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I am a licensed financial advisor and really recommand you to invest in XRP (Ripple labs). It is a great project. I take full responsibility legally as well as morally for any potential financial risks.

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What are your reasons?

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Its gonna go to $37500 when the switch is flipped.

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Checked and kek'd. Is 10k enough?

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xlm too?

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Yes that will grant you access to the citadel and then some.

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>Diet XRP

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word for word from another post, nice

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Fuck you kike

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Holy sh*t i'm used to some level of insults this being 4chan and all but this is just blatant anti semitism. Can an admin please ban this account? It brings nothing good and is just derailing this thread. Thanks alot

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it is in top 10 market cap and billions of coins?

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>market cap

holy shit we really are early

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Die jew.

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yeah you're gonna get in trouble if you don't delete your post

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op thinks he know about the citadel but is actually a nu-shitzo and jerks it to gme while living in the basement

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Shut the fuck up jew

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the duality of man

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typical baggie behavior. once you get off the rag, get wrecked.

I got a fraud finance samurai nft that I didn't pay for, hbu?

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>am a licensed financial advisor
prove it.

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(they) want to buy low. this is financial advice

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i left same ripplets on an exchange and am swinging them please one more dump

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What the hell? I love XRP now!

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Last week, you were claiming to be Napoleon Bonaparte. Now you're a CFA. Next week, you'll be a jet pilot or a cowboy. Take your meds.

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Wtf is the citadel?

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Wait XRP is ripple labs? Sounds like it's a security, SEC wins the case, XRP tanks to 0.0037500 OVERNIGHT in the blink of an eye

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Stay poor nigger

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But for real tho. What is the citadel? I own a significant amount of xrp. What is available to me?

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Imma keep bumping till I get an answer

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checked and just sold my 2 year old bags. Its over. Russia WILL nuke Europe and we WILL be eating bugs. Its over.

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But what is the citadel???

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I love xumm and tangem cards. Makes ledgers and trezors seem like dinosaur tech. Why does xrp have all the best stuff?

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David Schwartz and Arthur Britto. The same two who invented bitcoin.

What is the citadel?

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The citadel is the name for the pleasure dome cities where xrp holders reside while the lower class displaced hordes toil away in the underground vaults endlessly for mere nuggets of neoplasmin

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Kek. But for real tho.

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Well that's what david told us

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Not buying your bags pajeet.

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OP elaborate on the citadel. What the fuck dude. You can’t leave me hanging. I’m so close ughhhh. Finish me offfff!!!

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even licensed financial advisors are giving us free advice into xrp. we are moon bound.

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That’s a meme from this guy from a Ted talk. Lol they took Sam’s quote and put David Schwartz face on it. Still hilarious but not the citadel. Anyone know what it is?

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I’m taking this meme.

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Neoplasmid is the future

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Trips. Neoplasmin future confirmed

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OP you truly are a fag. I wanted to know what the citadel was and you let me down. Shame.

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>I take full responsibility legally as well as morally for any potential financial risks.
So speaking morally, you don't think that shilling the (((globalist))) enslavement coin would be considered a bit unethical?
Wait...you wouldn't just be saying this in hopes of fooling people would you?

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Too bad for the SEC Ripple Labs sell pre-ipo private equity (stock shares) that have nothing to do with XRP. XRP is there product not their stock, you dumb, mouthbreathing sonofabitch FUD shill.

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if it goes that low I will buy it all

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common misconception. they are actually 2 different quotes. the quote from Sam Hyde notably includes the term “depth grovelers”, which is not mentioned by David Schwartz

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