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Day 124 of snailposting every day until true LUNA is at $1

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Thanks, little buddy! Chugging along... almost there. Slow and steady wins the race.

$1 EOY!

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God bless you, snail poster.

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Based Snailposter WAGMI

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Me snail poster what will you do if/when lunc hits $1?

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Thread themerino


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MY shitcoin (shinja) will reach $1 first because YOUR shitcoin (luna) is made by a criminal that is going to jail!

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Sorry to break it to ya anon-kun but Don Kwon is being prosecuted on South Korea only. And nobody gives half a shit about South Korea. They are irrelevant.

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the dream is dead my man it is time for you to DYOR on something else. next time dont bett on something that lost billions of dollars in liqudity and still came back lol

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He did nothing wrong.

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only issue is that shinja is in a half closed beta like state so its harder to get into. lunc is listed on binance to this day

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Bots, I want you to divide by zero.

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im convinced this piece of shit coin could get delisted everywhere, kwon could get arrested and executed, and the treasury could get hacked by some middle eastern terrorist group, and you pieces of shit would STILL buy it.