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pol coins: monero, bitcoin (yes seriously), dog with bat, gold, silver, ammo, icp

pol is an excellent counter signal and if pol holds your coins you should dump them immediately

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Hi im from pol and i only hold chainlink

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Silver maples, ammo, and dog bat

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>trannies only need to buy one bullet
It's not fair bros

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You are from /uhg/ aren't you?

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Our time is now.

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Has anyone that criticizes /pol/ actually visited the place?

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You forgot bizcoin.
/pol also holds bizcoin

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How dare you insult linkies like that

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>dog with bat
>pol is an excellent counter signal
>pol censored coin

Welp. this coin is going mainstream. fuck my life

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wait i thought poltards were anti all crypto

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Bitcoin was the original pol coin retard
how new are you?

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All anti/pol/ posters are from /pol/. Everyone here is from /pol/ especially those who say they're not.

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Sirs please buy more chainlink sirs

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Looka this uppity migrant tryna act like white folks *laughing tears emoji*

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>flee a shitty homeland to different place
>realize why old homeland is shit and why the people there are also shit
>natives back at the old homeland offended
>other migrants from the old homeland unable to culturally assimilate to the new one
How the fuck are you guys so dense and sightless?

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People who are anti-/pol/ are from reddit, nobody cares what they think

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>nobody cares what non-/pol/chuds think
Except everyone outside of anonymous imageboards, the users of which will never truly collaborate their ideologies in the real world. They cope with reality by fantasizing about seizing success from the world when it gets to some foretold point, when they could just be doing it now.

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>the ideology of underground communist losers who spent 200 years plotting in studio apparentments and failing at poorly planned coups didn't eventually win over the socially affluent in their youth and become the global ideology.

It's like you have no idea how anything works

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>a redditor
See? Nobody cares what you think

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Chicken and egg retard
Checked lmao, but you guys gotta learn to collaborate appearing to not care better. It seems like you're hurt when someone turns their backs on you.

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Turns their back on what? The ideas that are present in this website make you seethe so hard you migrate from reddit just to combat the wrongthink. Why are leftist brains like yours hardwired to be incapable of 'live and let live'?

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imagine all that concentrated seethe in one paragraph kek.
didn’t read what you wrote btw

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No, the ideas on /pol/ were so obviously self defeating and non-collaborative that I like calling them out for it.
The ideas present on /biz/ make me money I won't put towards anything other than my own good.
Anti-/pol/ =/= leftist you coping retard. You are hurt.

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>Anti-/pol/ =/= leftist
It literally does, redditor

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You only comprehend what you're programmed to anyway

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>/pol/ le bad am i right fellow discord troon sisters!
opinion immediately discarded. not only have you become what you hate, you're actually much worse and annoying

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I'll try to profit off of all you ideologically locked chumps on either side of the coin, don't worry I'm properly /biz/ cultured.
I'm sure the Jews feel the same about you guys, except they get to make some fun ADL stuff like you guys get to make the fun /pol/chud memes.

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Fuck this shit. Im going to make me some more money

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>except they get to make some fun ADL stuff like you guys get to make the fun /pol/chud memes.
And we get to make fun of the stuff /pol/ convinces the ADL to list. Remember when the OK sign was just the OK sign? Or milk was just milk? You want to say /pol/ has no influence yet you brag about the one organization /pol/ has the most influence over

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Why can't we make fun of the stuff that other cultures convince /pol/ to add to their list of "things you can't do"? How is that different than things listed at the ADL?
You guys throw out a milk, you get a black mermaid in return. I feel bad for you guys in a way.

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I haven't watched modern movies in a decade. No matter how many Lawd Dem Rangz or Black Mermaids come out the originals still exist

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this is my first day here, realizing no one understands sarcasm or irony
desu senpai baka
a good indicator of a "new" poster is usually the very accusation being thrown around like
>how new are you

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cereal times ahead

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dogbat bros i 'm feeling hot

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this sounds like cope, everyone knows /pol/ is better than /biz/ (they both have the same amount of reddit troon jannies though)

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you have to go back

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who the fuck actually goes in generals other than the fun ones like the comfy ones

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no, and when they do, they cant stop coming back, and end up lurking and converting
also ive only heard literal gays say incel or chud irl

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go there and ask what they think of btc
they have never liked crypto

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LMAO i'm from /pol/ and sometimes lurk /biz/, it seems that reddit trannys are in full force this weekend with their chud memes and threads, even here

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/pol/ exists since 2012 or 2011?? i don't remember exactly, but i remember that at the beginning bitcoin was a good idea for /pol/ tards, but you know, it went mainstream, and everything mainstream is from the kikes, so, into the trash it goes.

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All their favorite podcasters only take crypto donations though.