck up.


based Teamsters
in 3-5 years making 6 figgies and a pension

"productive employee" is a psyop by middle management. Exercise for today, class :
Go to the store and unload your groceries onto
the register belt and when the checker is done
scanning and quotes you the price tell the
checker that your a PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEE, and see if that phrase will pay for the groceries.

Workers sell their labor / time for money
not phrases or pats on the head.

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Phone posting will never end, it’s how India connects to the internet. The poors will always have cheap android phones to fall back on.

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fuck unions

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errrr sorry i'm also retarded

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and 2/2
Unions are utter monopolistic trash, this """"increase"""" is literally less than my union dues
I told them this and they told me I could try to run for a union position, like no, fuck off
Sidenote, the OP picture is also completely retarded but nowhere near as much as unions

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Why do faggots like you have to mention inflation literally everywhere? Everyone knows we are at >8%, you are doing them no favors by telling them this.

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the point is to do them no favors, in case it wasn't obvious
Gloating over a $17 biweekly increase on a spam email, what the FUCK are they on about?

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When is your contract up? How do other members feel about this? If it's really that bad there's good potential for a strike

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It's a PhD thing.
Effectively everyone I know hates the union. The university dicksucks the union. We get paid through a third party non-profit so it has nothing to do with state and I can't call on the supreme court decision from a few years back to bail on dues. Effectively, nothing can be done.

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Then strike when your contract is up, ezpz

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yes my contract is up in uhhhhhhhh 3 years

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your probably still better off than if you were not in a union.
Also participate by attending union meetings and speaking up.m8xght

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Correlation is not causation. However immigration is a major cause in both of these. You can pay more immigrants less and bust strikes, and the lower pay means you're making more money.

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It's almost like when humans are free to collectivize they do better vs the ones who aren't. But now we have connected CEOs collectivizing to fuck the workers, who would have seen that coming?
So it will be up to the lower class to make the next collectivization that fucks the CEOs and ushers in enough change to reach the next cycle.

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>Efficiency is not bad.
Corporations are not efficient retard. They are big, all encompassing in their respective industries, and very VERY bureaucratic.
>Need to print paper for the meeting?
>Scan your badge at the printer and enter the code.
>Code don't work?
>Call IT.
>IT busy?
>Submit a ticket.
>Ticket still in que?
>Call IT India
>Upcoming meeting is now in peril
>Walk Indians through your problem so step by step so that they can reach the part where they can access a database you cannot
>"Huh, that's weird"
>Repeat daily in any given task. The more complex, the worse
>"Thank God it's Friday!"
>Efficiency IS good

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It's more like immigration will always be the death of unions. Neither party wants to stop bringing in a million unskilled people every year, so no one is really on the side of the unions. There will be no next cycle because there will always be more poor people to bring in and underbid union workers.

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i've worked at two companies with about 300,000 employees each. this is very accurate. it usually takes me a good 2 weeks just to get all of my systems access rights set up because IT help desk pajeets are fucking retards incapable of standardizing a process.

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I didn't get an email until my seventh week at my current company.

>> No.51629524

>call IT India
The company I work for outsources IT to India. I love getting a voicemail in incomprehensible English telling me my issue is resolved when it isn’t.

They also outsourced recruitment checks to India, someone in some slum is probably attempting to forge my passport I had to send a photocopy of. At least it keeps a few of our native roasties out of a pointless HR job I suppose.

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Crypto automates the bureaucracy.

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my current job is fully remote. when they shipped me a laptop, they didn't even provide me the default password to log into windows. i had to text my boss and get the phone # for IT support... just to fucking log into windows. let alone set up VPN and get SAP access.