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after this upcoming bullrun

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The question you should be asking is how long until $100. I think the answer to that is 3 years with any luck.

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it's going to dump that low after 2025?

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I just want to load up on LINK before the take off. I deeply regret not going all in in December 2018 at dirt cheap prices, and I hope I have another chance at buying at similar prices.

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$1 is my DCA. I have a similar regret of not getting more around 20c but overall it's just been a major pain in the fucking ass waiting so long. Of all the things I though might happen after the run to top 5 in 2020, this wasn't one of them. What a clown fucking market.

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I think the point I'm making is if LINK gets to $1 again I'd be absolutely looking for different opportunities based on the last 2 years.

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