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>Institutions are buying
>Massive 500mil XRP buys
>Mooning while BTC and ETH shit the bed
>Wef and NWO interested in using it
>Whole network and system being layed out in front of us
>People on /biz/ still get fudded out of buying it

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large BTC and ETH holders are exiting into XRP. just look at the XRPBTC and XRPETH charts

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holy shit its really happening I cant believe my eyes

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so buy this instead of chainlink ?

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>Massive 500mil XRP buys
show me a solid link to where
>Massive 500mil XRP buys

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how fucking out of the loop are you retard

doesnt your google work

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>Eth and btc still above previous ath
>Xrp pumps less than .10c
>Xrp still under previous ath

Yeah I’m thinking ripple holders are still the most retarded fucking idiots on earth.

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who are you trying to convince?

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Can’t convince a retard. Hopeless fucking braindead faggot.

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kek you seem really mad

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lmao @ this guy

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Proof of those rage buys?

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Eth and BTC are not above their ATH. Are you talking 2017!? Bro that’s pretty fucking disingenuous. Completely different world. Stay fucking poor lol

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Just google xrp 500m


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back to your containment thread you go you retarded schizo

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they are but not for holding XRP

you are more retarded than he is actually
for even trying to convince anyone outside xsg

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Fuckin imbécile the previous ath its the Last Hard support if You buy at 100 and goes down to 1 You actually can lose another 90% YOU fucken monkey

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I'm still surprised how the death of btc made my shinja bags go up so much, why doesn't this happen more often?

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>Eth and btc still above previous ath

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