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Generally speaking, what does extremely high volume mean for an alt coin.
For example, if a coin is basically at all time lows, and simultaneously all time highs
>retail is not creating that much volume
So whoever is buying:
>a) Will dump insane amounts of the coin at a relatively cheap price, suppressing the coin from mooning
>b) whoever is buying is has big plans for said coin
Am I on the right track /biz/? What are your thoughts.

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>simultaneously all time highs in volume*

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If volume is all time high and price is all time low I would assume its sell volume and some whale is dumping, usually its the creator, usually because hes giving up.

If its buy volume its usually a whale, and if you own 1,000,000,000 it doesn't have to raise that high for you to make a shit tonne of money. As well as people dont become whales by being moonboys, they become whales by being smart. Patience gets you rich, making 3% of a coin is steady money. That's why they suppress mooning, they don't need it, they don't want to wait 2 years because that actually looses them money in the long run, compared to dumping on you.

The only big bag holders of altcoins in the long run are the creator which slowly dumps his portfolio to profit on his creation.

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irrevocably based

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Most people doesnt understand mooning. Everyones moon is different, like I said, a while owning 1,000,000,000 of a coin, coin pumps with 1 cent, that dude just made $10,000,000. Thats pretty much of mooning for that dude. It doesnt really matter if the coin that the potential to pump 10 cents. The amount of people willing to buy for 10 cents more are a lot less than the amount of people willing to buy att accumulation prices, so even if he waits for the 10 cent pump, and he and he only manage to sell off at that time, the buy volume would be so insanely small he wont be able to sell of the majority of the shares anyways.

Like people talking about "oh I should have sold bitcoin at 60k" and whatever, but they dont realize there was basically only 1 person in the world who did that, because him selling and nobody else buying tanked the price directly after. Then 10 other dudes sold at 55 tanking it to 50, and so on.

In other words, don't daydream about moon math selling at the absolute top, nobody does that. The majority gets to sell at around 10-20% from the top at the best. Same with the bottom. So realistically BTC didn't go from 4k to 60k 1400%, it was more 10k to 50k 500%

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thx, how can one tell if its sell volume or buy volume?

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How can you tell if a coin is done for good or if it has potential?
i know tech is a meme, but at this point all coins seem like memes
And get what ur saying about whale math, but some of these coins I have .01% of supply and i want to be a whale but im just a poor boy from a poor family, anon, i have to make it!
but how do i get in early with the right coin?
Do you have to be day one buyer, or can you catch a 2nd all time high sometimes

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whats the deal, is thoth satanic to you or something? why need Jupter the protector around Thoth? Thoth is hermes afterall

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