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Notice they literally have NO case for a bull market right now? It’s just this absurd, delusional idea that “the fed is gonna pivot soon” or some right wing retard political screed about geopolitics lmfao.

Bulltards, nobody is coming to save you. You are literally fucking retarded in a million ways for not being cash now, but especially for not being cash when I told you to sell last September, November, and then December. This might be literally one of the worst times in the past century to be holding the garbage that you’re holding, if not EVER.

Energy prices are skyrocketing, every single central bank on the planet is tightening the fuck out of the money supply and is doing so with the intent of clamping down on economic activity. There’s literally no scenario here that leads to bullish activity lmfao. You’re literally reading fucking tea leaves like a lunatic schizophrenic looking for hidden messages in Jerome Powell speeches.

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Sure buddy. Read this

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3 months retard

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I am pretty sure all the bulls left are bears LARPing as bulls.

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This, but I also think most of the bears are bulls LARPing as bears trying to summon a reversal by fulfilling the prophecy that everyone has to think crypto is dead before we've bottomed.

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> energy prices
Proof of work is really proof of cost. Bitcoin is, unlike most other energy intensive industries, not sensitive to the price of electricity. If electricity costs go 10x then for the same money as now one tenth of the energy will go towards hashrate (the Bitcoin protocol automatically adjusts the difficulty). The protocol is every bit as secure as with 10x the hashrate as it is still equally costly to attack it (you’d need to spend exactly the same amount of money on electricity as before).
The sooner you noobs understand that BTC is the god protocol, the better off you’ll be.

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>Notice they literally have NO case for a bull market right now?
Bullstarts always stard mid recesion when it seems it could't get any worse. Recession usually last around 12 months. We are 7th month into bear market. Bullmarket is right before the corner whenever you like it or not.

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bobo you sound euphoric

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People like that are always talking about economy like it's completely detached from the real world, don't they see that everything is going to shit ? How can the economy recover in such conditions ?

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