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I go through my day pretty normal, like I'm a normal guy, I'm a swell guy, I'm a nice enough guy, I'm a cool kinda guy. Heh. I'm a pretty groovy guy… But then I get a little BAGHOLDING in me, and I start to go KEKOO! Doesn't have to be much, this time around it was 5 figures of Chainlink® tokens, only 6.86 USD each but they do the job! Do you know what I'm sayin'? They get me goin', they get me riled up! A little KEKOO, a little WACKY! Start gettin' me a little KOOKY, a little–you know–LOOPY!! Ooh-ooh! Hey! Somebody t–somebody put this kid in a padded cell, get 'im a straitjacket, he's goin' a lil… wacky… Goin' a lil KOOKY… He's off the walls! Bananas! Loco!

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Beat his ass sergey!

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I made this webm. I'm very proud.

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Wtf is it with blonde chubby bearded guys and that shirt?

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why is the skinny fuck trying to bully ser gay?

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>I made this webm. I'm very proud.
No i made it.

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aw shit they got linkies here? Yo I love these linkies yo. AYO I love linkies ay I love these linkies! I love the linkies man! Ima get some linkies. Ay man I'm gonna get some of these linkies right here, I might get 2 linkies, I might get 3 linkies, I might get 4 linkies, I might get 5 linkies

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sergay stole his money and dreams.