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Why the fuck are they trying so hard to get it down to 17k? Is this even legal?

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That's a man (male)

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11K like richard heart said.

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they will never stop until it goes down. they need to prove the banks they control crypto. if it never falls below 15k, it will also never hit 100k

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Nobody's trying to get it down. Buyers are trying to keep it up despite nobody wanting to buy in even at this discounted price.
The market is going down and you'd be wise to get out of its way.

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but there has to be some serious margin calls and leveraged shorts at the 17k range

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Bitcoin has been frontrunning the stock market to June lows, now that stocks have caught up we will finally be allowed to lose 18k

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>who shorted the market? why wont the government do something about this

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The governments job is to fuck you in the ass and take your money away.
Dont make me quote the bible stupid frogposter

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Im quoting the meme chart and paraphrasing the original post, highlighting how the poster is a perfect example of the anger phase of the cycle.

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I know what ur doing thats why i called u stupid. The fact that you had to explain it instead of apologizing for what you did means youre at least 20% dumber than i initially perceived which adds to the fact i must adjust how i treat braindead retards like you.

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the exchange prices are fake. the real price is 100k

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