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>You are all going to make it.
>The days, weeks, and months ahead may have their ups and downs but this adversity will be worth it, anon.
>You will make it.
>You will escape the wage cage.
>You will have many children and a dutiful wife. >There are people and bots here who want to demoralize you.
>Don't let them.
>I say this as your bro who loves you.
>Provide some encouragement to the next anon to post in this thread.

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If you’re not American, odds are you are going to have days without food and days without any power. If you are American, you will eat the government supplied rations of basedbeans and you will be happy. Independent food production shall be banned due to a climate crisis

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digits and i'm ngmi

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Faggot in pic is dead bro

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>post guy that died young of heart failure from trying to cheat for easy gains
lol. lmao even. Very fitting

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Nobody knows what lay beyond the fog of war.

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>tfw to smart not too make it

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YGMI OP we were witnesses

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Current Local Time in Hong Kong: 10:43:19

theyre out, so im out. gg thanks for playing

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He had an undiagnosed heart condition.

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a new challenger?

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Keep pushing anons

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