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What the actual fuck is going on with XRP? Its flying

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pump and dump, happens at least once a year with cripple

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>he doesn't know whats happening on the 24th

you have literally hours left

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Please explain
>t. Demoralised xrp holder

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This is nightmare fud who goes to this length for a $0.6 usdollarydoo coin?

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trust in the plan, just 2 more days, then 2 more weeks.

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holy fuck thats the most retarded thing i have read in my life.

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Nothing will happen. Nothing ever does happen.

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i can't even begin to imagine being dumb enough to actually believe this
it's going to dump hard, isn't it?

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>insider here
stopped reading right there. use logic or gtfo, saying you magically know everything just due to being "insider" whatever that means, is fucking pathetic.

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lol ikr
these people deserve to fuck themselves in investing for trusting such rubbish.

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look how great their "lore" is working out for them

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