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Cardano will flip Ethereum.

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If ID is green, the flippening will happen.

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are they peer reviewing the dapps

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They peer review every single tx, that's why they take so long and the network grinds to a halt under only moderate load.

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Charles has personally seen my ADA transactions? That's heckin sick

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Carvana? what? Sir... this is a Wendy's

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If ID is brown, flush cardano down

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id purple vinu flips ada eoy

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Get fucked adakeks

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I think ADA is legitimately the most useless, unneeded project in the entirety of crypto (talking about serious altcoins not shitcoins). Like what does this thing do, that its peers cant but better? why ada when you can buy sol for example?

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the power of PoS everyone

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Everything will surpass ethereum by next year though kek

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Requesting the selfie of Charles in his car looking like a hobo he tweeted the other day. I know I saw it somewhere on here.

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i bet Charles is seething so hard to nobody gives a shit about his big hard fork while everyone was celebrating ethereums nothingburger a week ago.

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literal vaporwear

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It won't but algorand will flip cardamom.

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there's no fucking way cardano will be flipping ethereum lmao, simply look at how ada has less than 600 dapps while MATIC a much younger chan is now powering over 37k dapps

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Thank you. Wtf was he thinking? Hes not a David Schwartz Chad capable of pulling that off.

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>gae ID
Yes it will faggot

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This guy gets it

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Checked and based

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you take that back

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S-Sorry Charles...

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charles i based. ada will melt faces.

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Now if only we didn’t have to look at him

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I Cardano quantum resistant

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Useless academic project. All those years of research and development, and what do they have to show for it? It still doesn't scale in practice - only in theory. And nobody even uses it.

At least ethereum has L2s live right now, scaling the chain, and capturing TVL. 3 of the top 10 highest TVL chains are Ethereum L2s.

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I believe, sincerely, that Cardano will be no. 1.

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Nah, Even ETH isn't. So far I know of QANplatform

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if id brown I buy 5000 ada

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you wish