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You wish you were all in on Ticker: XRP

>> No.51584668

yeah it's finally moving. took long enough break 0.00003703 and full send. too bad i dont have a bag any longer.


>> No.51584681

why don't you go all in faggot

>> No.51584724

already all in litecoin; it should move shortly after xrp if history repeats.

>> No.51584725

>pumps to $0.50
>ath is $3 something
>catalog fills up with low iq 1pbtid faggots
and when it dumps back down you'll be quiet and embarrassed to be seen out of your twitter nigger dream diary containment thread as always

>> No.51584734

can't just rebalance now, my entire stack is in the long term tax bracket; doing anything now would mean i'd pay more in taxes.

>> No.51584761

Lmao this. I opened a short at 0.55. See you schizos at 0.30

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