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uhhh algo bros? Whats this bitches problem?

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> bitch

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She's a man, baby. Pic related.

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lmao somebody bought my deutschebank.algo

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>womyn in charge of social media of a crypto

If I have to hear ‘mis’ or ‘dis’ information one more damn time after the plandemic

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Congratulations, how much did they pay?

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why the fuck are there so many goddamn namesnipers on NFD and why the fuck are they selling some of these names for so goddamn much? cocksuckers need to burn in hell

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Feels good I grabbed my real name in june before someone else could snipe it

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i bought for 80 and it sold for 350 iirc

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That’s an unprofessional tweet.
Guess it’s some quiet quitting zoomer, or a tranny.

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When I found Algo, we were the smart, white man’s coin. Now I dunno what has happened, but I don’t recognize anything anymore.

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me too bro. no more SS imagery for algorand

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Staci seems unhinged and it does not bode well for the adoption of Algo. Thankfully its not too late to load up your Cardano bags, however…

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my bad. that is definitely a man

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They were much simpler times, weren't they?
Then it became a shitstorm of tinyman/vest curry scams and trannies.
I wonder if the original anon from long ago who made these OCs like picrel is just a ginormous whale waiting to unleash the mother of all dumps or has left long before governance was even a thing.

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Is this thing in charge of anything?
I saw this fud months ago, almost sold all ALGO for XRP, which would have been a good move thus far.
Is this thing in charge of anything?

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That thing is the head of the algorand foundation. The previous one was a chinese spy.

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It’s never too late to sell.

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Just sell at the all time low goy. I'd be suicidal if I hadnt gotten in on the ground floor of VEST and tripled my algo holdings so ill be in a pretty good place when it goes back to a dollar in 2030

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Biggest sell signal of all time
I’d be taking a 70% loss but it’s time to get out