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and you will feel stupid for missing it

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quit spamming this dead shitcoin

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Only two things these threads are good for is laughing at delusional bagholding faggots cope their way out of missing every opportunity in the market holding this shit.
Second thing is the fucking thots so get the thots posted or fuck off with your useless shitcoin threads niggerfaggot

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>God, I wish that were me
BAT has a bright future. Sentiment is changing for the current "ad model", i.e. 5 unskippable ads in a row to watch your favorite content. With other browsers working towards banning adblockers, you better be sure to have a nice fat stack.

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All BATniggers should be beaten with a spiked bat

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Not looking good at all anons.
What will happen if the Opera people decide to release a passive token, just like brave, but for Opera GX? That one pretty much replaced all the Chrome/Firefox competition, they took the 3rd place Brave used to have. Just saying.

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opera gx is a zoomie browser that datamines your shit harder than chrome. wouldnt use it even for free token gibsmedats

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Both these batniggers AND the dogbatniggers both deserve the spiked bat.

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whatever happened to the huge threads spamming the board last month ay lass?

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And? I don't care, I'm a Firefox user. Just an observation - Opera is the 3rd largest player in the browser world. They aren't tied to a trillion dollar company, and they aren't tied to gay morals (Mozilla). They could easily release an optional token for specialized ads just like Brave.

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common bad take from a dext autist. ignore

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how about we stop tackily adding tokens to fucking everything over greed and stop acting like its innovative you fucking degenerate poor pieces of shit?

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I'm 100% correct and you can't handle it :^)

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Or people can just move on to some other browser based in Chromium that allows and promotes adblockers? Kek

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They probably gave up and sold. Was likely a few discord faggots

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topkek, batties coping as usual. Thanks for financing the browser though. It rocks.

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BAT is going to $1

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What's the lead virologist at Brave up to these days?

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>still seething that some people didn’t get vaccinated for the itty bitty harmless coof

you really gotta move on

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I'm not broadcasting my views on Twitter. You just hate to see a talented person overestimate their intelligence.

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That .30 floor holding strong. I think BAT and XRP win the crypto bear market. Schizos have been prepping for this event for years.

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Can't wait til this moons

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Same. I feel like it’s starting to build some momentum again. When BAT’s number gets called, biz is gonna lose its collective fucking mind.

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y-yeah ha... me too... just two more years..... we're just early.......

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It’s almost like people forget that Brave has millions of users and that companies still advertise their products during bear markets. BAT needs a market consolidation. There’s so much garbage sitting above it right now.

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>It’s almost like people forget

I don't think anyone really knows, or at least they don't care. I don't think it's a simple as being a "marketing" issue like all the midwits in these threads screech about, though

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heyyy BAT boys

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I really hate seeing these threads. They make me angry. OP if you are making these images I'm really not happy with you!

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No doubt, Brave has some bad marketing, but they built a fucking excellent product and the things I’m reading about 5+ ads on YouTube and banning of ad blocker extensions are bullish af, beyond the all the potential to monetize BAT in so many ways and there’s nothing scammish about any of it. Supply is capped and maxxed out. BATniggers are not dumb. At some point there will be violent upward price action

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21k whale here once this shit hits $3 I'm fucking out

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I'm not thihinking it go up in my lifetime. I am have sex with unprotected with women and. My son will inherit my BAT stack when it moons. I will be long kill myself by that day occurring. So

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>I am have sex with unprotected with women
So do I but the worst that’s ever come of it is the clap 2-3 times. I cannot help. I need bobs and vagene.

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>21k whale

this is bait

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Post stack poor fag

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my stack is over 50k and I'm not going to prove it to you because I don't give a shit about you

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You’re both poorfags as far as I’m concerned. I’m closing in on 300k BAT and I’ll be pushing towards 1 million if the price stays this cheap. I have a fuckton of cash and I’m on SSDI, receive food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, rent and heating assistance, clothing vouchers and visit local food pantries. I drive a shitbox that gets 45mpg, I refill premium shampoo and tide liquid detergent with water and return it, I self scan my groceries, I shoplift at stores, run up bar tabs on cancelled credit cards and I still occasionally chew and screw at restaurants.

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Sounds like a grim life. I'm doing blow and waiting on a hooker

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brother, there's a very good chance BAT never hits $2 and might not go back to a dollar for another year or more, what the fuck are you doing with your life. You'd have better luck just going and buying lottery tickets

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>I’m doing blow and waiting on a hooker
I stopped tricking on hoes once I realized I can get it for free by lifting weights and studying and exploiting female evolutionary psychology. I stopped drinking, sniffing yay and doing drugs in my 20’s. I prefer staying sober, being in shape, studying macroecon and geopolitics so I can attempt to stay a few steps ahead of the next big happening and prevent wipeout. Especially in a global financial crisis where the j’s are coming directly at my demographic. I love my life.

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I’m cash strong. I’m investing in cheap undervalued assets over the next however many years it takes until the Fed pivots

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LARP: The thread.

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Another ∆1.5 million purchased


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Didn't ask

Now go waffle stomp your shits you fucking kike

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The fuckers at brave decided to restrict access to the argentinian peoples, in doing so losing a huge chunk of white costumers. buen dia señores

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You tell em brother. Nobody could possibly have... *tiktaktiktaktiktaktik* between six and fifteen thousand USD worth of a internet browser token.

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based whale im a 10k whale but not selling till $4

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Mind sharing some car buying wisdoms?
What's the best bang for my buck?

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Most excellent.

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why is his breath bad. why would someone with an I heart Showers tattoo not take care of his teeth

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Tooth decay is a myth spread by the globalist agenda.
-- Brendan Eich

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they are lying about this purchase. theres no volume on gemini for it. the previous buy you could see in the volume.

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the first circle is the 1.6m buy from earlier this month. there is no volume for a 1.5m buy. not even close. even if you add the total volume of the past week its not that. they are lying.

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Could be off market. Could be that you're a faggot.

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Does it bother you guys that I take my health advice from really smart people that went to Harvard and Yale? Just asking. You know... because Brendan.

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shut it f4g

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Brave Playlist is so fucking cash money

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I honestly think it’s Gemini who’s fucking around. That last big one didn’t show up on their app when I checked. Is it posssible Brave is buying it OTC from them?

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No, because Brendan is highly specialized in one aspect of the medical field and his synopsis aligns with not only the creator of mRNA vaccines (Dr. Malone) and the most published MD in the field of covaids (Dr. McCoulogh). Why the fuck would I trust an MD just because they went to an Ivy? I live right near an Ivy and I’m always astounded at the retards they’ve been producing over the last 20 years. The ivys are not what they used to be. Especially in the medical field.

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Will BAT suffer being an ETH-based token now that the merge fucked it up?

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> Doesn’t trust 99.9999% of Doctors and Virologists

Malone is a disgruntled washed up hack. Inventing something doesn’t make you an expert.

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No, Malone is most likely a glowie. The beard, the vocal tonality, the fact that he’s brought up his friends in intel on several occasions. McCollough presents a real problem for the globohomo narrative. The IA would never hire someone like him. His demeanor, his empathy, tonality, mild anxiety and possible Tourette’s. I have more trust for people who are slightly off.

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