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>took me 7 years
Finna get me something nice God willing

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what does that mean in non-american terms?

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He's a good goy again

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You get upgraded from goy to shabbos goy

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that means he wasted a lot of money and time like a retard

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wojak faggot worthless post

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OP is a faggot who got himself in debt 7 years ago, worked three jobs to get himself out of it, but because he’s a loser faggot, is going to blow everything on some consumer bullshit and find himself back in debt for the next seven years.

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get a couple of secured credit cards for about $200 each. then after a mknth, get a credit card that gives you some kindn
of deal on gas. then after a couple of months, get a couple of credit cards for big retail stores or anything else you might actually use that gives you some kind of reward or bonus when used. you will have a good credit score in six months. you can get your money from your secured cards back usually within a year or less.

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good job bro im proud of you.

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good goy

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>good goy

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Now that you've got good credit, what are you going to get/ do with it OP? You can make it if you make it count.

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You did good OP. Since you no longer have nigger credit, stop talking like a nigger

> finna

No more nigger talk.

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The statute of limitations is 5 years you absolute retard. Well done for given the bankers more money though.

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>I cleared up my credit
>it took me 7 years
>time for more debt
Kek, good luck on the hamster wheel

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Trying to get out of a hole myself. Congrats bro.