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>crypto pumping
Sorry what?

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eth is up 6% today. made $200 profit so far

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Its pumping? I stopped checking

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Whales are desperate to prop it up, because if it goes under $18k, which it will when the whales run out of money, then crypto is basically dead forever.

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Take ur meds

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Someone stick saving $18k duh. Will not work

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If BTC crashes significantly below its previous ATH, then crypto is fucking OVER. The trend will be broken. Fuck off faggot, you know this as well as I do.

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Fuck off you normie retard

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Crypto investors are exceptionally bad investors who are trained to buy every dip, regardless of how awful the price trend is.

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do not redeem ser

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>why is crypto in a bull trap?

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Tether is also backed by BTC if you know what i mean

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XRP singlehandedly saving crypto

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Saylor doesn't want to be liquidated. He doesn't know about Shemitah though.

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the same reason why starbucks, mercedes, meta, adobe, reddit, stripe, and more have partnered with matic to join the crypto market, because its the future of our digital economy lmao

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>because its the future of our digital economy

No, it's CBDCs. Crypto will be outlawed because it finances terrorism and chuds.

Sorry sweaty.

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the great decoupling

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What is a ''chud''?

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what a silly goy

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we are decorrelated faggot

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Because cryptos are the future and the US stock market is the past.
It got sold off excessively for no reason by people who were thinking crypto = stock market x2

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cuz CZ is pushing crypto deep inside the saudis buttholes. Why would they put their fat oil stacks into shitty stocks and bonds when they can be the world's crypto hub?

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There are always bull traps during a bear market. Don’t get fooled into thinking this is returning to “normal” anytime soon. And by normal I mean over 20k. If you seen a decent pump then short the shit and buy back in after it goes lower than it previously was prepump.

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Oh, thanks

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This.. The old system is dying (Stocks). The new system is here (Crypto).

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>eth is up 6% today. made $200 profit so far
ETH is down massively over the past few days kek, your $200 dollar paper profit will evaporate within the week.

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