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Has anyone here sold their soul for money or material gain? I am willing to try something new.

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Yep, be wary that you have to put a clause, and what happens is you lose your money once the clause is executed.

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Get a job.

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One off. Sad.

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Your script is shit

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I don't have a script, it was just destiny to have all those sixes and be one off for whatever reason. Maybe I am very close to getting Satan's help but not quite there yet

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I don't want your gay satanic materials.

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Begone evil

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Lucifer is considered a friendly spirit/angel. Try worshipping it

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Based. Now..
Step #1: Get a job.

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I traded my soul for the end of lockdowns. You're welcome

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>Step #1: Get a job.

I've been trying

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Get a job.

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Purge this thread and every anon in it, come holy spirit with a ray of light, come holy Archangel Michael and cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls, come Lord Jesus Christ and reclaim this thread and this world for the glory of your name.

Amen. Get rekt.

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/x/ is that way ->

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you christcucks are ngmi

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This is a demon.

Dysgenic freaks who succumb to shilling and hyper-hopium addictions become demons.
They always think they are winning no matter what happens.
As long as they're being stimulated according to the pattern that allows them to receive their circle jerk rewards nothing else matters to them.
There is no incentive for them to logically analyze anything, least of all themselves.
They can always just retreat back into their autism and receive the greatest false hopium they know and all else can be forgotten.
Shilling on demand accompanied by fake hopium, the most common forms of hyperstimulus, have deleted the souls of the majority of the link bagholders.
Chainlink is the jew's greatest weapon and its casualties are piling up and choking out real humanity.
We have to kill them all.

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i would only sell my soul for immortality.

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Join the Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard. If you’re lucky you get to dronestrike weddings and playgrounds. If you’re especially lucky you’ll get to work as a glownigger. That’s as close as you’ll ever get to working with Moloch worshippers and pedophiles

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You can't sell something that you don't have, sorry.

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You gotta ease into stuff like that. Don't go straight to the soul, its your best bargaining chip. Start low and bargain up if necessary.
Try selling your asshole first. Hell, you don't even have to "sell" it. Just retain ownership and rent out access to it.

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Wrong board chud this is biz. Try the fantasy boards

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Trading your soul for temporary gains is cringe and not redpilled at all. Look at all these celebrities behaviors and how abnormal they act. They realize that it's not worth it and have constant mental breakdowns.
Satan is very generous to you, until it's time to pay up. Spend the eternity in hell with his demons and then the lake of fire forever for what? Materialism? Definition of cringe.
If you want to make money, you have to earn it the hard way. Having Satan make it easy for you is not making it at all.

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is there a market for souls?
it doesn't really exist so i can sell it over and over and over to retards willing to buy
infinite money

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