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Chainlink is literally going to make voting fraud impossible

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so it's never going to be adopted

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right like anyone will let this happen

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Fuck off already chuds

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Have sex/touch grass/dilate

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It'll start with DAOs and SmartContracts then slowly trickle into real world implementations. DAOs are much exploited than most elections now anyways (except maybe in Bolivia)

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I can do this without any tokens

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Chainlink is going to make voting fraud possible. I can't wait bros

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(((They))) will never allow it

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oh nonono

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I do all the time idiot

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Sorry, this would imply that Chainlink is actually used for something

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they will and then they will just put it in the code to allow multiple wallets due to a law being passed that will allow certain things. or they will make AI face deepfake replications of everyone and vortually vote

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Voter id is racist sweetie

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Biometric deduplication makes AI deepfakes tricking an oracle impossible

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realistically if Link is used for voter id’s and all the other schizo shit

what would the price be? I only have 1200 Links

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How does one billion dollars sound?

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a lot

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how does this stop voters rising from the dead to vote?

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The dead can't pass a liveness test

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too late for this to be true

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Holy fuck this is racist af you evil nazis will never win

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IDs are raycis

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not impossible that is why the pin and other MFA is there. technology always gets better and they will require our voice and blood and eventually in 2040 when wallets are being stopen by face off surgeries they will require a chip in the blood that authenticates through it.

That is in their whitepaper

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no phone needed pleb

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Uh, whose whitepaper is that in?

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>voting fraud

It’s been 2years now and people still can’t get over that Biden won. LMAO let it fucking go you look and sound fucking stupid.

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I am black and don't know how to go to the dmv nd get my id so its racesys

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this white paper

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page 14

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chainlink is critical and none of this could happen without oracles, identity, and banks govs on board.

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Came here to say this

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1 illegal alien = 1 vote

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it will be adopted

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>only faceless NPCs can vote

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so still just one vote?

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Kek BSV already has the patents . Chainlink operates on ETH- a failed blockchain that will require eternal updates due to its inability to scale . These updates would require businesses operating on ETH to have to update their protocol each time thus happens. This infrastructure to secure elections would NOT be secure on the ETH blockchain. You God damn kikes. You really trust the ETHcrew to protect your elections? Vitalik sports unicorns and rainbows on his XS tshirts and thinks child porn isn’t dangerous to society. The ETH collective is the biggest kikery slap in the face to humanity .

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Link is an ERC20 that can run on other chains... You will one day learn about Link.c

staking soon

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Jews always overturn popular vote by c

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By the court systems

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why would the US government ever sign on to use chainlink? do you have any understanding how slowly governments adopt technology is adopted? If you barely have any private enterprise users for your overpriced trash how will you convince the government to use it?

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Sergey being attacked is just the start of your demise saturn worshipper. You IDF rats operating on /biz/ pushing your vaporware scams are going to learn true pain and suffering

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>make voting fraud impossible

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ETH and ALL erc20 tokens are already in violation of patents owned by Craig. You already lost retards. Seeing as you kikes have compete control of the media- It is only a matter of time until the truth prevails . Until then enjoy your gay Saturn worship tokens that aim to enslave humanity via globalist communism . You kikes will be LUCKY if it’s only financial doom you experience. Much more pain is on the horizon for you yids. Once Iran is overthrown israel is first on the list . There won’t be a revolution in Israel- it will be more like the rape of Nanking with no survivors

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>two more weeks Q larper
>Trust the plan couch potato

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>"all the nonsense going on over the last couple years"
>last couple years
>last two years
>2022-2 = 2020
...... Bob.... what are you trying to say?

Someone should ask Bob if he thinks they stole it

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Damn I kinda wanna steal this one too, keep making them

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oh no everbros Ronald is suing Boob Reid now

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Death to Israel and America’s Jewish population

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>" you have edited the original footage of my video and altered the subtitles for (personal) gain or for the benefit of Everbased"

Bob really does go the extra mile for the community.

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what a bigot

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Cope kike

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I am not giving my fucking blood to these people

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Oh you will laddy! I'M COMING TO KYC YOU! In real life! I'll scan your face! And your Irises! Then use your skin as a liveness test! Just as the ancient regulators did.

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Everest is going to be the thing /biz/ looks back on and copes about missing.

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is this a threat?

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Frenchman owns the kleros court, ID safu

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kyc is a crime!

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>Chainlink is literally going to make voting fraud impossible
So they will never allow it?

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Ooooohh lassie I'm coming to KYS you soooo fucking hard right now


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is digital voting even secure?

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Is the alternative?

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no but paper is

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lmao this. also everest already lost:

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Like mail in ballots?

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why dont we just have live biometrics plus user ID and go straight to vote?

why do we need chainlink?

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It's only secure in that you can (hopefully) trust the process. Chainlink would still be better, because you would have mathematical proof that your vote was counted.

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You think "they" care about voting fraud?

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How long are you going to leave this DUPI in here?

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did anyone see this?

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They are going to make this a requirement to even access the internet in 5 years

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what the fuck they are doing a sybil check to prevent jewish votes??!

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Sounds like absolute hell.

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> ETH and ALL erc20 tokens are already in violation of patents owned by Craig.

Vitalik is a billionaire and soon to be trillionaire oligarch and unlike grandpa can't-find-my-keys he can actually spend.

Craig is far too cucked to actually try to make a move against Vitalik because he knows he would be put down.

It's not a chance that so many pictures show Vitalik concealing a huge cock while Craig's face looks like a shriveled old man dong. All Craig can do is feign relevance by pretending ethereum would ever give a shit of about his worthless "pay-tents".

BSV is a joke. Craig Wright is a fraud and a coward too pathetic to even call a joke.

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We already have basic fraud protection mechanisms that have existed unused for decades. Blockchain based voting ID is literally never going to happen lmao.

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What are you checking the biometrics against for fraud? Fuckkkk this board is crawling with retards

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how does half a trillion yen sound?

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it is indeed a token not needed

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Literally anyone paying attention knows it was stolen.

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This, the only way to fix democracy is to end it at spear tip

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Feeling the pressure huh?

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>What are you checking the biometrics against for fraud?

the government's database, what else?

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Lmao. You will be forced to give it. So better abandon resistance and invest in Everest ID, and profit from your OWN enslavement; or don't and still be enslaved anyway

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Still no clue why this uscase needs a token (ID)

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yes but Bob works for ID2020 & IMF and still said the election was stolen

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> ChainLink will do [something that every other crypto will do]
Get your investment thesis in order, Anon. Identify projects that will do things that no other project can actually do, not things that describe trustless technology in general.

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>he doesn't understand that the game is already over and Chainlink has won the oracle game

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I don't think you understand how early it is in crypto if you believe any project has won anything, that's none of my business though, good luck

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Then how can I vote if I'm already dead inside

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>how early it is in crypto
Imagine being this retarded. Enjoy it.

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sure buddy

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PGP achieves this without a query on eth or any other EVM lmao

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that's where you're wrong bucko

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>implying it matters who you vote for

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Are you drooling retarded?
Thy could do that always. They don't want that.
Trump won by tens of millions

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My thesis is in order, in involves me making it and you continuing to be a broke retard

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I would stay away from this coin simply because of Bob’s election conspiracy theories.
I used to know him in college way back when and Bobby boy used to always talk about hidden UFOs in the top of everest.

When I say talk I mean incessant jabbering all the time! I think I know why though because I walked into our dorm bathroom to find him snorting a 5 foot rail of adderall off of a fully clothed 5’1.5” Mexican cleaning lady — Standing up!!!

he was yelling TO THE MOUNTAIN TOPS WE GO and NO ONE EVER CLIMBS MOUNT EVEREST ALONE all while foaming at the mouth from the copious amount of adderall sniffed off of the poor tied up house maid while he held his smartphone against her face yelling SCAN IT SCAN IT SCAN IT!

it was okay though because he explained it to me later that it’s part of his indonesian “gas” program where he gives away LNG to fund ass biometrics or something.

anyways he would always talk about using the money to climb mount everest and get to the aliens.

The guy is a whack job.

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this except bob is that demon from twin peaks in a clown suit with zig zag lines everywhere

>> No.51618215

truly and sincerely I wouldn't trust Bob mother fuckin Reid.

But not because he's a twin peak demon obsessed with biometrics, but because he can't be trusted to take care of polaroids!!

I took him to CVS so i could pick up my photos after processing and as I was standing at the counter, with 2 platters of fish tacos Bob vicously shoved into my hands knocking my purse and phone onto the floor making me hold the platters as some indonesian woman ran to pick my phone and purse up.

Bob said "don't worry saldo won't be able to use it because we threatened to deactivate her face next time. "You know I once told Galia I've done more for women than she's ever done in her life."

So I'm standing here holding tacos at the checkout line about to pick up my polaroid photos when Bob pushes the clerk out of the way for not blinking 2 seconds on and off.

He starts rummaging through each polaroid holding it up near the light moving it back and forth closer and farther from his face while yelling "Error" denied, *throwing each photo in the trash basket like a ufo being tossed from space*, "not enough light", "remove your mask", "this one didn't blink long enough"

I tried to tell him it is a picture not a video and he said iOS isn't even supported stop asking because it was already delivered Q1 2019

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why does it needs a token indexing different sources? could be done with any private server or even on ETH


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the reason you need a token is because of the way it is

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You're a zoomer faggot.

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