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The layer one trade is dead. Defi activity is moving to roll ups, ETH roll ups are about 50x to 100x gas efficient. This pretty much means that Defi activity needs to 100x for ETH to get a 3 or 4x.

The network activity is at a standstill. There needs to be massive Defi adoption to pump eth at this point. What are the best 3 coins?

LINK is unironically the safest bet right now. CCIP and oracles are a necessity for the next phase of DeFi. You need something to easily bridge assets between all the new eth roll ups that will spawn. That is CCIP.

Snx is about to present at chainlink's smartcon. They have a talk about CCIP. This is something to watch. They will be key to the multi roll up world as well. Having synths that can teleport from chain to chain is extremely beneficial for the ecosystem. Their other products are doing well too.

Biggest loan shop in all of DeFi and will be launching a stablecoin soon. Tons of revenue will be made for the protocol with this. They are also going to use CCIP to help with their v3.

All of these have huge growth potential and we pretty much are going to need Defi primitives to grow for ETH to have enough usage for valuation to go up. You need to be betting on Defi here as it is the ONLY thing Blockchain could be somewhat useful for that is currently available. Future uses connecting to the real world are coming but it could take 3 years or more to see that.

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